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Garage Buildings provides a durable and affordable barn option for your farm. Our custom steel barns are available in a wide variety of design styles and sizes and can be built to your exact specifications and needs.

Farm Buildings and Agricultural Sheds

From storage to livestock…we will build you a structure that will fit your needs, at a price you deserve and it will last for many years to come.

Farm buildings are different from residential styles in that they need to look great and be durable enough to withstand heavy use. Metal buildings are especially well suited for farm use. Whether used for storage, shop space, or as traditional barns.

Common Application of Farm Buildings

Steel farm storage buildings are what they sound like, metal buildings designed to hold any number of tools, equipment, materials regularly used such as fertilizer or animal feed, or stock produced on a farm.

  • Livestock barns and shelters keep animals safe from inclement weather and predators.
  • Large crop storage is accomplished with either silos or barns designed to hold crops after harvest and before shipping to the market, or in some cases, the building might incorporate features to process the crops such as drying or packaging for certain items.
  • Workshops serve a multitude of functions on a farm, whether a place to work on machinery and tractors, process products produced on the farm, or conduct general maintenance and repairs to items as part of being self-sufficient.
  • Dairy buildings are mostly barns, but set up specifically for the tasks of harvesting and preparing dairy products with proper equipment for the heavy wear cows can cause to a building.
  • Poultry farm buildings likewise have to be able to withstand rough conditions for even though chickens don’t have the weight to cause damage as cows do, they can be extremely rough on buildings and cause a lot of damage if space isn’t properly designed for the abuse it will take with such use.

Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

Agricultural buildings are needed for storage on any efficient farm, and metal farm buildings are especially well suited for the task. Agricultural metal sheds provide cost-efficient storage while being sturdy enough to withstand the rough commercial use farms tend to apply to an equipment storage building or crop and livestock storage areas.

Why Do You Need Farm Buildings?

Versatile Design: Although originally built for a specific purpose, over time agricultural buildings and structures may be re-purposed and used differently than originally planned.

Galvanized Steel Frame: Steel farm buildings have a basic structural design which is intended to work well with daily use in the harshest of conditions, whether employees are processing harvests or livestock are used with the building.

Most Durable: Steel agricultural buildings provide the strength and durability needed for professional use, as working men and women can be rougher on a building than a typical homeowner.

Natural Ventilation: Ventilation is important whether people or animals use the building, unlike what might be expected from a typical residential storage building.

Low Cost: Steel agricultural buildings are less expensive than traditional wood framed buildings as the materials are cost-efficient and there are fewer hours of construction involved in raising the structure.

Quick Construction: Because metal buildings are modular in design and the parts are prepared in a factory; a metal building kit is relatively quick to be assembled by an experienced contractor who is familiar with the process.

Steel Agricultural and Farm Shed Building Sizes

Agriculture metal sheds and farm buildings are needed in a variety of sizes. Metal buildings are customizable to suit specific needs. It’s important to remember buildings might have different uses in the future. A tool shed might end up being converted to a shop, or a storage building may need room for more items. Consider how a building might be used in the future before making a purchase.

Steel Agricultural Building Color Options

Metal farm buildings are available in most common building colors and can be painted as needed for further customization. Whites and off-whites, brown tones and tan colors, along with traditional Barn Red are regular favorites for farm buildings. Shades of green are also available, as are tones of red from bright to dark crimson. Garage buildings offer an online design tool known as the 3D Estimator which is designed to help choose a color which is appealing and best suits the particular needs of any customer.

Choose Garage Buildings for Best Quality Farm Building

For agriculture sheds and other farm buildings, visit the Garage Buildings website or give us a call, one of our professional representatives will be happy to discuss your needs while reviewing which of our products can be most useful for you.

Give us a call today at +1 (888) 234-0475 for your barn design options!


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