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Metal Barns for Farm or Residential Purposes
Mar 2021

Metal Barns for Farm or Residential Purposes

Stephan Michaels

When one conjures up an image of a barn, they often picture an old, red, rotting-wood structure off the interstate. Or maybe they imagine something a little more nostalgic and picturesque, looking at it as a symbol of Americana and the foundation of our nation. Many of us have come to associate barns strictly with rural living, but it’s far from the accurate picture.

Today, barns have caught up with the times, with metal barns leading the industry in durability and dependability. Whether you require a barn for agricultural or residential purposes, metal barns are clearly the best option.

Steel Barns: The Perfect Choice for All Your Farming Needs!

When it comes to farming, metal barns provide the security and durability to withstand the worst weather and protect your most expensive equipment. Traditional wood barns may offer an old-fashioned charm, but they’re costly and capable of catching fire. Metal barns have built-in fire resistance. Additionally, they don’t attract rodents.

Part of the reason metal barns are ideal for farmers is their customizability. Garage Buildings only works with the highest quality steel, and our barns are available both in 12 and 14-gauge frames. They’re also available in three roof styles – regular, A-frame, or vertical. What’s more, they’re available in numerous colors to match the aesthetic of your farm.

Farmers commonly use barns to shelter livestock or for storage purposes and rely on the security and strength of metal to protect their animals from the worst rain or snowstorms. However, the metal barns have found other purposes on farms. Whether you’re looking to store equipment, create a workspace or give your livestock a safe place to go after grazing, metal barns afford the space you need.

At Garage Buildings, we understand the importance of having a top-quality barn for all your outdoor farming needs. That’s why we only use the best materials, like high-quality galvanized steel, anchors, panels, and trusses, to construct our premium-quality buildings. You can even choose between 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel for additional strength. In addition, all our buildings come with a rust-through warranty, so you can rest assured that your barn will last for generations. Order your superior quality garage at the best price in the industry only from Garage Buildings!

Beyond Farms: Metal Barns with Living Spaces

If you’re in the market for a home, you’re already dreading long conversations with realtors and the concerns about whether or not you’re buying a lemon that’s going to require maintenance you weren’t prepared for. What if we told you there was a way to sidestep all that?

It shouldn’t come as much as a surprise that metal barns are growing in popularity in alternative living. Human beings, after all, are unique. It doesn’t make sense that we’d feel comfortable living in traditional, cookie-cutter houses.

So, metal buildings have become an alternative to the tired, residential areas where all the houses look the same. In particular, metal barns have the added appeal of providing living quarters that are fully customizable. That’s part of why their popularity in residential communities has exploded in the past ten years.

When we say alternative, we’re not talking about communes or some strange, bohemian artist. Metal barns have provided living space for people you’d easily mistake for your neighbors. While the term “Barndominium” has been bandied about lately, not everyone is clear just what a barn-style metal building looks like.

The answer is fairly simple to describe. A barndominium is basically a large, luxurious barn with large doors, windows, and open rooms. Picture that space filled with your furnishings and knickknacks, and you might easily call it home. The major difference between a home and a barndominium is that the latter offers superior durability and less maintenance.

Now that you know exactly what one is, consider these benefits a metal barn structure offers to those looking for living quarters.

Low Maintenance

Without the hassle of chipping paint or shingles that need replacing, taking care of a metal barn is relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain.


Wood structures are attractive to vermin and insects looking for something to chew or somewhere to burrow, which can ultimately cause damage to your home. Steel structures don’t attract such nuisances.

Safe from Mold or Mildew

Steel does not absorb water like wood, meaning it will protect your home from mold and mildew that would otherwise build up.

Certified Strong

Garage Buildings only deals in high-quality U.S. steel, certified to withstand winds up to 140mph. This makes them an excellent choice for areas that may face inclement weather, ranging from blistering blizzards to insane hurricanes.


Metal barns are not as costly as wood structures, and the last of maintenance required will save you money in the long run.

Easy to Install

Metal buildings from Garage Buildings come prefabricated, meaning it can be installed quickly and easily. This helps cut down on project time and gets you up and running even faster!

Get Your Metal Barn Today!

As you can see, metal barns are a cost-efficient, durable alternative to traditional wood structures, making an excellent choice for agricultural and residential needs alike. Our preconceptions of what a barn is or could be have shifted dramatically in the past decade, to the point where having one in a more suburban area seems perfectly normal.

Garage Buildings knows the importance of durability in barns, and that’s why we only deal in U.S steel. Our steel buildings are always delivered on time, and our qualified and trained designed consultants are excited to work with you in finding the right barn to fit your needs. Call Garage Buildings today at +1 (888) 234-0475!

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