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Details on Delivery...
Jul 2018

Details on Delivery...

Fast Delivery

One of our frequently asked questions is, “What is the delivery process?”

Once you place your order with Garage Buildings we send the order over to our factory. Once the factory receives the order they review it and if there are any questions they will then contact you directly for any clarification they may need prior to the start of production. After they review the order and make it final they will then send it to fabrication. This is the ideal time for you (if you haven’t already) to address the site where your structure will go. You must ensure that the site is both level and also prepped for any weight loads in respect for what the inside of the structure will be used for. Whether it be dirt, concrete, gravel, grass, asphalt…the ground but be leveled for installation or the delivery and install cannot occur. If you are unfamiliar with how to level the ground we encourage you to contact a local contractor to have them prepare the ground to guarantee that it will be suitable for a structure.

The delivery time from varies from both state-to-state as well as the specific area that you will have it erected in. The more remote the area, typically, the longer it will take to get the delivery to you. But generally speaking, our mills tend to get structures to customers in a 4-6week window with 6weeks being the average.

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