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Metal Carport Prices

The popularity of metal carports in the United States has risen steadily in recent years thanks to the amazing benefits they offer at affordable prices. When you are searching for the perfect building to invest in, a steel carport can give you everything you need at a budget-friendly price point.

With the tremendous advantages of prefab carports meshing with the unparalleled benefits of America’s go-to dealer, Garage Buildings, you have a true recipe for cost-effective success.

How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost?

Metal carport prices start at $1,095 and rise from that point depending on the factors above. Garage Buildings is the best dealer in the United States when it comes to quality metal buildings at affordable prices.

Metal Carport Prices Florida
Regular Roof Style
A-Frame Roof Style
Vertical Roof Style
Metal Carport Prices Northern States
Regular Roof Style
A-Frame Roof Style
Vertical Roof Style
Metal Carport Prices Southern States
Regular Roof Style
A-Frame Roof Style
Vertical Roof Style

Factors That Affect Metal Carport Prices

When considering investing in a new building, knowing the factors that affect metal carport prices is vital. While there are many nuances to pricing, we’ve highlighted a few of the primary factors below. Familiarizing yourself with these price influencers will help you maximize the value of your building.

  • Size – There is a direct correlation between size and steel carport pricing. The larger the building, the more expensive it will be. This is important to keep in mind as you customize the length, height, and width of your carport.
  • Wide Range of Options – When it comes to carports, you have several options depending on your personal needs and preferences. You can opt for a one, two, or three-car carport, each carrying a different price.
  • Customizations – One of the main advantages associated with metal carports is the ease with which they are customized. This allows then to flawlessly facilitate your specific needs. As you customize, the prefab metal carport price will be affected.
    • Roofing – As a primary aspect of your building and source of much of its strength and weather-resistant, the roof is extremely important. Garage Buildings allow you to choose from regular, A-frame horizontal, and vertical roof styles. The price of your building will fluctuate depending on which you choose.
    • Framing Thickness – Garage Buildings gives you the option between 12- and 14-gauge framing, allowing you to dictate the overall strength of your metal carport. Thicker framing will cost more.
    • Location – Often, the install location of your metal carport is entirely up to you. It is important to realize that the location you choose can influence price quite a bit.
    • Manufacturer – As with other goods and services, who makes your steel carport will affect the price of the building. Garage Buildings works hard to find you the best deal possible regardless of manufacturer.
    • Certifications – Certain areas may require certifications to ensure your building meets local regulations. Even if this isn’t a requirement for you, you may wish to opt for a certified building for the many safety and strength upgrades it offers. As a result of these upgrades, certified buildings cost more than non-certified carports.

Why Should You Buy a Prefab Metal Carport?

The advantages associated with metal carports are numerous and diverse. As such, steel carports are a great option for just about anyone, regardless of what their needs may be. We’ve highlighted a few key reasons to buy a prefab metal carport below.

  • Customizable – Adapting your metal carport to your unique situation is a breeze with Garage Buildings.
  • Strength – Steel construction means metal carports will endure harsh climates and the test of time, giving you peace-of-mind and your building a useful longevity.
  • Affordability – Garage Buildings offer steel carports that range in price to fit practically any budget. The value for your money is incredibly high.

Applications of Metal Carports

No matter what you intend to use your prefab steel carport for, it will perform without a hitch. To demonstrate this versatility, we’ve included some diverse examples of applications below, but keep in mind that the way you use yours is entirely up to you.

  • Storage – From large equipment to seasonal household items, the storage applications of carports are essentially endless.
  • Workshop – Give yourself a comfortable space to maximize your productivity with a custom metal carport.
  • Recreation – Whether you’re storing your boat or filling your carport with recreational equipment, a carport from Garage Buildings is perfect for fun!

Metal Carport Kit Prices

Taking the DIY route has never been easier or more affordable. Garage Buildings offer DIY metal carport kits that check-in at more budget-friendly prices while including all of the prefabricated parts necessary to install your carport on your own.

Affordable Quality

Garage Buildings has the best prices on top-quality metal carports. If you are looking for a streamlined customization and buying process with flexible financing, give Garage Buildings a call on +1 (888) 234-0475. One of our experienced metal building experts will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process from start to installation!

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