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Prefab Barns

For farmers, equine enthusiasts, and residents of rural communities, finding a cost-effective method of protecting their livestock and farming equipment can be difficult. Until now! Prefabricated barns are a strong, affordable, and long-lasting construction method that functions well in almost any setting.

Wooden buildings are infamous for their susceptibility to moisture damage, mold infiltration, and pests. For many owners, failing to regularly maintain your structure can result in thousands of dollars in damages. This is not the case with metal buildings, however! Our metal barns are constructed from galvanized steel, making them resistant to water, rust, insects, rodents, and even fires! Good luck finding a stick-built structure capable of these feats!

Prefab Barns
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    Top Selling Prefab Barns

    30x41 Metal Barn

    30x41 Metal Barn

    36x21 Carolina Barn

    36x21 Carolina Barn

    44x26 Carolina Barn

    44x26 Carolina Barn

    44x21 Carolina barn

    44x21 Carolina barn

    44x26 Carolina barn

    44x26 Carolina barn

    38x26 Steel Barn

    38x26 Steel Barn


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    A 24 x 35 x 10 purchased by the world champion in arm wrestling. 24x35 metal workshop ideal for workouts and other hobbies.

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    Metal Barns Roofing Styles

    Having the right style of roof for your metal barn may not seem that important, but it can affect not only how the barn looks but how it can be used and how much storage it provides. There are three main types of roofs to choose from for metal barns:

    • Regular roof metal barns
    • A-frame roof metal barns
    • Vertical roof metal barns

    Each one of these roof types can be a good choice, but if you want a particular “look” to your barn — such as something that will match with the style of home you have — then you need to be sure you understand what option would be right for you. Of course, a barn roof is about more than just aesthetics. The roof also needs to be durable and protect your barn’s contents properly.

    How Prefab Barns are so Cost-Effective

    It’s easy to boast about the many advantages of owning a steel building, but let’s discuss what makes them such an inexpensive alternative to stick-built structures. The affordability of these steel barns, in part, comes down to their precise manufacturing. Components for our prefab metal structures are marked for easy identification, giving our installation crews the ability to construct the building in a third of the time it would take to build a similarly sized structure.

    This is also precisely why prefabricated metal buildings have become so popular across many fields in recent years. They function well in everything from residential applications to commercial retail establishments and industrial warehouses. They can be built at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time compared to other construction methods.

    Benefits of Our Prefab Metal Barns

    There are many reasons you might choose a metal building for your next barn. The advantages of these structures are virtually endless! Some of these benefits include:

    • Fire Resistance – Our metal buildings are capable of withstanding fires and even temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit!
    • Strength – You will be hard-pressed to find a structure as strong as a steel building! Steel is an inherently flexible material, giving our buildings the elasticity to take on high winds, heavy snows, and even earthquakes!
    • Durability – Our buildings are designed to last a lifetime! With steel being naturally resistant to water and rust, your new metal barn will last much longer than other construction methods.
    • Pest Resistance – No one likes creepy crawlies infiltrating their barns, but for many people, rodents and insects can be a significant issue for many building owners. Unlike wooden structures, metal buildings are resistant to these irksome creatures.
    • Water Resistance – Another great feature of galvanized steel is its ability to resist water. The galvanization process coats our steel in a layer of zinc, providing it with long-lasting resistance to water and corrosion.
    • Maintenance Free – Due to a combination of the previous benefits, our metal barns are virtually maintenance-free! You’ll save money each time you won’t have to replace components or perform costly repairs.

    The steel structures that Garage Buildings provides are made from galvanized steel. These buildings are designed with heavy-duty steel framings, anchors, braces, and trusses to provide strength to your custom structure. Our metal buildings offer strength and unmatched durability, which protect your valuables from harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind. If you are planning to invest in a strong and durable structure, then Garage Buildings has the perfect solution for you. Connect with our building professionals today; they will help you get the building of your needs.

    Popular Sizes for our Prefab Metal Barns

    Our prefab barns are the prime choice for farmers, equine enthusiasts, and rural property owners that need an effective method of sheltering their animals or equipment. But when you first decide to buy a steel building, you’ll need to have a solid grasp of how large of a structure you’ll require. To help discover what dimensions you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a few of our most popular size options:

    • 36×26 Prefab Barns – A 36’x26’ prefabricated barn offers over 900 square feet of enclosed space! This is plenty of room to shelter a couple of horses or store your tractor and farm equipment.
    • 36×50 prefab metal barn – Coming at roughly 1800 square feet, a 36’x50′ metal barn offers more room than most smaller houses. And with all that available space, a building this size can be utilized in a significant number of ways. It’s perfect for storing vehicles, lawn equipment, and could even be finished to make additional living space!
    • 44×46 prefab metal barn – A 44’x46’ building offers tons of room for almost any activity. It’s large enough to accommodate smaller and medium-sized recreational vehicles and would function perfectly in residential and commercial settings!
    • 48×45 prefab metal barn – A little wider than the 44’x46’ option, this building provides enough free space to work well as a greenhouse, tree nursery, or floral shop! It can also be retrofitted with transparent panels and windows to give your space tons of natural light with minimal customization. Combine that with an irrigation system, and you and your green thumb are all set!
    • 50×51 prefab metal barn – Even larger than the previous model, a 50’x51′ metal building offers more square footage than most medium-sized homes! With this much available square footage, there is no end to the possibilities. It could function as a large horse barn that’s capable of comfortably housing several large animals.
    • 54×36 prefab metal barn – This building gives you enough room to accomplish nearly anything. With almost 2000 available square feet, this structure would make an excellent multiple-bay garage or automotive center with plenty of spare room for any additional equipment you may need.
    Customize Your Building. Your Way.

    When it comes to buying a new metal building, having customization options allows you to make it your own. And we have customization options abound! Easily adjust your structure’s dimensions, color, windows and doors, and even roof styles! You have the power to design your building exactly the way you want it.

    And aesthetics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our prefab metal barns! Owners living in regions that often see lots of harsh weather can have the framing and paneling of their metal barns reinforced with thicker gauge steel. This ensures that your building can withstand everything that Mother Nature can throw at it.

    In fact, our buildings are certified to withstand severe weather in most states throughout the U.S.

    Prefab Barns: Perfectly Suited, No Matter the Application

    As we’ve mentioned, the uses for these metal buildings are about as far-reaching as your imagination will allow. They function well as residential storage buildings,  commercial retail establishments, and even industrial warehouse facilities. Below, we’ve compiled a few different applications for our prefab metal barns:

    • Dairy barns – Dairy farmers need ample space to house and milk their cows, and our metal buildings are ideally suited to this task.
    • Hay barns – Most farmers and rural landowners that own horses or livestock will need storage space to house their food supplies. Prefab metal barns make a perfect solution to this storage problem. They are engineered to keep hay and supplies dry and free from mold, mildew, and water infiltration.
    • Heavy Equipment Storage – Metal structures are incredibly popular in the agricultural industry. Steel buildings give farmers the ability to protect their grain, food supplies, and livestock away from the elements while not having to deal with the many maintenance issues wooden buildings bring along with them.
    • Horse Stables – Anyone that’s ever owned a horse knows just how difficult it can be to find proper shelter for their animals. So tricky, in fact, that there are entire industries that revolve around sheltering horses.
    • Riding Arenas – Some metal structures, like clear-span steel buildings, can be built at enormous sizes, making them an excellent choice for riding arenas and event centers. These have become a popular option for many equestrian training facilities.
    • Workshops – Everyone needs a place to work! Whether you’re a simple hobbyist or a mustache-twirling evil inventor, you want an area that can house all your projects and tools. Prefab metal barns are a perfect solution to this need, providing you with plenty of space to work in a fire-resistant environment!
    Prefab Barn Kits

    For those with a background in construction, our prefab metal barn kits are a fantastic option! These kits come with all the components found in our premium metal buildings, but you save money by foregoing professional installation! With the same features and customizability, a metal barn is an excellent choice for those who want a challenge and have the pride of completing a job themselves. Handle the installation on your own time without having to suffer through the stress of clearing your schedule for an installation crew.

    Pricing for Our Prefab Metal Barns

    Like most construction methods, the final pricing for our metal buildings is often determined by many factors. These can include:

    • The price of raw materials – Raw steel will often fluctuate in price depending on demand, available sources, weather patterns, and even shipping costs.
    • Regional costs – Garage Buildings is able to offer our products throughout the majority of the U.S. However, the final price may vary depending on where you live due to differences in the costs from region to region.
    • Climate considerations – The weather patterns in your region will also affect the final cost of your metal barn. Regions that experience heavy winds, rain, and snowfall will need additional reinforcements. These reinforcements will use more steel and will affect the final price.
    • Terrain – The topography of your region may also be a factor in the price of your metal barn. Areas that are remote or difficult for our installation crews to reach will incur additional fees that may raise the cost of your structure.
    Insurance Costs

    With insurance costs on the rise, metal buildings are a fantastic way to enjoy building ownership without breaking the budget. In 2021 alone, insurance rates have increased by more than 10% and are expected to continue rising each year based on environmental risk factors like fire and water damage. This is not a problem for metal barns, however! With steel structures being resistant to water, fire, extremely high temperatures, wind, snow, and even seismic activity, steel buildings are often more affordable to insure than standard wooden structures.


    Choose a Lifetime of Quality Service. Choose Garage Buildings for Your Prefab Barn

    At Garage Buildings, we’re proud to offer our customers durable, long-lasting metal buildings, superior customer service, and affordable prices. We have an extensive network of manufacturers across the United States, allowing us to offer you premium metal buildings no matter where you live!

    Our metal barns are a perfect way to house your horses, livestock, equipment, and valuables from the elements! They’re sturdy, resilient structures that will save you money before, during, and after their installation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an equine enthusiast, a farmer, or just someone that needs a quality-built shelter for their cars and valuables, Garage Buildings is the name to remember.

    We have a dedicated team of building specialists on hand to assist you in designing and installing your new metal building! And with our endless customization options, the only limit is your budget and your imagination! Call us at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let us help you build your perfect metal barn!

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