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How to Create an Extra Living Space with a Metal Shed
Jun 2021

How to Create an Extra Living Space with a Metal Shed

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings, Shed

Metal sheds are being installed or repurposed to create extra living spaces at an increasing rate. “Man caves” and “she sheds” are trendy in popular culture, and many people find metal sheds to be affordable ways to add to their current living space. 

Do you have a metal carport that you’d like to convert into a room? Together, we will learn how to live in steel sheds. We’ll also discover how to convert a current metal structure into a living space, including the costs involved and different ways you can turn your metal structure into the room of your dreams.

The Basics of Converting Your Metal Shed into a Liveable Space

Before you get started with the conversion of your shed, there are some things you’ll need to know. Check out some of the most important things to consider before building the shed of your dreams.

• Insulation and Plumbing 

A working toilet and running water are two essential features for metal sheds, especially if you plan to spend much there. Developing a blueprint of your ideal space layout and getting plumbing installed are required before installing any insulation. 

• Windows and Doors 

Having windows and doors that allow natural light and fresh air into the room is essential for a comfortable living space. It is also possible to install a window air conditioner during the hotter months of the year. 

Installing double-pane windows in your shed can help you save money on heating and cooling your shed, which will reduce the amount of money you’ll have to spend on electricity in the future.

• Light and Electricity 

To use your air conditioner, lamps, laptop, or space heater, you must set up the electricity. Be sure to include how many outlets you’ll need to accommodate the new space when planning your metal shed conversion and mapping out the plumbing. 

To ensure that your shed meets all your needs and is up to code, you should hire an electrician.

• The Permit 

Find out if any zoning restrictions prohibit using a metal building for residential purposes by contacting your local building department and county. Obtain a building permit from your local building department and county.

• Shed Size 

It’s important to consider how large your shed is currently before renovating. Do you plan on including additions to your shed? While you might want to shoot for the moon for your shed renovation, keep your “must-haves” in mind while building. 

A smaller shed can be better suited for office space or a music studio. Oversized metal sheds could be great for a guest suite or even a tiny apartment. No matter what path you decide for your shed conversion, space should be functional, organized, and reflect your personality.

• Energy Efficiency 

Investing in energy-efficient improvements in your metal shed is worthwhile for two big reasons. Firstly, these updates can reduce your costs for utilities and other bills over the long run. Besides reducing your impact on the environment, saving energy at home can help you save money.

• The Interior 

Curating the interior of steel sheds is one of our favorite parts! This is where you can express your personality, tastes, and lifestyle. 

While it can be easy to go overboard with your budget for your interior, it’s better to spend your money on more important factors. Try shopping off-season or discounted décor to help make your shed shine.

How Much Will It Cost to Make a Metal Shed into a Liveable Space

An average shed conversion costs anywhere between $1500 and $30,000. This is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Materials 
  • The cost of labor
  • Fees for professional installation

You should also be aware that the cost of making a shed livable will vary depending on the type of shed you select, either existing or new. The size of the shed isn’t the only important factor to consider; you’ll also want to decide what amenities you wish to have in it.

Trendy Ideas for Redesigning Your Metal Shed

Do you want to take advantage of converting your steel sheds into living spaces but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some popular ideas that you will love!

• Build a Home Office in Your Metal Storage Shed

As more and more businesses offer work-from-home options, setting up an office outside your home can help you maintain some work-life balance. You can keep home and work separately by converting your shed into an office, even if your commute is only to the backyard.

Consider the locations of the outlets when planning your office furniture, so you will know exactly where the outlets are – ideally near a window with natural light. You can have a productive day while never leaving your property by setting the mood with a comfortable chair, a rug, and a plant.

• Transform Your Steel Shed Into a Classroom

It is essential to have a separate room for schooling as much as a separate office for work. You can convert a shed into a classroom for fun learning, regardless of whether you’re home-schooling by choice or necessity.

It is possible to design a unique workspace based on the level and interest of each home-schooler, depending on how many you have. With bean bags and soft rugs, create a mini-library, dedicate one corner for art, and use a kid-friendly storage solution to switch out different activities for each lesson.

• Make Your Shed a “She Shed”

Convert your space into a “she shed” for those times when you need to getaway. Choosing how to build a “she shed” depends on your personality and your hobbies. 

Do you enjoy reading? You can turn your shed into a mini-library by putting some familiar books and those you’d like to read. Do you have an artistic flair? Set up the easel and canvas. In addition to reflecting your interests, she shed is where you store all your treasures.

• Build a Guest Bedroom in a Metal Shed

Do you have friends and family visiting your home during the holidays or at any other time? A shed guest house is an ideal solution. To get started on this project, check with your local municipality to determine what’s allowed in your backyard and whether a permit is needed. Depending on the local laws, a fully furnished guesthouse with utilities may not be permitted.

Other amenities to consider are a nightstand by the bed, a clothing and toiletries storage solution, a TV, and a mini-fridge.

Still Need Help? Call Today!

In the blog above, we covered the essential points of creating an extra living space with metal sheds. If you still have questions or aren’t sure where to start, call Garage Buildings today at +1 (888) 234-0475! Our friendly customer service agents would love to answer any questions you may have or show you all our customizable options.

We are an established metal building dealer who is industry-preferred and can get your shed converted in no time. Not only that, but you can take advantage of the quickest delivery and best lead times in the business.

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