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Steel Building Price Increase February 27th 2017
Feb 2017

Steel Building Price Increase February 27th 2017

On Feb 27th 2017 our prices will increase due to the changes in steel costs.  The increase of steel prices is being felt all across the United States for many different industries.  We wanted to give customers this information immediately once we saw the announced price increases. That is why it is imperative that customers place their orders now, before the price increase on the 27th of February.  Base pricing for example on our $695 carports will go up to $795 or higher in certain areas.

Can I Lock In Pricing Before Then?

Yes.  Any buildings ordered before February 27th will have their price honored.  If you had a quote with a lower price point before the 27th and place your order after this date, you will see a price increase for your building quote at the time of the order and the price will not be honored after this date.  So to ensure you do not see a price increase for your building, please place your order before the 27th of February.

Is This A Marketing Gimmick

It is not.  the price increases are very real.  We had another price increase in January and many customers missed out on those savings then.  Take the price increases very seriously as we will not be able to honor any lower pricing before the 27th of February.

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