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Cool Metal Roofs - An essential element in energy-efficient metal buildings
Jun 2020

Cool Metal Roofs - An essential element in energy-efficient metal buildings

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings, Steel

No, cool metal roofs don’t wear sunglasses and jam out to the classic rock. While this term may bring this and other funny images to mind, cool metal roofs are actually incredibly innovative technology that helps make metal buildings more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than ever before.

If you are attempting to maximize your energy-efficiency and save the planet, a cool roof is an essential part of your building. If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading. You’ll be shocked to discover the unique properties of cool metal roofs and how they can coexist with the other tremendous benefits of metal buildings.

What Exactly is a Cool Metal Roof?

Every steel building needs a roof, and a cool metal roof is often the way to go. More than just a catchy name, these roofs have three innate properties that differentiate them from a regular metal building roof.

  • Emissivity – Rather than just reflecting heat, cool roofs actually emit heat that they do absorb from the sun. This helps keep the temperature inside the building better regulated.
  • Reflectivity – Cool metal building roofs also feature a high degree of reflectivity, meaning they reflect a large amount of the heat directed toward the roof from the sun.
  • Urban Heat Island – In urban environments, heat is often absorbed by then radiated from asphalt and similar materials. Thanks to their emissive properties, cool metal roofs are largely unaffected by this.

Types of Metal Roofs

When purchasing a metal building, you have the choice of three roof styles, each with properties that make it unique. Each of these roof styles can act as a cool roof, meaning that your options are not limited when you choose energy efficiency.

  • Regular Roof–For the budget-conscious and those living in temperate climates, regular roofs are a fantastic option. They are the most affordable design on the market thanks to their streamlined manufacturing and easy installation.
  • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – By incorporating additional framing, bracing, and eaves, A-frame horizontal roofs establish themselves as strong, more weather-resistant versions of regular roofs.
  • Vertical Roof – If your climate features extreme weather and demands for exceptional strength, look no further than the strongest roof style on the market. Vertical roofs replace the horizontal paneling of their counterparts with vertical paneling, vastly improving strength.

Benefits of a Cool Metal Roof

No matter what application you plan to use your building for, a cool metal roof brings many benefits to the table. Many of these are in conjunction with common metal roof advantages, giving cool metal building roofs an even greater advantage.

  • Durability – Steel buildings get much of their strength from their roofs. Because they are made of steel, cool metal roofs provide incredible durability for the roof itself and the building overall.
  • Low Weight – Despite their impressive strength and durability, cool metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight. This is beneficial for several reasons, including installation purposes.
  • Fire-Resistance – Steel is naturally fire-resistant, especially when compared to more traditional construction materials. This gives you peace-of-mind and one less thing to worry about when using your metal building.
  • Aesthetics – No matter which roof style you choose, your cool metal building roof is sure to be aesthetically pleasing. Curb appeal isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it sure doesn’t hurt!
  • Wind and Snow Resistance – The strength of your metal building and its cool metal roof is not just a bragging point, it’s a vital attribute that helps your building stand strong in the face of inclement weather. Whether your area sees strong winds and heavy snowfall regularly, or you want to be prepared for the rare chance it does on occasion, a cool metal building roof is a fantastic investment.

Cool Metal Roofs from Garage Buildings

From saving money by reducing your energy bill to helping the Earth have a more sustainable future, cool roofs are a win-win for anyone building a steel building. If you want the highest-quality metal building in the industry with the best customer support, turn to Garage Buildings.

For more information, a quote on your custom metal building, or to place an order, simply call Garage Buildings today on +1 (888) 234-0475. Experienced experts are standing by to help guide you toward your next great building investment.

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