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Custom Metal Garages For Any Project

Metal Garages By Garage Buildings provide the perfect Detached Garage you have been looking for.  Need extra space?  Purchased A New Car? Need a Workshop?  The options are endless for what you can do with our Steel Garages. The Customizations are endless and we always build to your exact dimensions.


  • Free Delivery and Install
  • Can Be Certified to meet snow and wind loads
  • 14 and 12 Gauge available or opt for Commercial Steel.

Huge Array Of Metal Garage Color Options

Your garage colors are fully customized to your needs.  Everything from TrimSide WallsEnd Wallsand more can all be painted to how you expect your building to look. For more options on colors feel free to contact us directly at +1 (888) 234-0475.

4 Garage Roof Styles for Strength and Versatility.

Not every metal roof is made the same.  Garage Buildings prides itself on insuring you have the best roof options available for your area.  Not only do our different roof styles save you money, they can also be certified for heavy wind and snowCALL TODAY to start discussing your roof options.

Regular Style Roof

Garage Buildings

The Standard Metal Garage Roof is all metal.  We use this roof for all base models of our metal garages for the most cost savings.  This roof may not be available in all areas or building sizes.  Please CALL to see if your area qualifies for this style roof.

Horizontal Metal Roof

Garage Buildings

The Most Popular Roof Style for metal garages.  It is available in a majority of areas.  Perfect for a traditional looking Metal Roof design. Sheds water and snow easily, while helping improve the aerodynamics of the building.

Vertical Metal Roof

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Our Vertical Roof design is available in all areas.  Providing the highest resistance to wind and snow loads.  The Unique Gravity pulling load reduction roof system easily sheds snow and water helping prevent leakage and insuring the strongest roof style.

Lean-To Metal Roof

Garage Buildings

Use Primarily for small spaces and sheds, this roof style can be combined with any of the three other roof styles for your area but at a single slope. Creating a truly unique structure that looks great and provides a functional design.

Popular Metal Garages Purchased

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