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Metal Buildings: The Solution for Indiana's Manufacturing Industry
Aug 2021

Metal Buildings: The Solution for Indiana's Manufacturing Industry

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Every state has a specific interest that ends up providing the majority of support to the economy. This is due to the many unique climates and locations within the United States. Indiana, in particular, has been an excellent place for companies to establish factories and other such manufacturing operations.

This is primarily due to the low cost of living and vast expanses of cheap land available. Major manufacturing operations in Indiana include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical equipment, chemical products, machinery, and more. However, Indiana is best known for its many automobile manufacturing and steel plants.

At first glance, many people would guess that farming was the largest source of revenue for the Indiana economy. However, manufacturing in Indiana is actually the most substantial source of tax revenue and product supply, with manufacturers accounting for 27.84% of the state’s total output. In 2018 alone, Indiana’s manufacturing output totaled a whopping $102.09 billion!

Additionally, the manufacturing industry currently employs 17.29% of Indiana’s workforce. Indianapolis, the capital and largest city in Indiana, is the top performer in the state overall in terms of product output. So it comes as no surprise that Indiana is a top-ranking state in the world of manufacturing.

The Unpredictability of Indiana Weather

Located in the east-central United States, Indiana tends to be something of a wild card when it comes to weather patterns. Residents of Indiana often joke that you can never be sure whether it will be raining, snowing, or sunny on a given day.

The constantly changing weather causes sudden heat waves each summer, unfortunately endangering those who are not prepared. Additionally, the rapid temperature changes make tornadoes a common occurrence in Indiana. Appearing suddenly and moving quickly, tornadoes can either devastate the surrounding area or simply lose momentum and fade away before causing any harm.

Why Metal Buildings Are Best for Indiana Manufacturing

The economic boom during the 20th century in Indiana has left many outdated, traditional buildings scattered throughout the state. These do not provide the same protection a new metal building would. Yet, metal structures are considered a requirement to withstand Indiana’s erratic weather. Below are some standard Indiana metal buildings and their specific uses.

Commercial Metal Garage

Commercial Garages

Commercial garages are an essential structure for automobile manufacturers. Some of these buildings double as warehouses since automobile suppliers also tend to maintain a stock of replacement parts. With automobile manufacturing being a staple part of the Indiana economy, this is a building type that you will see all over the state.

Industrial Storage Buildings

Companies use these metal structures to store chemicals, parts, and materials that they reserve for future operations. Industrial storage buildings are typically smaller than a warehouse, built for smaller operations or sub-operations. However, they share the same solid structure as other metal industrial buildings.

Metal Warehouses

Companies also commonly use metal warehouses to store parts and materials for all types of industrial manufacturing plants. This includes medical equipment, chemical products, auto parts, and manufactured repair parts. Metal warehouses are very popular for storage purposes because the rigid structure offers numerous advantages. These include being able to withstand the unpredictable Indiana weather, as well as being fire, theft, and rodent resistant.

Industrial Buildings

While older factories tend to lack a complete metal frame and structure, new manufacturing plants are almost always metal buildings. There is simply no overlooking the benefits of metal structures. Whether it’s an automobile manufacturer, chemical plant, or medical equipment company, industrial manufacturing leaders trust the integrity of steel buildings.


You can find various workshop styles in manufacturing plants, attached to metal warehouses, or even standalone buildings. Workshops are areas of high wear due to all of the running machinery. The machine traffic, paired with lathes and CNC machines running around the clock, can wreak havoc on a less sturdy traditional structure.

Industrial metal building

Benefits of Highly Customizable Metal Building Kits

It is well-known that metal buildings are the way to go for industrial purposes. They offer uncontested protection against the weather, theft, infestation, and more. As a result, steel buildings are the most popular and comprise 90% of metal buildings.

All over Indiana, these structures are popping up to keep businesses and their equipment safe and secure. But, there is another solution for businesses and homeowners who like to do it yourself: DIY metal building kits.

Fully Customizable

Customizable metal building kits allow for faster, easier construction with prefabricated parts. In addition, metal building kits save money and the headache of ordering many different materials at different times!

No Need for a Contractor

If you like to get things done yourself and don’t want to hire a private contractor, these kits are just an order away. The prefabricated metal building parts make these kits much easier to put together without any outside help!

Love to Get Things Done Yourself?

Many DIY enthusiasts are taking advantage of metal building kits to take power into their own hands. With many unique setups, DIY metal building kits offer a configuration to match your specific needs.

Sold On Metal Buildings? Contact Garage Buildings Today!

Metal buildings are taking the state of Indiana by storm. There is simply no better way to protect your business and employees from Indiana tornadoes, heat waves, and erratic weather. Take a look at the many other manufacturers within the state! It is a consensus that metal buildings are the best choice to house your manufacturing business.

If your business requires the safety and protection of metal buildings, you are in the right place. As the largest metal building supplier, Garage Buildings provides the best metal buildings and metal building kits for manufacturing in Indiana and across the nation. Our competitive pricing, numerous customizations, and outstanding financing options make us the go-to company for metal structures.

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