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The Most Popular Pre-Engineered Metal Building Exteriors
Sep 2020

The Most Popular Pre-Engineered Metal Building Exteriors

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are incredibly versatile and serve a variety of purposes across the United States. Thanks to their availability in numerous sizes, including completely custom dimensions, practically endless customization options, superb weather resistance, longevity, and more, the popularity of steel structures is booming in America.

This has led to people from all walks of life investing in metal buildings. From agricultural ventures to residential home improvement projects, metal buildings fill a variety of needs. With this wide-reaching use of metal buildings sweeping the country, they are popping up in an assortment of environments,

To ensure your metal building fits the environment in which you are using it, there are numerous exterior options from which to select. This allows you to give your metal building the appearance you’ve always dreamed of, blend in with the surroundings, or otherwise influence how your building looks to those visiting or just passing by.

While Garage Buildings can facilitate just about any exterior aesthetic you can imagine, there are a few options that stand out in popularity. Check them out below!

The Six Most Popular Metal Building Exteriors

Garage Buildings is committed to bringing each customer the very best experience and product. Ensuring your building not only functions exactly how you need it to but also looks exactly how you want it to is a major part of that commitment. While every metal building project has features that make it unique, there are a handful of exteriors that tend to be the most popular amongst metal building buyers.

Brick Veneer

There are few looks more classic than a brick exterior. Brick veneer gives you this timeless appearance at a fraction of the cost, labor, and weight by functioning as an aesthetic feature, not a structural one.

While it is primarily for looks, brick veneer does provide some interesting benefits, including the insulation it offers for both acoustics and thermal factors, moisture resistance, and fire resistance. These advantages can help preserve the longevity of your building and save you money on your energy bills.

Corrugated Metal

This exterior siding has exploded in popularity recently thanks to several factors. It provides a modern look that is available in a variety of colors, is incredibly strong, and is simple to install. Corrugated metal siding is also exceptionally durable and offers resistance to both fire and moisture, helping your building stand strong for years to come.

Faux Stone

Widely considered one of the more premium exterior options, faux stone or rock veneer gives a high-end look to your building while still keeping prices affordable. It also offers some unique benefits that differentiate it from other options in more ways than just looks.

For example, faux stone is engineered to be lightweight, making it an easy material to work with, especially when compared to authentic stone. This lightweight nature does not sacrifice integrity or durability, either, giving you the best of both worlds. Related to this feat of engineering is the ease with which faux stone can be installed.


Those who want the best of all worlds often opt for a mixed façade that features several different siding options. By mix-and-matching the siding that graces your metal building, you can create a custom appearance that reflects your exact tastes.


Budget-friendly and eye-catching, stucco is a popular siding choice for those looking for both form and function. It offers variety thanks to three different application methods—flex, panels, and traditional—as well as numerous worthwhile advantages.

It is undeniably professional and attractive while also being a superb insulator and low-maintenance option.


For a unique look that feels classy and timeless, look no farther than wood siding. It’s rustic, elegant, and provides a nice contrast to metal. It also happens to be extremely strong and durable, making it an excellent siding material.

However, wood does require more maintenance than other siding options. It must be refinished and re-stained every few years.

The Best Metal Buildings from Garage Buildings

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