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Increase Your Property's Value With A Metal Garage
Dec 2020

Increase Your Property's Value With A Metal Garage

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Anyone who has watched reality television knows it’s trendy to pay attention to your property’s value. There’s no shortage of television shows revolving around flipping houses, adding new features in a home to make it more attractive on the market.

There’s a lot that can factor into a property’s value. A property’s value is determined by the market rate per square foot of other houses in the area, but that’s not all that is taken into account. The condition of the property and its age also factors into the price.

There are literally thousands of upgrades and home improvement projects that increase the property’s value. You’ve probably seen them on HGTV, but there is one that’s often overlooked. A metal garage kit can add a lot of value to your property for both its practicality and attractiveness.

Vertical Roof Garage

The Brass Tacks: How Much Can You Stand to Gain?

If your home doesn’t come with an attached garage, adding a detached garage may seem costly and unnecessary. But a prefabricated metal building kit can cut costs and allow for easy installation. And what you end up spending is an investment in more valuable property overall.

A recent study at the University of Florida found that a regular-sized metal garage added to a home will increase its value by 13 percent. This can mean up to an 81 percent return on the overall investment.

Mistakes Cost Money

Adding a metal garage to your home will undoubtedly add value, but doing it wrong can wind up costing you. Mistakes made during installation can wind up hurting the value of your property. Here are just some errors people make when installing their metal garage.

Building Too Large for the Lot

Prefabricated garage kits are designed to save you money on construction, maintenance, and energy bills, but you have to make sure you have the right amount of space for the right kit. Building too large on a small lot of land can make the space seem cramped and uncomfortable. If you have a smaller lot, a steel carport may be the better option.

Ruining the Aesthetics

Looks matter, which is why you’re able to customize your prefabricated garage kits with different colors and fronts to ensure it complements its surroundings. An unattractive building, or one that doesn’t blend in well with other structures, can put off potential buyers and lower the property’s value. It’s better to blend in as nicely as possible, to maximize the potential high return on your investment.

Vertical Roof Metal Garage

Customize Your Steel Garage to Increase Your Property’s Value

As we mentioned, home improvement projects and add-ons go a long way in increasing your property’s value. Still, customization options are available for prefabricated metal garage kits that can increase value when they’re first installed. It may not be essential, for instance, to have insulation in your garage, but any climate-controlled space on your property is sure to add to its overall value.

Insulation kits come in pre-measured pieces that attach to panels and help stabilize heat transfer. In addition to climate-control, insulation also provides noise control, which can be incredibly helpful should you do any work in the garage.

Vertical Roof Steel Garage

How a Garage Transforms Your Property

More Attractive to Buyers

Any home improvement project is considered an investment. As mentioned, an attractive, spacious garage can increase your home’s appeal to buyers by 13 percent, as it’s one of the most desirable amenities. A metal garage should be considered essential when reselling a property.

More Space Means More Storage

In any home, storage space is essential. A metal garage can provide the space you need to store belongings, automobiles, lawn equipment, and anything else you’re having difficulty finding space for.

A Wide Range of Purposes

Depending on your area’s building codes and your budget, your steel garage can beyond simply storing a vehicle. A garage with an incredibly high ceiling could be used as an office, a workshop, a guest room, or even your ideal man cave. Don’t let the word “garage” limit you; it can be used for multiple purposes.

More Space, More Living Area

Homes already equipped with a garage have seen the value in a second. The metal garage could be converted into more living space for your family, or even an extra room. Remodeling your prefab garage will mean a more extensive home overall, which is a financially sound idea given that a larger home is always more attractive to buyers. You could also leave the garage as it is, letting the new homeowners decide what to do with it.

Smart Spending Now, Higher Returns Later

Increasing your home’s square footage by adding a detached metal garage will undoubtedly increase your property’s overall value, but there are other, more immediate cost-saving benefits. Using a prefabricated metal garage kit will ensure low-maintenance and a durable, long-lasting structure. Additionally, metal building kits does not attract termites and are much more fire-resistant than wood structures.

Get Your Metal Garage Today!

As you can see, the benefits of adding a metal garage to your property are almost innumerable. Your property value will increase in unexpected ways from this simple upgrade, and its use is not limited to just a garage. Don’t let your property value stay where it is. Increase the value of your home with a metal garage kit from Garage Buildings today.

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