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How to File a Storm Damage Insurance Claim for Your Metal Building
Oct 2022

How to File a Storm Damage Insurance Claim for Your Metal Building

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

While metal buildings are designed to be some of the toughest structures around, occasionally, Mother Nature can still put up a pretty brutal fight. High winds, heavy flooding, snow accumulation, hail, tornados, and even hurricanes can wreak havoc on any man-made structure.

And if a storm has just damaged your building, you’re probably wondering what steps you need to take to file an insurance claim for the damages. And while the process for filing claims can vary depending on the provider, you’ll still need to have everything in order if you hope to recoup your damages.
In this blog, we’ll tackle everything you need to know about filing storm damage insurance claims, including what to look for on your structure, how insurance policies are calculated, and what you can do to maximize your chances of fully recovering from property damage. So let’s dive right in!

The Process for Filing an Insurance Claim

If you suspect that your building has been damaged due to the weather, there are several steps you’ll want to take to ensure your best chances of getting the maximum coverage. Let’s take a look at those below:

1. Document Everything

The first thing you’ll need to do if your building has been damaged is to document everything. As soon as it’s safe to do so, you’ll want to take photos of the damage and take plenty of notes. This means getting as many angles as possible and even several zoomed-in shots that adequately display the extent of the damage.

If you use your metal building for a home office, workshop, or man cave, you’ll also want to take photos of the damage to any personal property.

2. Clean the Space

After taking the necessary photos, you’ll want to clean the damaged site of debris, including glass and broken components.

3. Check Your Policy

The next thing you’ll want to do is check your insurance policy to ensure there aren’t certain exceptions and exclusions to policies for cosmetic damages. For example, you may see exclusions for dents and minor dings on a structure from hail damage. However, some providers won’t pay for damages they deem only to affect the outward appearance of your building.

4. Don’t Wait to File

It’s crucial to report any damage your metal garage has sustained quickly. Unfortunately, many insurance providers place time limits on claims. To avoid issues with time constraints, you’ll want to file your damage claim within 30 days.

5. Complete Claim

Whether you call your insurance provider or submit a claim via an online portal, you’ll want to ensure you are as detailed and descriptive as possible regarding the damage to your structure. This includes specific details regarding the damage and how it occurred.

Why It’s Important to Be Thorough When Submitting Your Claim

Let’s face it. Insurance companies don’t generate their profits by paying out damage claims. And with a growing population and climate change, the number of claims is expected to rise significantly.

And that’s precisely why many insurance providers have developed legal loopholes and caveats in their policy language. Reducing paid claims only serves to minimize their risks and improve profit margins.

Documenting your claim thoroughly is vital to prevent falling victim to metal building insurance loopholes. Provide all the necessary details, including notes, photos, videos, and any validating information you possess. The more documentation, the more likely you’ll receive adequate reimbursements for your structure damage.

How Insurance Is Calculated

In most cases, insurance companies base their rates on the relative risk factors of a structure; The lower the risk factor, the lower the insurance rates. One of the primary considerations will be the structure type, its strength, and how damage resistant the materials are. The age, building size, location, and other safety factors are also considered, but the main calculations will always be based on your structure type.

Most insurance companies will separate building types into six main classifications. These include:

1. Frame

A frame building is any structure constructed with combustible wood or composite materials.

2. Joisted Masonry

Structures classified under this section are comprised of concrete blocks, bricks, or concrete walls with wooden or steel floor joists.

3. Noncombustible

Noncombustible structures are made from slow-burning or noncombustible materials, including those used for floors and roofing.

4. Masonry Noncombustible

This category covers structures built using cinder blocks, poured concrete, and steel framing. As you can imagine, buildings under this category are relatively fire-resistant.

5. Modified Fire-Resistive

This building category is typically reserved for high-rise structures, large retail buildings, and shopping malls. It’s made from noncombustible materials such as concrete and steel but with added fire-safety measures.

6. Fire-Resistive

This category recognizes structures built with advanced fire-resistant capabilities and fire safety measures.

In most cases, small to medium-sized prefab metal buildings fall under the ‘noncombustible’ category. Rates on them tend to be more affordable and can be lowered further by adding extra fireproofing measures to your facility.

Did You Know Insurance Is Cheaper for Steel Buildings?

Believe it or not, carrying insurance on metal carports, metal garages, and steel buildings is more affordable than insurance on a stick-built structure. This comes down to relative safety. Since metal buildings are naturally resistant to many dangers, such as high winds, seismic activity, and fires, the premiums on them are, on average, cheaper than a wooden building.

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