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Metal Garages By Garage Buildings provide the perfect Detached Garage you have been looking for.  Need extra space?  Purchased A New Car? Need a Workshop?  The options are endless for what you can do with our Steel Garages. The Customizations are endless and we always build to your exact dimensions.


  • Free Delivery and Install
  • Can Be Certified to meet snow and wind loads
  • 14 and 12 Gauge available or opt for Commercial Steel.

Huge Array Of Metal Garage Color Options

The first consideration of prefab steel garage colors is that they can be painted for a custom color, although the downside of such an option is that once painted, they have to be repainted as part of a routine maintenance schedule. Fortunately, there are enough color options to meet most people’s needs whether they have a favorite color or want to match existing buildings on the property. White and several tones of off-white are available. Traditional barn red is always nice looking, and other shades of bright red, crimson, and scarlet can draw attention or blend in with the surrounding architecture. Various shades of light and dark greens or tans and browns offer a timeless subtle appeal.

Your garage colors are fully customized to your needs.  Everything from TrimSide WallsEnd Wallsand more can all be painted to how you expect your building to look. For more options on colors feel free to contact us directly at +1 (888) 234-0475.

4 Garage Roof Styles for Strength and Versatility.

Not every metal roof is made the same.  Garage Buildings prides itself on insuring you have the best roof options available for your area.  Not only do our different roof styles save you money, they can also be certified for heavy wind and snowCALL TODAY to start discussing your roof options.

Regular Style Roof

Regular Roof Style

The Standard Metal Garage Roof is all metal.  We use this roof for all base models of our metal garages for the most cost savings.  This roof may not be available in all areas or building sizes.  Please CALL to see if your area qualifies for this style roof.

Horizontal Metal Roof

Boxed Eave Metal Roof

The Most Popular Roof Style for metal garages.  It is available in a majority of areas.  Perfect for a traditional looking Metal Roof design. Sheds water and snow easily, while helping improve the aerodynamics of the building.

Vertical Metal Roof

Vertical Metal Roof Style

Our Vertical Roof design is available in all areas.  Providing the highest resistance to wind and snow loads.  The Unique Gravity pulling load reduction roof system easily sheds snow and water helping prevent leakage and insuring the strongest roof style.

Lean-To Metal Roof

Lean To Style Metal Roof

Use Primarily for small spaces and sheds, this roof style can be combined with any of the three other roof styles for your area but at a single slope. Creating a truly unique structure that looks great and provides a functional design.

Metal garages are specialty buildings designed to store and protect cars from the weather and potential theft. Steel garage buildings can be built to any size and shape according to the needs of the end user and number of cars they own or plan to own in the future.

Steel Garages Options

One of the nice aspects of steel garages is that because they start with a modular design which allows for easy customization for specific projects, they can be built to various sizes according to the needs of the owner. Prefab garage kits are an economical way to install a garage, as they can be assembled by an in-house team from the manufacturer, a private contractor, or in some cases by the homeowner who has an aptitude for building projects.

  • One Car Garages are perfect for a small lot when the owner needs space to park a car.
  • Two Car Garages offer the versatility of extra space when the homeowners have two cars they want to park out of the weather.
  • Three Car Garages add more versatility with space for several cars such as the larger family that has three or more cars.

Application of Metal Garages

Metal garage buildings are well-known for their versatility and value whether at a person’s private residence, on a farm, or as additional work and storage space for a commercial enterprise. Garage buildings have more functions than just storing cars. Prefab steel garage kits go up easily comparative to traditional building methods and provide an open space which really has few limitations other than the creativity of the owner and the usage.

Garage Buildings Prices

Traditional building prices see a lot of variants according to local building code and weather requirements, customized designs, or any other considerations toward their intended use, and steel garages prices are no different. With that said, a ballpark figure for typical two-car garages of about 450-500 square feet is a little under $7,000 on sale. That price includes materials and installation, the price is negotiable for a do-it-yourselfer or someone who wants to hire their own contractor to erect the building.

Benefits and Advantages of Metal Garages

  • Low Construction Costs make steel garages the best “bang for your buck” of design styles, as they offer all the benefits of traditional building styles in a more economical package.
  • Versatility is a huge advantage of steel garages, as they are easily usable for parking cars every night, storage and warehouse space, or as a functioning shop area.
  • Low maintenance is an appealing aspect of metal garages as there really aren’t any maintenance needs once properly installed other than perhaps pressure washing the structure as needed.
  • Budget-Friendly refers to how inexpensive a metal building is compared to other building styles while providing the same functions.
  • Building Accuracy is an absolute with prefab metal buildings and steel garages because the design is executed in a shop leaving no room for cutting corners or taking shortcuts during assembly.
  • Energy Savings apply when metal garages are properly installed and insulated, as they are economical to heat and cool as needed.

Garage Buildings is the Ideal Choice to Buy Metal Garages

At Garage Buildings, we offer metal garages at competitive prices and are prepared to sell, deliver, and install a metal building anywhere in the country. Our reputation is spotless, our online portfolio proves our experience and dedication, and our representatives are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.

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