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Raised Center Barns

If you’ve ever taken a Sunday stroll through the countryside, you’ve most likely seen one. A raised center barn is one of the most popular barn styles on the market. These buildings are notable for their three-sectioned design, with the center structure reaching higher than the two wing sections on the side. In many cases, owners will leave one or more side compartments open, using it as a simple lean-to for hay or equipment storage. Regardless of how they’re used, these remarkable structures are incredibly popular in modern agriculture.

Raised center barns are premium structures designed to withstand inclement weather conditions to keep your farm vehicles and valuables safe. Call us at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let our building experts help you get your metal barn building today!

Raised Center Barns
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    Top Selling Raised Center Barns

    42x41x13 Carolina Barn

    42x41x13 Carolina Barn

    44x31 Metal Barn

    44x31 Metal Barn

    48x26 All Vertical Barn

    48x26 All Vertical Barn

    44x26 Carolina Barn

    44x26 Carolina Barn

    44x26 Carolina barn

    44x26 Carolina barn

    48x36 Carolina Barn

    48x36 Carolina Barn

    42x41 Carolina Barn

    42x41 Carolina Barn


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    Metal Barns Roofing Styles

    Having the right style of roof for your metal barn may not seem that important, but it can affect not only how the barn looks but how it can be used and how much storage it provides. There are three main types of roofs to choose from for metal barns:

    • Regular roof metal barns
    • A-frame roof metal barns
    • Vertical roof metal barns

    Each one of these roof types can be a good choice, but if you want a particular “look” to your barn — such as something that will match with the style of home you have — then you need to be sure you understand what option would be right for you. Of course, a barn roof is about more than just aesthetics. The roof also needs to be durable and protect your barn’s contents properly.

    Raised Center Barn Roof Style Options

    When you purchase a raised center barn, you’ll have several roofing options available to you. These roofing options can vary in aesthetics, capabilities, and price. These roofing styles include:

    • A-frame Roofs

    Also known as a boxed-eave design, A-frame roofs most closely resemble the style of roof you’d find on a traditional home, with two faces, a sharp peak, and horizontally placed paneling. They’re an excellent choice for moderate climates with high winds but minimal rainfall.

    • Vertical Roofs

    Vertical roofs are considered the cream of the crop in terms of longevity and protection. It combines the best aspects of an A-frame roof with vertically oriented panels. This clever design allows rain, snow, and general debris to fall harmlessly away from your structure, minimizing the need for regular maintenance.

    The Many Applications for Raised Center Barns

    Believe it or not, steel barns aren’t just for storing hay anymore! In fact, these durable buildings are great for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Residential Storage

    Finding ample storage space is incredibly challenging these days. So challenging that self-storage rentals have become a multi-million dollar industry. But there’s no need to throw money away on costly monthly storage rentals. A raised center barn offers a tremendous amount of room to house all your essential possessions.

    • Greenhouses

    If you have a green thumb, a raised-center metal barn makes an excellent greenhouse facility. These structures can even be customized with windows and clear roofing panels to allow tons of natural light into the building.

    • Man Caves

    Raised center barns can be finished and transformed into amazing man caves or she-sheds, giving you all the room you need to relax, kick back, and enjoy your own space.

    • Workshops

    Whether it’s a hobby, craft, or side hustle, having your own raised center barn is essential to honing your creativity. Raised center barns offer this space in spades and can be customized to fit all your tools and supplies.

    • Housing Livestock

    Raised center barns are the go-to choice for livestock storage! These incredible buildings are excellent for keeping your livestock warm in the colder months and warmer during the winter.

    Customize Your Raised Center Barn with a Wide Range of Options

    When you purchase a raised center barn, you’ll have a vast array of customization options available, including:

    1. Dimensions

    You’ll be able to choose from a wide array of different building types, sizes, and layouts to find one that works perfectly for your needs.

    1. Roofing Styles

    When purchasing a raised center barn, you’ll have several roofing types to choose from, including:

    • A-frame Roofs

    An A-frame roof looks most like the roofing type you’d find on a traditional home, with overhanging awnings, a sharp roof peak, and horizontally placed panels. This roofing option is great for moderate climates that experience high winds but minimal rain.

    • Vertical Roofs

    Vertical roofs are the premium roofing option, with vertically oriented panels that allow snow, rain, and debris to slide off the roof surface. This engineering feat enables these structures to go for long periods with little need for repair or maintenance.

    1. Colors

    Metal barns don’t all have to be red, you know! With our wide selection of color options, you can choose the perfect shade for your raised center barn. And it’s not just the paneling that can be painted to your satisfaction! You can also customize the trim and wainscoting, too!

    1. Doors and Windows

    No enclosed metal barn would be complete without some windows and doors. And luckily, you’ll be able to add as many as you need! We offer several windows and door types to suit any need. We can also perform custom frame-outs for larger-sized barn doors!

    1. Gauges

    Most residential structures have 14-gauge framing and 29-gauge paneling as the industry standard. After all, it’s a tried and true way of protecting your structure! However, if you expect your building to undertake heavy-duty abuse, or if you live in an area with nasty weather patterns, you might want to upgrade to our thicker 12-gauge framing and 26-gauge paneling thickness options.

    1. Anchors

    The anchor system used for your structure will depend entirely on your chosen foundation. For dirt and gravel foundations, auger-like anchors are drilled directly into the soil. Asphalt foundations use spiked rods that prevent slippage once nailed down. Concrete foundations, however, will require specialized bolts that are drilled directly into the concrete pad.

    1. Certifications

    The certification system is a standardized process that ensures a structure can hold up under the wind, snow, and seismic loads in a given region. This certification is often required to secure permanent building permits and will be necessary if you want your structure to be included on any future property appraisals.

    Here at Garage Buildings, we use quality steel to improve the strength of our steel structures. Our buildings are built with A-Grade 12-gauge and 14-gauge panels, which are made from galvanized steel. Our barn building consists of thicker steel, which provides protection from snow, wind, and rain. Call us today +1 (888) 234-0475 to custom-design the structure you need. You can rely on our metal building experts to help you find the perfect metal barn for all your agricultural storage needs.

    The Many Benefits of Raised Center Barns

    There are many reasons why these barns are such a popular choice for agricultural and residential applications. So many, in fact that we could go on all day about the advantages of using them. However, we’ll save everyone the time and narrow it down to a few of our favorites.

    1. Budget Conscious

    Metal buildings, like our raised center metal barns, are a far more affordable construction option than similar-sized stick-built structures. And with ever-rising lumber costs, this fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

    1. Highly Durable

    Steel is one of the most resilient construction materials available, capable of withstanding an incredible amount of weight. This is possible due to steel’s natural flexibility when placed under external forces such as wind, snow, or seismic activity. Where brittle options like wood and concrete will crack and crumble under stress, steel buildings will persevere.

    1. 100% Galvanized Steel

    Did you know that galvanized steel is naturally resistant to moisture, rust, mold, mildew, pests, and fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit? This makes them far more durable than any competing building material.

    1. Low-Maintenance

    Since these steel structures are resistant to rust and corrosion, you’ll spend very little time having to perform costly maintenance and repair. Simply give these structures an eyes-on inspection every once in a while, and they’ll last for decades!

    1. Versatile Design

    Raised center aisle metal barns are highly flexible and capable of working well in almost any application and for any purpose. They work just as well on the farm as commercial retail storefronts.

    1. Weather Resistant

    Some areas of the US experience volatile weather patterns regularly. These range from violent thunderstorms to floods, tornados, hurricanes, and snowstorms, depending on the region and the time of year. Luckily steel structures, like our raised center barns, can withstand just about anything Mother Nature can hurl their way.

    1. Certified Buildings

    Certified buildings are guaranteed by their manufacturer to be able to handle the weather in your area. This includes high winds, heavy snow loads, and even seismic activity. If you expect to use your structure for anything other than small-scale residential purposes, you’ll want to make sure it’s certified by the manufacturer.

    The Installation and Site Prep for Raised Center Barns

    Purchasing a metal barn is an extensive process! And like any construction project, it pays to perform the necessary research to minimize any possible hiccups that may occur. This includes:

    1. Clearing and Grading the Installation Site

    Your first step will be to choose an appropriate installation site. This location will need to rest higher than any surrounding water runoff and will require easy access. Once you’ve picked a location, you’ll want to ensure that it’s level and has been properly graded.

    1. Prepare Utilities

    If you’re expecting to wire your new barn for electricity, you’ll want to have this aspect planned out ahead of time. From there, you’ll need to hire an electrician to wire your structure. It’s important to remember that this aspect of your installation is best left to professionals.

    Additionally, if you want your building to have a mud room, cleaning area, or kitchen and bathroom facilities, you’ll need to have plumbing installed.

    1. The Delivery and Installation

    In most cases, your raised center barn will be delivered and installed as part of your purchase. All you’ll need to do is kick back and watch your new structure come to life!

    Raised Center Barns: The Intersection of Utility and Unique Design

    Whether you’re the owner of a rustic, working farm or simply looking for a cost-effective way to design your new commercial storefront, raised center barns are a fantastic stylized option. These uniquely designed buildings work in various fields, from residential garages to large retail establishments.

    And it’s no surprise that they’ve become such a popular construction method, considering that they’re far more efficient and durable than similar-sized wooden alternatives. They can be built faster, more affordably, and will last for years beyond any stick-built structure. So, if you’re looking for a metal barn for your residential, commercial, or agricultural project, we’ve got you covered!

    Raised Center Barn Kits

    Those with a background in construction may choose to forego the professional installation of their metal building, instead choosing one of our many metal barn kits. These kits come with everything you’d find in a traditional raised-center barn, except you install it all yourself!

    It’s a fantastic choice for those with experience in contracting that want to take on a project themselves!

    Raised Center Barn Prices

    Garage Buildings offers a wide variety of metal buildings and raised center barns. However, these buildings are incredibly complex and can vary in price depending on several important circumstances. These include:

    1. Cost of Raw Materials

    Raw steel is a valuable commodity that varies in price based on current demand, shipping costs, and logistical concerns.

    1. Customizations

    Raised center barns give you the untethered ability to change every aspect of a structure to meet your needs. However, these customizations and reinforcements require additional components and manpower, thus increasing the final cost of your building.

    1. Manufacturer’s Location

    Garage Buildings uses a vast network of manufacturers to ensure you can own a raised center barn no matter where you hang your hat. However, the manufacturer’s pricing can vary, affecting your structure’s final cost.

    1. Installation Location

    If you live in a location that is difficult for our installation crews to reach, you may be charged additional fees for the added manpower or equipment needed to complete the job.

    Garage Buildings is Your Ultimate Destination for All Types of Metal Buildings

    From raised center barns to steel garages, carports, and everything in between, you can count on Garage Buildings to deliver premium products that are engineered to last for years. These incredible structures provide you with the customizability and versatility needed to work in any application and for any purpose.

    So, if you’ve been mulling over the purchase of your raised center metal barn, you’re in luck! Give us a call today at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let our team of building experts help you design, customize, and realize a raised center barn that works for you and your family!

    Garage Buildings