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How to Save Energy During Summer in Your Clear Span Building?
Jul 2022

How to Save Energy During Summer in Your Clear Span Building?

Summer time is upon us again, and while the weather is heating up, you may be looking ahead for ways to stop the onslaught and impact of the hottest days! Summer is great and comes filled with high temps, strong breezes, and even rain showers that provide momentary respite! However, if you are located in the hottest parts of the country, then summer can also be a difficult season that poses danger to you, your loved ones, and even your belongings.

If you want to find a simple and protective solution to your summer woes, then clear span metal buildings are a great choice! From offering you a cool haven in summer to providing strength when the weather turns bad again, clear span buildings are a great choice. Check out our energy-saving tips for your clear span structures now.

The Energy Saving Tips You Need for Your Clear Span Buildings

Whether you want to cool your metal buildings down or warm them up, we have a number of great tips that will help you get the best results:

  • Get Rid of Drafts – it’s a well-known fact that drafts cause a huge problem for building owners, letting in cold or hot air when you want the opposite! The best way to reduce the impact of these drafts is to remove them. From draft excluders to simply closing doors and windows, if you can get rid of them, then your clearspan structures will be much cooler this summer!
  • Insulate Your Metal Buildings – another great way to stop the sun from causing you to be uncomfortable is to get your metal buildings properly insulated. Many people think that insulation is designed to warm the environment and stop the heat from escaping, but it can also provide you with protection against the sun, helping you to keep the cool air inside and stop you from suffering!
  • Don’t Waste Energy – whether you are turning the AC on in summer or the heating on in winter, using energy in parts of your building that aren’t in use is an expensive habit that you need to kick. Think about where you need to use energy the most and zone it so that you get the full benefit without paying more than is needed.
  • Think About Where to Place Your Large Metal Buildings – if you haven’t yet installed your clear span metal buildings, then take the time to think about where to place them for the best energy outcomes. If you live in an area that gets incredibly hot, then putting your building near shade and trees can help you to create a cool haven. However, if you are more worried about staying warm in winter, then putting your building in the open will allow it to absorb any latent heat that may be in the air.
  • Get Some Reflective Roofing Installed  – we all know that large metal buildings are prone to absorbing the heat that the sun produces, but if you install reflectors on your roof then you should be able to keep your property cooler without paying for lots of energy. Reflective roofing is simple to install and will take the sun’s rays and bounce them back off your building, giving you a more pleasant internal environment.

Choose Your Color Options Carefully – They Will Impact Your Interior Temperatures

Many consumers stop to think about color selection when they have a new metal building installed, opting purely for something that they find aesthetically pleasing. However, you can reduce the temperature of your building’s interior if you take the time to think about color.

Light colors are a great way to reflect the heat, but if you are not a fan of the idea of a white exterior then all is not lost. You can also think about the cladding options that are available too. For example, stone and brick works hard to absorb the heat, but they do not transfer it to the building, helping you to keep things cool. They are also a great insulator in winter as they stop the cold from getting through too!

If you love dark colors, then it may be time to think about using them elsewhere. Absorbing a massive 90% of the sun’s heat, these colors will not only make your building hot, but the heat will make it unbearable for you to be inside without paying a lot of money to cool the air. The great news is that when you come to Garage Buildings, we have a number of color options for you to choose from as well as different finishes to suit your style. We are also on hand to advise you on the best options for the climate in your area, giving you a result that you can enjoy without wasting money on energy bills!

Choose Garage Buildings for Your New Clear Span Building

When you are ready to invest in a new, cool, clear span building, you will need to find an expert service that can support your needs. At Garage Buildings, we work hard to create customized solutions for our customers based on tastes, location, and budget.

If you live somewhere that gets seriously hot, we will explain the best materials to pick and explain how they can impact your quality of life as well as your energy bills. The same is true for clients who live in colder or more changeable climates.

Our team has been in business for many years, and we are proud to be a leading supplier of metal buildings to clients across the US. Each of our buildings is designed and pre-fabricated on American soil, and we deliver and install for free too.

Why not take the time to find out how our metal buildings can make your life more comfortable by getting in touch with us at +1 (866) 355-4442. We are here to help and look forward to designing a bespoke solution that works for you!

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