Metal Building Kits

When extra space is needed at home or work, metal building kits and prefab steel buildings can provide great options that function well and look great. There is an array of standard building types available to suit most people’s needs, and custom metal buildings can be designed for specific situations according to individual expectations. Whichever option is chosen, it’s bound to offer distinct advantages of form, function, and price.

Our Metal Building Styles

Types of Metal Building Kits

There are a few types of metal building kits. Although they can be multi-purpose, each is designed with a specific function in mind.

Agriculture Metal Buildings

Agricultural metal buildings are designed to withstand the rugged use buildings on a functional farm see every day whether as storage units or work areas whether it’s run as a small family farm or sees large industrial users.

Metal Carports

Metal carports provide cover for cars, boats, or outdoor equipment which although designed to withstand the weather, is better stored with some protection against heavy storms and direct sunlight.

Industrial Metal Buildings

Industrial metal buildings are intended for the rigorous use of industrial applications, whether as material storage, working factory conditions, or product display and office space.

Metal Garages

Metal garages are similar to carports except for being fully enclosed for extra security. Just like any other garage, they can serve as a small homeowner’s shop or hobby space, or they can provide storage.

Metal Barns

Metal barns are another form of an agricultural building designed as a place to store and work on equipment, or in some cases can be a place for livestock to come indoors at night or during bad weather conditions.

Clear Span Buildings

Clear Span buildings provide a distinct advantage in that they are designed to have the support they need directly from the outer walls, meaning there are no additional support columns inside which break up the usable space.

Advantages of Metal Building Kits

Prefab steel buildings offer distinct advantages of versatility as to how they are to be used and assembled. By following a modular design, they offer the environmental advantages of less waste and more efficient use of materials. They can be assembled by an in-house team, or a homeowner with mechanical aptitude can assemble their own. They can be designed to fit any space according to the end user’s needs.

Metal Building Kits Roofing Styles

Just as with any other building, steel building kits are available with a variety of roof styles. Whether for cosmetic or practical reasons, there is a roof style to fit any need or local weather conditions.

Regular Roof Style

Regular roof style provides a standard pitched roof designed for local weather conditions. An area with heavy snowfall, for example, may require a steeper pitch, rainy areas only need to provide proper drainage, dry desert conditions can often use a roof with a very low pitch.

A-Frame Roof Style

A-Frame roof style is essentially the same as a regular roof, but with a much steeper pitch which can provide attic space for storage or a heightened ceiling according to the types of equipment which may be stored or used in the building.

Vertical Roof Style

Vertical roof style allows for the best weather resistance and rainwater run-off, as the panels are aligned vertically rather than layered horizontally in a way which blocks the flow of water.

Lean to Roof Style

Lean-to roof style is a simple, traditional style of the roof which is only pitched in one direction. The style works great with small or narrow buildings, or especially when a metal building is used as an extension to an existing building.

Different Sizes of Metal Building Kits

An interesting aspect of metal building kits is they can be designed to any required size, whether as a small utility building for a back yard or a large industrial complex with offices, warehouse space, and production areas. Typical sizes would be the same as generally expected of a traditional building intended for the same use as the metal building is expected to receive.

Installation of Metal Building Kits

The price of installation is included with the quote from Garage Buildings, although your representative will be willing to discuss a discount if you choose not to use the service. It is realistically a project which most people can handle if so inclined, but our technicians are specially trained and can conduct the job quicker and more efficiently than the layman.

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