Single Car Carports

A one car carport is a shelter that protects a single vehicle at a time from inclement weather. It’s an open-ended metal canopy that’s tall enough to protect smaller vehicles and recreational vehicles. It’s an economical option for storing and protecting anything that fits underneath the carport.

Single Car Carports
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Top Selling Single Car Carports

18x24 A-Frame Carport

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12x21 Metal Carport

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12x21 Regular Carport

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It has been a great pleasure working with someone (Salesperson) that makes the customer feel important. That how a customer should feel in a business transaction "IMPORTANT!"  From the moment the building arrived; until the next day when it was completely up, it was done with the most professional workmanship. Couldn't ask for a more better building.

"THANKS" for helping me make one of my dreams come true!

Kenneth Starkey
July 12, 2021

“I was happy with price and they installed our 20×21 carport. It was up and ready in 2 hours when they got here. You people need to go to the website and price what you need.”

Rich Hayward
May 8, 2020

“The quality of the building and the colors choices have always been exactly what I ordered. Window and door placement have always been exact. This is very good company and I’ve dealt with them three times. The only thing that I could add in a negative connotation would be that the workers should not be installing buildings by truck headlights at night and I wish that they would do a better job on picking up loose screws before departure.”

Steve Danby - VA
May 8, 2020

“Thanks Debbie for helping us with all 6 of our building needs. We were so lost when a tornado took out all our had them up in record needs. Thanks soooo much!!!”

Kenneth & Sherry Koenig - TX
May 8, 2020

Deb: "The guys were here Friday afternoon and they worked until 10 o'clock that night. And they got our building up and it looks beautiful! They did a great job. I just wanted to say thank you for helping us!"

Joe: "Thank you! They cleaned up everything. They were on it...They never stopped the whole time they were here. They were very informative. I love the building. So happy I made that choice. I will recommend you to anybody that asks. Thanks again...We appreciate it!"

Deb & Joe Golley - IN
April 16, 2020

"My experience with was fantastic. The customer service was outstanding. The product is made with high quality materials. If you want a quick, hassle free building then this is the place for you! Very pleased with our new horse barn!"

April Lowry
April 16, 2020

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Features and Benefits Of Single Car Metal Carports

Single car metal carports provide shelter from the sun throughout the day, give shelter from the rain, snow, and hail, and offer a dry place to get in and out of the car during inclement weather. They’re reasonably priced, and one car carport kits let the DIYer place the unit anywhere they want to on their property.

  • Economically priced
  • DIY one car carport kits offer even more savings and flexibility
  • Made from galvanized steel to resist rust and corrosion
  • Keeps vehicles from exposure to inclement weather and damaging UV rays from the sun
  • No pre-poured concrete pad needed for installation and can be placed anywhere on the property
Single Car Carports

Reliable Single Car Carports For Multiple Purposes

What Are The Uses For One Car Carports And Single Metal Carports?

It’s called a carport, but it’s useful for sheltering anything you want to protect from the elements. A single car carport features a peaked roof that’s supported by struts on the side. The sides of the carport are open, but they can be enclosed with your choice of material if you want to use the carport as a tent or want to give your vehicle more protection. You can also use the carport for an open workshop space. It allows you to keep working even when the weather is bad. Store your bikes, whether they’re motorcycles or pedal powered, and keep them protected when the weather turns bad. And when the growing season is over, a one car metal carport can keep your gardening equipment safe and ready for next year.

What Is The Strength Of One Car Carports?

One car metal carports are built from high-strength materials designed to withstand most kinds of inclement weather. A one car carport is made using high-strength steel tubing and galvanized steel for the roof for durability and strength. The roof of a carport can handle up to 40 pounds of snow per square foot when constructed properly along with other accessories.

Reliable Single Car Carports For Multiple Purposes

Roof Styles Of Carports

Not every metal roof is made the same. Garage Buildings prides itself on ensuring you have the best roof options available for your area. Not only do our different roof styles save you money, but they can also be certified for heavy wind and snow. CALL TODAY to start discussing your roof options.

Vertical Metal Roof

Available In All Areas. Provides the highest resistance to wind and snow loads. Natural Gravity pulling load reduction easily sheds snow and water with ease.

Vertical Metal Roof

Horizontal Metal Roof

The Most Popular Roof Style. Available in all areas for widths under 30 Wide. Perfect for a traditional looking Metal Roof design that serves to shed water and improve aerodynamics.

Horizontal Metal Roof

Regular Roof Style

The Standard Metal Roof for all metal. We use this roof for all base models for the most cost savings. This roof may not be available in all areas. Please call to see if your area qualifies for this style roof.

Regular Roof Style

Advantage Of 1 Car Carports

One car carports offer conveniences and advantages that make them ideal for a variety of uses. They can enhance your property, provide storage for recreational vehicles, and even be used as an outdoor shelter for a workshop or picnic area. Some of the uses include:

  • Can be located anywhere on the property
  • Adds usable space
  • Protects boats, RVs, trailers, recreational vehicles and more from inclement weather
  • Convenience of use
  • Can be enclosed to create a workshop or provide more protection for items stored within

Single Car Metal Carport Sizes

Single car carports come in the standard width of 12 feet and 18 feet, a standard length of 21 feet to 36 feet and 7 feet to 13 feet high. However, when buying a custom single car carport, the sizes can be adjusted if you need more length, height, or width.

Are You Thinking About Budget?

Concerned with the one car carport price? Take advantage of our rent-to-own and financing programs that help you get the carport you’re looking for and without putting out a lot of money up front. You can get your 1 car carport now with our no credit check rent-to-own payment program.

Why Choose Us For One Car Carports?

We at Garage Buildings pride ourselves on building quality one car steel carports right here in the USA. Our design consultants provide customers with a pricing quote that has no hidden fees or surprise extra costs. We are one of the largest single car metal carport providers in America, and we stand behind our pricing and our products from start to finish.

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