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Are you looking to buy a multi-functional 30×40 garage, but want to find out more information about the process and your options? If so, you have come to the right place! Garage Buildings is one of the best dealers of the highest quality 30×40 garages and employs qualified and trained design consultants.

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30x40 Garage

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How Much Does a 30×40 Garage Cost?

The cost of a 30×40 prefab garage mainly depends on the design of the garage, the building materials, geographical location, manufacturer, and labor costs. Typically, 30×40 metal garage prices start around $14,000, if you purchase one of the 30×40 garage kits and build the structure yourself.

30×40 Metal Garage Roofing Styles

When it comes to choosing a roof for your 30×40 garage, try to select one that best fits your budget, storage needs, and aesthetic preference. Fortunately, there are three great styles you can choose from, including the following:

  • Regular Roof – You can easily identify a 30×40 steel garage that has a regular roof by the roof’s horizontal paneling and curved corners. If you live in an area that’s mainly sunny with no high winds, rain, or snowfall, this roof is perfect for you. The installation process for a regular roof is also hassle-free and reduces the volume of waste produced.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Garages that have an A-frame horizontal roof are also known as “boxed-eave” garages because of their shape. Much like the regular roof, the A-Frame is installed using horizontal paneling, which covers the length of the garage. However, it has a peaked center and no curved corners. If you live in a windy area that gets little snow or rain, this is the ideal roof for you.
  • Vertical Roof – A 30×40 steel garage that has a vertical roof is similar in look to those with an A-frame horizontal roof because it has a peaked center. However, the roof is unique, which is installed with the paneling running perpendicular to the frame of the garage. This roofing style is durable and, therefore, the best option for those living in areas known for extreme weather.

Know About the Customization Options

Garage Buildings’ customers have an entire range of options they can choose from to ensure they build a garage that suits their needs and satisfies their desires. Since customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we offer garages that come in a variety of size dimensions, colors, windows, roof styles, 12 and 14-gauge galvanized framing, certifications, anchors, etc.

The three main components of a customizable 30×40 garage are access and light, functionality, and aesthetics. For access and light, you can choose doors and windows that fit how lit and accessible you would like your garage to be.

With aesthetics, you can choose a color for your 30×40 garage that matches your personal preference. Whether your style favors the traditional, such as a red garage with white accents, or a more modern color palette, we, at Garage Buildings, offer a huge array of color options.

When it comes to functionality, Garage Buildings also has you covered. You can easily choose building materials, such as insulation and framing, that fit your environment. For example, our 12 and 14-gauge galvanized framing options are an excellent choice because they ensure that our buildings are left standing intact for the long haul.

Selling safe structures is of paramount importance to us, which is why you can purchase a certified garage that is engineered to adhere to regional requirements for elemental factors, such as snow loads and wind. Garage Buildings also provides different types of anchors for metal garages to make sure these structures stay put when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

A 30×40 Steel Garage Can Fulfill a Variety of Purposes

You can use a 30×40 steel garage for a variety of purposes outside of parking your car. In fact, many people decide to build a 30×40 garage and use it as the following:

  1. Office Space. You will be shocked at how much work you’re able to get done in a steel garage!
  2. Storage Unit. Declutter your home by using your garage to store anything from old records to lawn gear!
  3. Private Gym. You can stay in shape by transforming your steel garage into your personal workout area!
  4. Photography, Art, or Music Studio. Set apart from your house, steel garages make for great studio spaces!
  5. Workshop. Convert your garage into a workshop, where you can store your tools and work in peace!
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