Custom Metal Buildings

The need for usable space has never been higher for businesses and individuals in the United States. No matter what you plan to use your new space for, a custom metal building can meet your needs. From large business operations to a dedicated area for you to fully embrace the hobbies you are passionate about, custom metal buildings have you covered.

These strong and durable buildings are perfect for any region of the country and provide incredibly versatile space at a surprisingly affordable prince. Best of all, they can be completely customized to fulfil your unique needs.

To learn more about custom metal buildings, the tremendous benefits they offer, and how to choose the best option for you, read on!

Top Selling Custom Metal Buildings

15x30x10 Metal Garage


30x40x12 Metal Garage With Lean-To


24x40 Three Car Garage


20x20 Metal Carport


30X30 Vertical Roof Garage


20x26 One Car Garage


22x36 Vertical Roof Garage


30x41 Metal Barn


26X31 Two Car Garage

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How Can You Use Your Custom Metal Building?

Everyone has needs that are unique to them and/or their business. Garage Buildings understand this diversity of needs and work with customers to ensure they receive exactly the right building for them!

So, for what purposes can you use your custom metal buildings? The only limiting factor is your imagination! However, we have put together a few examples of common uses below.

  • Storage area. Custom metal buildings are fantastic for storing anything you need out of the way and out of the elements. From large farm equipment to clutter from your house, anything you need to store can be housed securely in a metal building.
  • Guesthouse. If you experience frequent visits from friends and family and would like to provide them with their own space, a custom metal building can easily facilitate better, more comfortable visits!
  • Workspace. Expanding your home workspace can help with your productivity and allow you to separate work and play. A custom metal building can be designed to facilitate whatever kind of work it is you do, too!
  • Man-cave. No matter what you and your guy friends like doing-from watching the big game to hosting video game nights-a custom metal building makes for the ideal hangout spot for you and your buddies!
  • She-shed. Girls like to have fun, too! If you are looking for the perfect place to host girls’ night, look no farther than a metal building customized to your exact preferences!
  • Hobby shed. Whether you enjoy painting, woodworking, or anything in-between, a custom steel building is the perfect opportunity for you to build your dream hobby shed!

What are the Customization Options?

Garage Buildings offer nearly unlimited options for customization, ensuring that your custom metal building is exactly that-custom. You can choose the exact dimensions you need, the right roof style for your needs, add walls, doors, and windows, and choose the color, of course! Through this process, you can make a steel building that is wholly unique to you!

Know About the Roof Styles for Your Custom Steel Building

Custom steel buildings are available with three different roof styles, each with advantages. Which style you choose will likely depend on the demands of your geographic location.

For example, regular roofs are perfect for temperate climates that do not see extreme weather, including strong winds and heavy snowfall. They feature horizontal roof panels with rounded corners that are easy to manufacture and install. They also reduce waste, helping drive the cost own even farther. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly, fair-weather option, this style is for you!

A-frame horizontal roofs take the basic concept of basic roofs and add additional framework and bracing to increase strength, making them more suitable for harsher climates. With a peaked eave in its center, this style works well in areas that have moderate inclement weather.

For the strongest possible option, you will want to opt for a vertical roof style. These roofs replace horizontal roof panels with vertical ones, which dramatically increases strength and weight-bearing capacity. For those living in areas that receive strong winds, torrential rainfall, and/or heavy snowfall, vertical roofs are the best choice!

How About Having Different Color Options to Choose From For Your Custom Building?

Whether it is just preference, or you are trying to make your new building blend in with and/or complement the rest of the structures on your property, Garage Buildings has you covered! You can even choose what colors go where, including the trim, sidewalls, end walls, roof, and so on!

Get Your Custom Metal Structure in the Size You Need and at an Affordable Price

While there are standard sizes of custom steel buildings to choose from that range from 12′ by 21′ carport to 18′ by 36′ garage, you can also choose to dictate the dimensions of your building to your exact specifications. As the size increases, so will the price, but don’t worry-custom metal buildings are still exceptionally affordable!

Speaking of price, there is a myriad of factors that influence the final price of your building. The roof style you choose is a primary factor, with other customizable features also playing a role. Where you live and the certifications the area might require will also factor in!

Your Dream Custom Building is Just One Call Away!

Garage Buildings offer the best, highest-quality prefab metal buildings in the United States. We back up our superior products with incredible customer service, making your buying experience an exceptional one!

For more information on your custom, energy-efficient steel building that requires little to no maintenance, look no farther. Call today on +1 (888) 234-0475 to receive a quote and purchase your strong, safe custom metal building from Garage Buildings!

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