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Looking for a Creative Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving? Think Metal Garage!
Nov 2021

Looking for a Creative Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving? Think Metal Garage!

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude – a day we set aside each year to give thanks for our many blessings. And for most Americans, the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving celebration is the big Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Thanks to COVID-19, Thanksgiving felt a lot different in 2020, and many of us didn’t get to enjoy the big gatherings we’re used to having. But thankfully, the situation has improved in 2021, and you’re probably excited about renewing some traditional Thanksgiving festivities with loved ones.

Get Creative with Your Thanksgiving Celebration – Have It in Your Garage

Looking for a good place to host your Thanksgiving dinner guests? Think outside the box – think inside your garage! Don’t typically think of your garage as being a festive spot? Well, why not make it a festive spot for the occasion? Think about it: the garage is probably bigger than your dining room or den, and if anything happens to get spilled out there, the stakes are much lower. If you primarily use your garage for vehicle parking and protection, then transforming the space really isn’t that hard. Simply move out the cars, move in some tables and chairs, and add some decorations!

Tips for Using Your Garage to Host Holiday Gatherings

Need some more tips about how you can use a metal garage for holiday entertaining? Well, keep reading, because we’ve got several to offer:

Clean out your garage

Maybe this one goes without saying, but before you can put any furniture, food, or people in your steel garage, you’ll probably need to start by doing some cleaning and decluttering of the space. To create the right atmosphere, you want your garage to look and feel as clean as possible. After you relocate any vehicles, mowers, and lawn & garden equipment, take a look around at what’s left in your garage. If you see that you’re hanging onto anything that’s doing nothing more than just taking up space, toss it! Give the floor a good sweeping or cleaning, and be sure to dust the shelves and any remaining fixtures.

Cozy up the floor

Assuming your garage has a hard floor, you’ll want to do something to make it feel warmer and more inviting. Putting down an area rug or two can do wonders to help soften your garage space and make it feel more cozy. Don’t have the budget to purchase a new rug? No worries; you can really use any type of carpet remnant you may have lying around. It’s fine if your carpet doesn’t quite cover the entire garage floor, either – they call it an area rug for a reason! The point is to give your floor a softer, more decorative area of focus.

Arrange your tables and seating

Next, it’s time to bring in the tables and chairs. How you should position the tables will depend both on how much space you have available in your garage

and how many guests you’re expecting. For example, you may want to go with one long table in the middle for the adults, and then place some smaller tables around for the kids. It might be helpful to experiment with a few different configurations, in order to see which layout will work best.

Decorate to set the mood

Since food and drink are usually front-and-center for any Thanksgiving gathering, the best place to focus your decorating efforts is on the dining table (or tables) itself. Make a centerpiece out of garlands, leaves, berries, pinecones, or whatever else you can find. Small pumpkins and gourds also make great fall-themed table accessories. Placing some scented candles around is also a great way to provide some soft light while also introducing some pleasant aromas. Got some items in your garage that are too big or too heavy to move out? Just put up a screen or cover them with a sheet if you want them to remain out of sight.

Here’s one more Thanksgiving-specific idea that’s perfect for the occasion. Use thoughtful, handwritten Thank You cards as place settings for each guest. Take the opportunity to write down one thing you appreciate about them, and why you’re thankful for them!

Warm it up

We’re not talking about warming up the car here. Depending upon where you’re located, a late November afternoon or evening can get a little brisk. If your garage isn’t climate-controlled, you might consider bringing in a space heater or two to help take the chill off. Your guests will certainly appreciate it and will likely be in a much more festive mood if they’re not shivering!

Don’t Have a Protected Metal Garage? They’re Pretty Handy to Have Around!

Enclosed metal buildings are great for parking vehicles, providing for overflow storage needs, hosting family gatherings and parties, and much more. And there are additional advantages to going with a steel tubing structure, too. Light-gauge steel boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio of any construction material; it’s weather-resistant, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Not sure which size metal garage is best for your needs? Assuming that you plan to use it primarily as a protected space for parking your vehicles, here are some good building width guidelines to keep in mind:

  • A 12’-wide garage will house a single car, truck, or smaller RV
  • 18’ can accommodate two compact cars
  • 20’ will allow for two mid-sized cars
  • 22’ will usually fit two full-sized cars, trucks, or SUVs
  • 24’ will accommodate two over-sized vehicles
  • 26’ can fit three mid-sized vehicles

Of course, if you need to park more than three vehicles, or want to dedicate some space for other applications, metal garages can be built essentially as wide as you need. It’s always a good idea to build in more buffer space than you think you’ll need when planning your new steel building, too. Once you start using it, you’ll probably keep thinking of more things you’d like to store inside as time goes on!


We hope these tips will be helpful as you’re planning your holiday celebrations, and as you’re making plans to meet your metal building needs. Got more questions? Interested in chatting with a metal building expert? Just reach out to the pros at Garage Buildings at +1 (888) 234-0475. You can even use our powerful, easy-to-use 3D Building Designer to try your hand at designing your own perfect garage or other metal building!

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