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Affordable Metal Carports For Any Budget

Here at Garage Buildings we provide factory direct pricing for your Metal Carport.  Fully customized to meet your exact specifications.  Everything from standard residential carports – industrial – and commercial style carports, Garage Buildings ensures you get the highest quality steel carport for a price that is within your budget

Huge Array Of Color Options

Some Customers want bold colors.  Other customers need colors required by their homeowners association.  Either way, our carports can be colored to your exact specifications.  Everything from Trim – Side Walls – End Walls – Gable Ends and more can all be painted to how you need it.

4 Roof Styles For Added Strength and Versatility.

Not every metal roof is made the same.  Garage Buildings prides itself on ensuring you have the best roof options available for your area.  Not only do our different roof styles save you money, but they can also be certified for heavy wind and snow.  CALL TODAY to start discussing your roof options.

Regular Style Roof

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The Standard Metal Roof for all metal.  We use this roof for all base models for the most cost savings.  This roof may not be available in all areas.  Please call to see if your area qualifies for this style roof.

Horizontal Metal Roof

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The Most Popular Roof Style.  Available in all areas for widths under 30 Wide.  Perfect for a traditional looking Metal Roof design that serves to shed water and improve aerodynamics

Vertical Metal Roof

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Available In All Areas.  Provides the highest resistance to wind and snow loads.  Natural Gravity pulling load reduction easily sheds snow and water with ease.

Lean-To Metal Roof

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Perfect for small spaces or non-traditional style carports.  Can be built with any of the three mentioned roof styles to the left for a truly unique structure that looks good and stands out.

Popular Metal Carports Purchased

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How Do I Purchase A Metal Carport From Garage Buildings?

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