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Steel Buildings – The Best Solution for School Overcrowding
Jul 2020

Steel Buildings – The Best Solution for School Overcrowding

Stephan Michaels
Construction, Metal Buildings

As the population in the United States continues to grow, and more and more children are welcomed into the world, the infrastructure of the country continues to age. Without repair or replacement, this worn-down infrastructure creates a myriad of problems beyond just the potholes you dodge in your car.

One serious issue that is plaguing America and its youth is the outdated, overcrowded school buildings. Without a proper learning space that can house the new influx of kids, teachers, and students alike struggle to excel. In these paramount formative years, excellent education is a must. Read on to see how steel buildings are the solution to this growing problem.

The Need for Establishing More Permanent Solutions

Due to the overcrowding issues being experienced by many American schools today, several strategies have been employed to try to mitigate the impact on both teachers and students. Unfortunately, the majority of these solutions are short-term Band-Aids, not true fixes.

Some of these temporary patches are the use of portable classrooms, changes in teaching methodology, and other minimally-effectively, unsustainable approaches. Because overcrowding has a very real impact on student learning, it’s vital to institute real solutions that can fix the problem long-term.

Quick Facts on Overcrowding

To put the direness of school overcrowding in America into perspective, we’ve listed a few key facts about the situation below.

  • Between 1985 and 2005, enrollment in public elementary and secondary rose 22%.
  • In California, 33% of students attend overcrowded schools.
  • Approximately 14% of schools are over capacity by between six and 25%.
  • About 8% of schools exceed their capacity by over 25%.
  • Over 33% of schools make use of mobile classrooms.
  • 20% of schools use temporary spaces to hold classes.
  • The student population is expected to double in the next 80 years.

Consequences of School Overcrowding

The youth of America are the future of the country, and ensuring they receive the best possible education is key to securing a brighter, more sustainable future for both them and the United States. Overcrowded schools are a significant barrier between students and that positive outcome.

In fact, school overcrowding carries several serious consequences. For starters, overcrowding actually causes the school buildings themselves to fall into disrepair far faster than they would at appropriate capacity. This isn’t limited to chalkboards and desks, either. Vital components of the overcrowded buildings, such as flooring, foundations, ventilation, and more, all suffer premature wear and failure in overcrowded contexts.

More importantly, overcrowding negatively impacts the learning environment in which students are attempting to expand their minds. Teachers are no longer able to give adequate attention to each student, forcing them to provide umbrella learning and not personalized learning. This leads to teachers being burnt out and unhappy, as well as students falling behind when they could have kept pace and excelled.

Steel Buildings – The Best Solution

The great news for American parents, students, and teachers is that there is a cost-effective solution to the overcrowding situation that plagues schools in the United States—steel buildings. The advantages of these steel structures and how they apply to the situation many schools find themselves in are many, so we’ve selected a handful of key benefits to highlight below.

  • Size – Steel buildings can be customized to specific sizes, allowing them to serve schools of various sizes and be futureproof as more students join the school’s population.
  • Versatile – Whether you need more classroom space, a new dining hall, or a gymnasium, a steel structure is flexible and can be adapted to the unique needs of each school.
  • Customizable – While every school is pursuing the same goal—the education of the youth—each has different approaches and needs. Steel buildings are highly customizable, meaning they can be made to serve any number of needs and fill any application.
  • Maintenance – Steel buildings require little to no maintenance, helping keep long-term costs down.
  • Durability – When investing in a steel school building, you don’t have to worry about them falling into disrepair anytime soon thanks to their impressive durability.
  • Affordability – Expanding and upgrading school facilities is a worthwhile cause, but it is expensive. Steel buildings help keep costs down, drastically increasing value.

Garage Buildings – Helping America’s Youth Thrive

When you’re ready to expand and upgrade your local school’s facilities, it is important to work with a dealer that not only provides the best quality and affordability but also genuinely cares about the issue at hand. Garage Buildings is known across the country as the best dealer of steel buildings, but it is its dedication to people, not just sales, that truly set it apart.

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