20x20 Carport

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your home, business, or recreational spot, look no further than a 20×20 carport. With it’s simultaneously compact but roomy area space, you can comfortably keep one to two vehicles (or several smaller pieces of equipment) underneath your 20×20 with no problem whatsoever! Of course, as experts at Garage Buildings, we’re proud to offer durable, quality 20×20 carports that can serve you in a multitude of ways! How? Keep reading to find out!

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20x20 Carport

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How much Does a 20×20 Carport Cost?

Before we get to the really good stuff, we’re going to answer a question directly and up-front because we know it’s on your mind. How much does a 20×20 carport cost, anyway? The good news? Garage Buildings is proud to offer you affordable base costs when it comes to our 20×20 metal carports.

Why? Because we believe that these ultimate solutions should be available to you as soon as you decide they’re the perfect fit-why should pricing get in the way of a viable solution?

Of course, because we allow the option to customize almost every aspect of your 20×20 carport (which, we’ll describe in-depth momentarily), not all 20×20 carport will be priced equally. Depending on the color, roof-style, shape, and more of your specific 20×20 carport, your price is subject to change.

At Garage Buildings, we understand that cash on hand isn’t always a possibility-that’s why we offer flexible financing and rent-to-own options, ensuring that you’re able to receive the 20×20 carport you need without hesitation.

The Roofing Styles and Options for a 20×20 Carport

At Garage Buildings, customization is everything to us-in fact, when you read past this section, you’ll see first-hand just how important the opportunity to differentiate and design to your own liking is to our company. That, of course, applies specifically to roofing styles, too. The roofing style you choose for your 20×20 carport will depend on what you’re looking to protect, its overall function, and the location you live in (for weather purposes). At Garage Buildings, we’re proud to offer three distinct roof styles that bring you a unique list of benefits.

  • Regular roof– a regular roof 20×20 carport has panels that run horizontally from the front of the carport to the back and has rounded corners.
  • A-frame horizontal– an A-frame roof 20×20 carport comes up to a point in the middle, like an A-frame home, meaning water, snow, and debris will slide off the roof at an angle.
  • Vertical roof– a vertical roof 20×20 carport features roofing panels that run from the top of the carport to the bottom, directing the water, snow, and debris down.

Customization Matters-Make Your 20×0 Carport Your Own

Remember, when we mentioned that our carports are totally customizable? We weren’t kidding. Our 20×20 metal carports are easily created to fit your unique and specific needs. At Garage Buildings, we understand that no customer has the exact same requirements as another, which is why we don’t invest in a one-size-fits-all attitude. Instead, we create an easy, direct, and seamless service to help you craft the 20×20 carport you need to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking to customize options like size (width, length, or height), roof styles, colors, anchors, certifications, or even the gauge galvanized framing, Garage Buildings is proud to offer you as many options as possible to ensure that you’re receiving the 20×20 carport of your dreams.

20×20 Carport Inspiration: There Are Infinite Applications!

Our favorite part about our quality, durable metal carports, especially our 20×20 carports, is that they’re so much more than just a car cover. Yes, they’ll absolutely protect your vehicles (and they’ll do a dang good job of it), but their applications are truly limitless.

Your 20×20 carport’s purpose doesn’t begin and end with vehicular protection-instead, you can use your carport for applications like:

  • A private, outdoor picnic area
  • A shelter for hay, grain, feed, and more
  • An RV cover
  • A parking area
  • A boat or watercraft cover
  • And more!

Remember, those are just a few suggestions. Your carport’s uses are only as limited as your creativity! The applications of your 20×20 carport are virtually endless!

Are you ready to chat more about your ideal 20×20 carport? At Garage Buildings, we’re proud to help! Contact us today on +1 (888) 234-0475 to answer questions, discuss specifics, receive a quote, or even to begin the customized building process for your unique 20×20 carport today.

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