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How to Customize Your Metal Garage
Dec 2022

How to Customize Your Metal Garage

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

Metal Garages

When it comes to customization, few construction types surpass the versatility of custom metal buildings. These structures are the perfect choice for steel garages, workshops, storage buildings, and just about anything else you can think up.

Metal buildings’ flexibility can largely be attributed to their manufacturing methods. Unlike costly wooden structures where the components are built on-site, a steel building is engineered and planned before it ever leaves the manufacturing facility. This speeds up the construction process and allows for an unrivaled level of customization.

If you’ve considered purchasing a metal garage for your next residential or commercial project, you’re in the right place! Below, we’ll discuss these adaptable buildings in greater detail, how they can be customized, and what to look out for when buying yours.

The Best Ways to Customize Steel Garages

When you begin the design process on your custom steel garage, there are many ways it can be customized to your liking. Let’s take a look at just a few ways these structures can be custom-tailored for any style or application.

1. Dimensions

Whether you’re designing a small one-car garage or an enormous industrial structure, steel garages can be built to almost any size or configuration, giving you unrivaled power to make your building your way!

2. Roof Style

When you purchase a metal garage, you’ll choose between several roof styles. These roofing options can vary in aesthetics, price, and environmental capabilities. You’ll be able to pick between:

• Regular Roofs

A regular roof is your standard “carport” style roof, with rounded edges and a modern look. It’s a great economical option but not designed to handle environments with severe weather patterns.

• A-Frame Roofs

An A-frame roof will look more like your traditional residential roof, with overhanging awnings, a sharper roof pitch, and horizontal paneling. It’s a great mid-tier choice that works well in regions that often see high winds but minimal rainfall totals.

• Vertical Roofs

A vertical roofing system is one of the most expensive options, but it provides an unmatched level of longevity and durability for your structure. Unlike the other roofing options that use horizontal paneling, this roofing type utilizes vertically oriented panels. This design makes it easy for snow, leaves, and other debris to fall away from your structure, keeping it in pristine condition longer.

3. Doors

You’ll also be able to add as many doors as you need for your structure. From standard entryway doors to larger roll-up garage doors, you’ll have the options to make your building look and function how you want it.

4. Windows

Windows are a crucial part of any enclosed structure. Not only will they fill your building with tons of natural light, but they also provide an easy source of ventilation. And thanks to the customizability of the steel buildings, you can add as many as your design requires.

5. Color Options

There isn’t much that will change the look of a structure more than its paint scheme. And with over 16 different color options, you’ll have the power to make your building look any way you want! You’ll even be able to choose the colors of your wainscoting and trim, allowing you to craft fantastic, eye-catching color schemes that make your building truly pop!

6. Ventilation

Another vital part of having an enclosed building is ventilation. And luckily, metal buildings are adaptable enough that you can add passive options such as windows or doors, or you can invest in active fans or units to keep your structure’s air quality in top shape.

7. Lean-Tos

If your structure checks all the boxes, but you simply need a bit more storage capacity, lean-tos are a great option. These open covers can be designed as part of a structure or added to an existing one, providing plenty of extra space for covering vehicles, equipment, or supplies.

8. Wainscoting

You wouldn’t believe it, but wainscoting makes a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of a metal garage. And you’ll have carte blanche to add whatever style fits your needs. Choose brick, stone, or wooden wainscoting to change your building’s style dramatically.

Side Entry Garage

Critical Things to Consider When Buying a Steel Garage

We won’t lie; purchasing any type of structure takes a lot of planning, patience, and prep work. And if you’re new to the metal building industry, these steps aren’t exactly spelled out in an easy-to-digest way. So, to make your metal building journey go a bit smoother, we’ve identified some critical things you’ll want to keep in mind when making your purchase.

1. End Use

How do you plan to utilize your metal garage? Will you maintain a vehicle in your structure, or will it be used as a workshop? Knowing ahead of time how you plan to use your building will allow you to make an educated decision about the type of building you need.

2. Dimensions

How big of a structure will you need? You’ll want to take some rudimentary measurements of your installation site to determine how large of a building it can handle. Once you’ve done this, you’ll better understand what size structure will work for your project.

3. Foundations

You’ll be able to choose between several foundation types depending on your needs. For example, you can choose between a standard dirt or gravel foundation, asphalt foundations, or the industry-standard concrete pad.

4. Installation Location

A big part of successfully installing a metal building is choosing the best location. This site will need to be in an area above natural water runoff and near established utilities such as electricity and plumbing. By checking off these boxes, you’ll not only save yourself tons of logistical hassles, but you’ll also save money in the process.

5. Budget

Every building project needs a budget if you expect it to make it to completion. The first step will be to define your financial capabilities and choose a structure that falls within those constraints. A well-developed budget will allow you to account for any extra expenses during construction.

Metal Garage Combo Buildings

Thanks to the adaptability of metal garages, they’re no longer just steel outbuildings that keep your cars and equipment dry. In fact, they can be designed to work in several multi-use configurations.

1. Garage and Carport Combos

This structure offers the best of both worlds- an open cover for protecting your vehicle from the sun and rain and an enclosed structure that gives you an extra layer of protection from the elements. It’s a great option that works for multi-car families and projects requiring exterior and interior structures.

2. Garage and Living Quarters

These structures are so versatile that they can even be finished out to make great garage and living quarter combinations. With a bit of insulation, drywall, and utilities like electricity and plumbing, these buildings can be designed to make great guest houses, apartments, or in-law suites.

3. Garage with Lean-tos

Lean-tos are a tried-and-true way to add a bit of extra storage capacity to any enclosed buildings. These open covers are added to one or two sides of your structure, providing you with the storage space you need for any residential or agricultural endeavor.

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