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These Wood Look Paint Kits Will Step Up Your Garage Door Game
Mar 2019

These Wood Look Paint Kits Will Step Up Your Garage Door Game

It looks like real wood.

By: Taylor Mead

In a world of endless paint colors and cabinet types, few things are more boring than selecting a garage door for your home, right? Wrong. While there aren’t that many types of doors to chose from—typically it’s either stainless steel, aluminum, or wood, which looks amazing but can get pricey—there is a sneaky way to have a garage door so fun and expensive-looking that your neighbor will be jealous. The secret is Giani’s Wood Look Paint Kit, which gives you the look of an eye-catching wood door for much less. Each kit, which goes for $69.95, consists of two 16 oz. wood tone base coats, two 16 oz. wood grain finish coats, a paint mitt, 2 inch brush, 2 plastic tarps, 6 inch roller arm and cover, 2 stir sticks, a roll of painter’s tape, plus step-by-step instructions. Wood tones and grain finishes vary depending on which kit you purchase, including Black WalnutEnglish OakRed OakRoyal Mahogany, and Honey Oak. All in favor for a little DIY project that can step up your garage door game by a lot? Sign me up.

According to one Amazon reviewerKevin Castleberry, “I was skeptical when my wife suggested painting our garage doors instead of investing thousands in actual wood garage doors. Well after about 6 hours and two coats of finish we finished our two garage doors. It turned out impressively nice.” In the end, Kevin decided that the time he invested to make it happen was well worth the result (not to mention the money he saved.)

Watch how it works below:


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