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The Best Garage Door Openers You Can Buy
Jan 2021

The Best Garage Door Openers You Can Buy

Garage door openers may appear to be a luxury item that you can live without, or you may even believe that having an automatic garage door solution is lazy. This is a typical thought process that will last until the day comes that you are on your way home in a storm and have to jump out of the car to get the garage open! Trust us, when this happens a couple of times, you will be desperate to install the best garage door opener that you can find!

Once you have invested in the right opener, you will wonder why it took you so long to purchase! The upside to having waited to get yours fitted is that you will get to enjoy the latest technology, resulting in a safe and simple operation when you want to get in and out of your garage.

To help you find the best garage door openers, we have found the five best that are currently on the market so that you can buy with confidence, read on to find out more about these fantastic products.

Chamberlain WD832KEV
Chamberlain WD832KEV

Our Choice – Chamberlain WD832KEV – The Best Garage Door Opener

Why we love it: Not only does this garage door work seamlessly, but it does also so quietly and without any fuss, making it an intelligent choice for anyone that wants a functional garage door option.

When we say zero fuss, we mean it. With the Chamberlain WD832KEV, you can look forward to quick and simple installation and power-saving technology so that your energy bills do not go through the roof. You can also look forward to the timer function that can be set to close your garage door either after one minute, five, or ten minutes so that you will never have to worry about security again.

The garage door comes with a smartphone app that you can use to operate the door. There is also a whisper feature that will help you to ensure a virtually silent open and close when you are leaving the garage late or early.

However, it is important to note that this door will only work with garage doors that are a maximum of 7ft high, meaning that if yours is taller, you will have to invest in an extension kit. Also, this opener is not great if you have solid steel or wooden doors because the ½ horsepower motor will not be able to handle the weight.

If you want a budget-friendly, quiet, and reliable garage door opener, then this one is hard to beat!

Ryobi Ultra Quiet
Ryobi Ultra Quiet

Best for Versatility – Ryobi Ultra Quiet

Not only is this door seriously quiet, but you can also use it to charge your Ryobi 18v battery packs, too, meaning you will always be tooled up and ready to go!

Unless you have been living in a cave, you will have seen the distinctive green colored power tools that are dominating the market at the moment. And, the great news is that they have now released a DIY roll-up garage opener that you can install with ease.

Interestingly this opener is the same green color as other Ryobi products, so you will need to be willing to have something that noticeable in your garage! However, it is well worth the compromise when you consider that you will get access to a high-performance motor and a range of other features that are sure to impress.

Not only can you charge your Ryobi power packs, but you can also plug a Bluetooth speaker in or any other appliance that you may want to use in the garage. If you experience a power cut, your 18v battery is also capable of powering the garage doors, so that you can still get out and about when you wait for the power to come back on.

The only issue that may occur is that if your safety sensors are not working correctly, the door may not close fully. However, this is not a common issue, and buying one of these versatile doors is still a great idea.

Chamberlain B970
Chamberlain B970

The Best Heavy Duty Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door – Chamberlain B970

If you have a commercial property or heavy garage doors and need a garage door opener that can handle the weight, then the Chamberlain B970 is an excellent choice. With a 1.25 horse powered motor, you can install it with confidence on any size or weight door because it is a belt-driven and will produce a quieter finish than most heavy-duty options.

When it comes to powering up, you do not need to worry about power cuts because there is a battery backup system that will kick in. There are other great features that are included, such as the ability to power it through your smartphone and a long-distance opening capability, so that you do not have to hang around waiting for the doors to move when you just want to get in.

If you are concerned about safety, then the Chamberlain B970 is a great choice because it has a feature that allows you to use encryption to stop anyone from hacking into your garage.

This commercial roll-up garage door opener is a great choice and will keep your heavy garage doors moving when you need them to.

Chamberlain B730
Chamberlain B730

The Best Choice for Technology Lovers – Chamberlain B730

If you are a self-confessed technology lover, then you are sure to want a garage door opener that can fit with your need to be up to date! However, when you invest in the Chamberlain B730, you will need to prepare yourself for a more expensive price tag than with less technologically advanced options.

With a ¾ horsepower motor and a reinforced steel belt drive, this machine will go to work for you and then some! Plus, if your power fails, you can turn to the battery backup to keep you going until it comes back on.

This opener can be operated through a mobile companion app and can be set to close automatically after a set period of time so that you are never left with a security risk. On top of that, there is also a motion detector that will switch on your lights if there is a motion detected. Not only is this opener safe, but it can be personalized too! You can set your opening and closing settings for each individual user, giving you the ability to use it in the best way for you.

When it comes to keeping the peace, this opener is great when you have a room above your garage as it runs quietly and smoothly without any issues at all. All in all, this simple to install opener is a great choice and well worth the additional cost if you want to enjoy the advanced technological features.

Genie 1035V

Best for Budget-Conscious Consumers – Genie 1035V

If you are on a budget but need a new garage door opener, then the Genie 1035V is an excellent option, although it is not the most technologically advanced option.

If you have been searching for an opener for a while, then you will be well aware that they cost a fair amount of money to buy. This can actually end up causing you to not get one even when you need one. The Genie 1035-V comes with an accessible price and produces decent results so that your garage door can lift and shut with ease.

One of the perks of it not offering all the bells and whistles is that it is seriously easy to install and is a lightweight option perfect for garage doors that are up to seven feet high. A cheap, lightweight, and trustworthy choice – get it if you are on a budget!

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener for You

If you are not a pro when it comes to selecting the right door opener for your needs, then do not despair. Take a moment to check out the motor types that you need to look out for so that you can buy with confidence:

Chain Drive Motor – this is possibly one of the most common types of motors and has been available to consumers for a long time. The door mechanism is run via a metal chain, and while it can be noisy, it is a cheaper option for those on a budget.

Belt Drive Motor – this type of motor is run with a rubber belt that lifts and lowers the doors efficiently. This type of motor is popular with people that are looking for a quiet option when they do not want to disturb others while leaving or returning.

Screw Drive Motor – if you want a low maintenance option, then a screw drive motor may be perfect for you. It works via a threaded rod and can be used with wide and heavy doors too. Whilst it is not silent, the screw drive motor does run pretty quietly too.

Direct Drive Motor – this motor uses fewer moving parts when it runs as the motor itself moves when it comes to opening and closing the doors. It also offers quiet delivery, and there is less vibration, so it is unlikely to disturb others when in use.

Things to Look Out for When Purchasing

Now you understand the different types of motor, we want to give you some clear advice on the features that you should be looking out for before you part with your cash:

Emergency Battery – if you have a power cut and need to get out of your house, then a battery backup system will allow your garage doors to still open and close. This is an important safety feature and will stop you from having to potentially break your opener to get your vehicle out.

Decent Horsepower – when it comes to choosing an opener, take some time to find the best Horsepower in your budget range so that you can enjoy quicker opening and better responsiveness every time you head in or out of your garage.

Security Features – Choosing a device that provides encryption means that your security codes will be harder to hack, and your garage will be safer. Plus, there are many options that come with security lighting that are motion sensors.

Automatic Closure – if you are forgetful or find that life is busy, then automatic closures are a great way to give you peace of mind. They can typically be set for one, five, or ten minutes after the garage has been opened and will close so that you do not have to worry about your things being unsecured.

Companion App – if your smartphone goes everywhere with you, then getting an opener that has a companion app will let you access a range of features for ease of use. Every app is different, but you should expect to be able to open and close your garage at the press of a button and much more.

Treat Your Garage Opener to a Top-Quality Metal Garage

If you are in the market for a garage opener, then why not upgrade your whole system and invest in a metal garage building too? Take a look at the main reasons why a metal garage is the best choice below:

  • Cost-Effectivemetal garages are one of the most cost-effective choices on the market as well as the best quality. This is because they are prefabricated from steel, which is fully recyclable and easy to get hold of.
  • Quick Assembly – metal garages come ready for installation, and the only preparation you need to do is to level the ground where it will sit and install a concrete base to fix it on.
  • Durability when you choose a metal garage, you can look forward to over 25 years of rust-free use that can be extended further if you carefully look after and maintain the building.
  • Fully-Customizable – no matter the size of the building you want or the layout, you can customize your new metal garage with ease. Simply let us know what you need, and we can produce the finish that suits you the best.
  • Less Maintenance – maintaining a metal garage is not difficult as it does not require annual painting, sanding, or pointing. In fact, all you need to do is check for any signs of leaks and fix them to enjoy the longest life from your new build.
  • 100% Recyclable – when you are ready to get rid of your metal building, you can do so without worrying too much about the environment as it is 100% recyclable and can be repurposed even after many years of use.
  • Fire Resistant – choosing the safest option is a common requirement for consumers, and steel is the obvious choice because it does not burn, and it resists fires, stopping them from spreading and causing devastation.

Let Garage Buildings Provide You with the Best Metal Garages

If you are keen to install a metal garage, then Garage Buildings is here to help. Our extensive knowledge in this area means that we can find you the perfect solution and having it up and running in hardly any time.

We take great pride in offering the best customer experience and will ensure that your new building arrives on time at an address of your choice.

Not only are our team is qualified to design the metal garage that you need, but we will see your project through from initial designs to completion – call us today at +1 (888) 234-0475 to get started.

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