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20x20x9 Garage with Lean-to Installed by Garage Buildings in Hundred, WV
Dec 2023

20x20x9 Garage with Lean-to Installed by Garage Buildings in Hundred, WV

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

“I want to thank Ed Williams and Garage Buildings for their great work on our garage. We ordered it on Jan 14, and it was installed on Feb 9. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. 100%!!”

Diane and Ben Bartrug

West Virginia Metal Buildings

Choosing the right professionals for your metal building project is a big part of ensuring your construction goes smoothly. When properly installed, these adaptable metal garages can provide decades of unwavering service with minimal need for repairs. They can endure violent weather and heavy snow and take on almost any application. But for any structure to perform its best, it must be installed correctly.

This was illustrated recently in Hundred, West Virginia, where Diane and Ben Bartrug had their new 20x20x9 metal garage installed by Garage Buildings professionals. Diane and Ben’s testimonial stands as a testament to the skill and professionalism exhibited by our installation teams.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into what made Mr. and Mrs. Bartrug’s metal garage installation go so well and what we can do to bring you that same level of satisfaction.

The Customer’s Journey

The first step in the Bartrug family metal garage project likely began online, via phone, or in person, where a Garage Buildings expert helped them configure and customize a structure that worked for them. In this case, the 20x20x9 metal garage with a lean-to.

Once the customization process was completed, the engineering plans were approved and sent to the manufacturer for fabrication. During this time, the Bartrugs handled their site prep, grading, and foundation work in preparation for the arrival of their new building.

With the site ready for construction, professional installation crews from Garage Buildings transported the materials and began installing their metal building in Hundred, WV.

Thanks to the quick fabrication process and the use of pre-engineered components, this structure was ordered on January 14, and installation was completed less than 30 days later.

The Features of a 20x20x9 Garage with a Lean-to

Diane and Ben began their metal building journey with nothing more than a concept, and with the expertise of Garage Buildings, they transformed it into a reality. Let’s explore the design and installation of their 20x20x9 metal garage with lean-to:

• Functionality

Beyond being a shelter for vehicles, a garage with a lean-to addresses the demand for additional storage space. It’s secure enough to keep your vehicles and prized possessions safe, but flexible enough to work in any environment. The lean-to addition provides an extra layer of open coverage– perfect for protecting tools and supplies.

• Materials and Durability

Given the local climate nuances of Hundred, WV, it was crucial that the Bartrug’s used the right materials in their project. High-quality steel components, resilient against the region’s unpredictable weather, ensures their building stands tall for years to come and requires minimal maintenance in the process.

• Installation Process

The short timeline of the installation process reflects the efficiency and dedication of Garage Buildings Experts. From the moment the crews and materials arrive, the process unfolds with precision and craftsmanship.

• Challenges and Solutions

While challenges are an inherent part of any construction process, Garage Buildings Experts showcased resilience and attention to detail. Their tried-and-true installation process allowed them to quickly and effortlessly assemble a structure that would last a lifetime in mere days.

The Benefits of Choosing Trusted Metal Garage Providers and Installers

There are many metal garage providers out there, but not all of them provide the same level of service and offer the same quality products. This is one of the many advantages of working with a reputable provider like Garage Buildings. With a proven track record of excellence, you can rest easy knowing the metal garage you order will be designed and built correctly.

The expertise of professional installation teams is where the rubber meets the road, literally. The best materials won’t mean much if they aren’t put together correctly. Seasoned installers bring precision to the process, ensuring that your metal garage isn’t just standing there; it’s standing strong.

Choose Garage Buildings for Your Metal Garage in West Virginia

From Wheeling to Bluefield and every corner of the Mountain State, Garage Buildings is ready to deliver lasting structural solutions and quality that show in every facet of our buildings. From smaller metal garage kits to fully-kitted-out steel garages with lean-tos, we have the structure you need.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building for work or play; our metal buildings are designed to tackle any application and any environment. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Garage Buildings today at +1 (866) 355-4442 and let our experts help you design and install your new metal building. From the first concept to installation, we’ll guide you through the entire process and bring you a metal garage you can count on.

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