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Reasons to Invest in a Steel Shed for Your Lawn Care Business
Aug 2020

Reasons to Invest in a Steel Shed for Your Lawn Care Business

Stephan Michaels
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The business of lawn care is booming in the United States. More and more individuals are starting lawn care businesses, while those with established businesses continue to grow. As both of these trends continue, the demand for proper facilities to headquarter operations and manage equipment has also expanded.

Garage Buildings strives to work with those in the lawn care business to help increase their efficiency and contribute to their success. Metal buildings are beneficial to these ventures for a myriad of reasons, leading to more and more in the lawn care business to invest in steel sheds.

Read on to learn about the advantages of starting a lawn care business and why you should invest in a metal shed!

Why Should You Start a Lawn Care Business?

If you are considering starting a lawn care business, we encourage you to do so! There are many benefits to owning a lawn care business, and you’re sure to enjoy them if you commit to starting your own. If you already own a lawn care business, you are likely familiar with these advantages, but a little refresher never hurts, so read on!

  • Consistent Business – If you’ve ever been tasked with mowing a lawn, you know that it is a never-ending job. It must be cared for frequently, especially when all aspects of lawn care are considered. As such, your lawn care business is sure to have a stable, reliable business.
  • Consumable Materials – Lawn care often requires the use of fertilizers, sprays, and other consumable materials. These consumables are used on a repeating schedule, meaning that they generate consistent revenue.
  • Customizable – The lawn care business is diverse and full of opportunity, giving you the opportunity to customize your experience to your strengths and desires. For example, you can handle all of the manual labor, embrace the management and marketing role, or work exclusively with commercial properties. The options are practically endless!
  • Franchising – There are many lawn care businesses that are already established and allow you to buy into their business model. These franchising opportunities are a great way to get involved in a proven business model and gain an instant reputation in the community.
  • Scalable – Whether you want to provide a single service or an entire suite of services, your lawn care business can be scaled to your preferences. The same goes for the number of clients you take on—it’s entirely up to you!
  • Seasonal – Thanks to the largely seasonal nature of lawn care (spring and summer are the busiest seasons), you can use your lawn care business as a part-time job. If you have summers off or your work is related to the winter season, you may have the free time to take this seasonal approach.
  • Workforce – Hiring workers for a lawn care business is relatively simple as the majority of roles do not require formal education. In fact, you could train a new employee yourself relatively easily, helping reduce cost and improve the replacement rate in this high turnover workforce.

Start with a Steel Shed

To ensure your lawn care business booms, you must have the right building to facilitate it. Steel sheds are a cost-effective way to start and expand your business for a number of reasons.

  • Climate Control – Keeping temperatures under control is incredibly important for lawn care businesses. Many fertilizers, seeds, and other products need climate control to remain in good shape. Steel sheds can be easily equipped with climate control options.
  • Flexibility – Depending on the equipment your business demands, your storage needs will fluctuate. Steel sheds are customizable and flexible, ensuring that your structure will facilitate your storage needs as they change and expand.
  • Location – Thanks to local zoning regulations, you may be able to place a steel shed on your own property. This will help you save a substantial amount of money!
  • Lower Overhead – Investing in a metal shed for your lawn care business will prevent you from having to sign a year-long lease on a more expensive building with no tangible asset to show for it. You can also receive a tax deduction, thanks to your purchase.
  • Modern Security – Keeping your expensive equipment and materials safe is vital, as many of your resources are related to those assets. To avoid a catastrophic loss, you can outfit your prefab shed with modern security options from cameras to alarm systems and beyond.
  • Weather Shelter – When the weather is a threat, a steel shed is specifically engineered to withstand it, keeping your investments and equipment safe from damage.

Steel Sheds for Lawn Care

When trying to start or grow a lawn care business, investing in a steel shed from Garage Buildings is a fantastic way to make real strides toward your goals. No matter the size, specialty, or other defining traits of your lawn care business, a steel shed from Garage Buildings can be customized to meet your needs. Call today on +1 (888) 234-0475 to receive more information, personalized guidance, and more!

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