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Are You Getting The Best Tubular Steel Possible?
Feb 2017

Are You Getting The Best Tubular Steel Possible?

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings, Steel

12 Gauge and 14 Gauge Steel

Don’t Be Fooled By Cheaper Products not up to the quality standard Garage Buildings offers.  Many competitors will try to sell you aluminum or 16 gauge steel which is not suitable for high wind and snow load areas.  Our company provides 12 Gauge and 14 Gauge steel which is meant to withstand snow and wind loads in areas all across the United States.

14 Gauge Steel

Garage Building 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel is the standard for all of our metal buildings.  14 Gauge has been shown to hold up for many years in areas with low wind or snow requirements.  Our steel also resists rust and is easily maintained with the special coating we place on the metal.

12 Gauge Steel

12 Gauge is even stronger and is provided as an upgrade for customers looking to ensure the longevity and strength of the building.  We also provide an extended warranty for free with buildings that have a 12 Gauge upgrade package.  For more information related to our 12 Gauge options, please contact a Garage Building Design specialists for more information.

Why Do Other Companies Try to sell Sub Par Steel Buildings?

The main reason is they can not compete with the price of our buildings and also provide free delivery and install.  So companies will cut corners in both safety and quality to try to beat our pricing.  If you are not sure if a company is trying to undercut you, contact one of our building specialists to discuss a price match review.  We will go over your competitors quote with you and ensure you are receiving a quality building.  If in the event someone has beat us we will price match the building and beat the price!

Does Garage Buildings offer stronger steel?

Yes, we have a division that specializes in red iron steel, that has a record of withstanding earthquakes and extreme weather.  These building are different than our standard tubular steel.  If you have questions about a building that may require extreme weather conditions.  Please contact Garage Buildings and ask for our Safeway Steel Division.  They can assist you with any questions regarding heavy grade commercial and industrial steel.

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