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Why are Agricultural Metal Buildings Usually Painted Red?
Jul 2020

Why are Agricultural Metal Buildings Usually Painted Red?

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

The United States is a land full of hard-working people who strive to better their lives, families, and countries. At the core of that ambition is agriculture. From family farms to huge operations providing food and other goods to people around the country and the world, these agricultural pursuits drive high demand for buildings that can facilitate the work they do.

As the popularity of agricultural metal buildings continues to rise, one question seems to come to everyone’s mind—why are the majority of farm buildings painted red?

It may seem inconsequential—it’s just a color, after all—but the prevalence of red metal farm buildings, when compared to any other color farm buildings, is so substantial, it’s worth asking! As it turns out, there’s a great deal of history behind steel farm buildings being painted red, as well as some notable practical reasons.

So, read on to have your curiosity regarding red metal agricultural building sated!

Red-Painted Agricultural Buildings – An Unspoken Rule!

Okay, so it’s not technically a rule that all agricultural buildings be painted red (even if it may seem like it). Rather, there are several legitimate reasons—both historical and practical—behind the prevalence of red-painted farm buildings. Check them out below!

It’s a Tradition

Before modern paints and sealants were available, farmers had to get creative in order to protect their wooden barns from decay and the elements. So, they began to make homemade paint using a variety of natural sealants, including linseed oil and iron oxide.

Iron oxide, better known as rust, would combine with the linseed oil, milk, and lime in the homemade paints to dry a red color. Not only did this dark red homemade paint seal the barns making them more durable, but it also looked great. So, even when paints became available, people chose the fashionable, traditional color of barns, red, when sealing their new barns.

Red Paint is More Affordable

The pigments that give the paint its color are generally derived from minerals. The rarer the mineral that creates a certain color, the more that color will cost. When it comes to the color red, the pigment is generally produced using hematite, or iron oxide. That’s right—rust!

Turns out, there’s a lot of rust on Earth. That’s because it is produced when iron and oxygen interact. Thanks to the bountiful amount of iron in the ground and oxygen in the air, rust is incredibly common, and red paint is exceptionally affordable!

Nuclear Fusion

What does nuclear fusion have to do with red barns? We’re glad you asked! The sun is essentially a giant ball of nuclear fusion. One of the primary byproducts of this fusion is—you guessed it—iron.

While it may sound far-fetched, the nuclear fusion process of the sun contributes to why farm buildings are typically red. In other words, you can thank the sun for the prevalence of iron and the affordability of red paint!

Sharp Contrast

To create a distinction between agricultural buildings and other buildings, the color red is used. This is for a few reasons, including the fact that most other buildings are more muted colors, such as white, grey, or tan. This allows farm buildings to stand out and be instantly recognizable.

Perhaps this isn’t a real argument for red metal barns, but the contrast of the color against a farming landscape also makes for a great image, as is evident in the endless number of photos, paintings, postcards, and so on of such iconic scenes.

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