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A three-car metal garage is a steel building designed to safely store three cars. The steel is rugged and durable while remaining cost-effective. The three-car garages at Garage buildings are versatile and look nice whether by itself or to complement any existing home or commercial building it may accompany.

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Roof Styles for Three Car Metal Garages

Vertical Roof Style 3 Car Garage:

Because of the vertical support channels, the three-car garage with a vertically aligned roof provides the best water drainage and protection against snowstorms and heavy winds.

Boxed Eave Style 3 Car Garage:

The boxed eave adds a decorative flair and extra structural support to an A-frame style of a triple car garage.

Regular Roof Style 3 Car Garage:

The standard roof style for a 3-car metal garage is the most cost effective and works well for most applications, although it may not be available in certain areas known for extremely harsh weather conditions.

Three Car Garage Installations

Because the prefab 3 car garage comes as a kit, it can be installed by an in-house team or independent contractor experienced with metal buildings. In some cases, a homeowner or company employee who has a mechanical aptitude may be able to erect the building, although it’s important to check local building codes and obtain any required permits before beginning the job.

Three Car Metal Garage Frame Options

Clear Span Frame Buildings

The structure has tremendous strength despite no interior support. It provides an open and wide space to store anything. There’s a huge ground clearance to move things easily from here to there.

Modular Frame Buildings

These structures are known more commonly as multi-span buildings that have interior columns to support the wider and longer structures. This is a cost-effective solution for designing larger buildings.

Single-Slope Frame Buildings

The shop fronts use this frame more widely. These frames are utility efficient as they can drain off the snow and leaves by itself. They have different slopes from the eaves. This structure is cost-efficient.

Auxiliary Framing

This frame options let you use the free space available near your structure. It helps you to keep your vehicles, tools, and equipment off from the weather in an open space under a flat roof.

Three Car Metal Garage Uses

Just because the design is based on the need to store three cars doesn’t mean every 3-car garage is used for such a purpose. It can also be used to store boats, tractors, or RVs. The three-car garage size also lends itself well for storage of yard equipment or can be used as a shop space.

Three Car Metal Garage Advantages

Metal garages hold a few advantages over traditional wood framed or masonry building styles, simply because of the nature of using steel as a building material.

  • Maintenance Free: Steel doesn’t draw termites or other bugs and has the required strength to withstand weather and working conditions without the need for routine maintenance.
  • Multiple Roof Styles: Roof styles vary from regular, lean-to, vertical, and horizontal in order to serve the needs of the garage’s intended use.
  • More Durable: Steel is a strong material which is hard to damage, yet the modular system means it can be easily repaired in a worst-case scenario.
  • Ease of Install: Because steel garages are manufactured in house as modular kits, they are assembled quickly by an in-house team or private contractor.
  • Size Variations: There are variations of 3 car garage sizes and three car garage kits which allow for versatile use and function of the building.
  • Fireproof: Regardless of the contents, in the case that a fire breaks out the steel won’t burn, meaning the building will remain to stand and ready to be used again after the clean-up process.

Three Car Garage Prices

Three car garage cost can vary by location and specifics toward the purchaser’s needs. A typical ballpark price point expectation might be around $8,000-$10,000 depending on current sales promotions and desired optional features. The building will cost more with insulation, windows, and air conditioning whereas it may come in at the lower end of the price range to simply install walls and a roof to protect cars from being outdoors.

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