1 Car Garages

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest way to store your prized car, boat, trailer or anything else, a 1 car garage is perfect for your needs! Garage Buildings sells a variety of quality 1 car garage sizes and one car garage kits for valuable protection and peace of mind for your vehicle. There are numerous advantages to having a one car garage, and Garage Buildings has the options you’re looking for.

Top Selling One Car Garages

20x26 One Car Garage


22x26x13 Vertical Roof Garage


12x21 Enclosed Garage


20x26 Boxed Eave Garage


24x31 All Vertical Garage


20x26 All Vertical Garage


22x24 All Vertical Garage


18x26 Regular Roof Garage


1 Car Garage Building

You’re in control of the building details when it comes to our prefab garage kits! Add the trim and color customizations you want – there’s plenty to choose from. More customizable features include wainscoting, roof color, vertical or horizontal siding, and end walls. Choose how many doors and windows you want for the building. Our convenient one car garage kits are easy to install and designed your way.

Custom metal garages offered by garage buildings are of high quality as they are built with galvanized steel, all American-made, withstand snow, wind, and heavy rain, and are also backed by warranty. These garages are fully customized and highly affordable, so everyone can have them according to their needs. At Garage Buildings, we specialize in providing top-notch customer services. Call our building specialist and order your garage today!

What are the Advantages of One Car Prefab Garages?

Single car garages are great, especially if you recently purchased a new vehicle and you don’t have the room for it. You can store your prized boat, motorbike, or RV with confidence that it will be protected from the elements and potential harm. Prefab garage kits have particular advantages over traditional garage storage options in many ways, including:

  • Quick Installation – Fast and simple setup for busy lifestyles so you can get on with other things!
  • Added Property Value – A great way to increase the value of your home if you are selling it or plan to down the road.
  • Fully Customizable – Express your style with customized options for doors, windows, structural styles, and more details.
  • Vehicle Protection – Better protection from weather damage, theft, and vandalism to retain your vehicle value and insurance premium.
  • More Convenient Way to Build – There’s no need to hire a construction expert or become one to set up your own 1 car garage. Just set up and enjoy!
  • Energy Efficient Building – With a separate 1 car garage, you’ll save money by heating and cooling one less room in your house. Lower bills, happy wallet.

Do you own a car and are looking for a custom-made one-car garage? Worry not, just call us at +1 (888) 234-0475 and talk to our experienced building specialists at Garage Buildings and get a top-quality steel building delivered to your doorsteps.

Applications of One Car Garage Parking and Storage

While single car garages are great for vehicle storage, they can be used to store other things too. Need a safe place to park your bicycles? No problem. Tool shop equipment? Yep, that too. From sleds to sports equipment to gardening tools, the possibilities are endless. A one car garage is your go-to in the summer for storing kayaks, jet skis, camping, and fishing gear. In the winter, sleds, snowboards, and patio furniture have a safe hideaway. No matter the season, a one car garage helps keep your home neat and tidy.

One Car Garage Installations

One of the biggest perks to buying your one car garage from Garage Buildings is the free installation that comes with it! We will install it for you. Choose from 12-gauge, 14-gauge or commercial grade steel structural options. You can also customize the placement of a one car garage door, and we’ll install it for you, or choose to install it yourself.

One Car Garage Size Options

Sizing options for our one car garages will vary depending on the size of your vehicle or space you desire to work in. It also leans toward the roof style of your choice from our four structural types. Not sure about your exact size? Contact us for a free quote!

One Car Garage Prices

At Garage Buildings, no one beats our value on metal one car garage cost. With excellent quality for the price you pay, it’s clear to see why so many customers prefer our prefab garages. Choose from 12 gauge and 14-gauge steel thickness for the durability and budget you’re after. We stand out from the competition with several convenient financing options like rent to own and flexible payments.

Choose Garage Buildings for Quality One Car Garages

Ready to get started with your own one car garage? Contact Garage Buildings for more details! Browse through our selections now on our convenient website. You can also submit a free quote with an easy click.

How Do I Purchase A One Car Garage From Garage Buildings?

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