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Top Quality Custom Metal Garages

The first choice in quality metal garages is Garage Buildings, combining the best in metal building expertise with top-notch customer service.

A prefab metal garage can give you the extra space you need for a vehicle, for additional storage, or to serve as a workshop.

Working with our qualified and trained Building Specialists, your choices for customizing your new metal garage are endless. As a dealer of the highest quality steel garage buildings, we will build to your precise dimensions.

As well, we offer:

  • Free Delivery and Installation
  • Choice of 14 gauge or 12-gauge steel
  • Certification to the snow and wind conditions in your local area

Steel Garage Customization

Garage Buildings offer buildings based on the modular designs, allowing for customization for your specific project. You choose the size and design, and we make it happen.

Prefab garage kits are economical and functional, and with our on-time delivery and team of installers, you can have the garage you need in no time.

  • One Car Garages are an ideal size for a small lot, or for homeowners who have only one vehicle. Work with us to ensure space for entering and exiting the vehicle too.
  • Two Car Garages add extra space for a second vehicle, for guests to park, or for storing boats, lawn tractors or other items along with a car.
  • Three Car Garages are even more versatile, allowing for extra space for a large family. It’s also ideal to plan for the future, in case another vehicle is eventually purchased, or to have room for recreational vehicles or a workshop in addition to parking a car.

Color Options for Your Metal Garage

There are over 15 color options to choose from for your new prefab metal garage. Garage Buildings can customize the wall colors, including side and end walls, and the trim. Have your metal garage painted the way you want it to look. Match your home color or your other outbuildings or choose a neutral shade that will blend with anything.

Opt for your favorite color or consider traditional barn red, a popular and attractive look. White and several tones of off-white are also available. You can choose to either draw attention with your color option or blend in with the surroundings. Traditional garage colors such as shades of light and dark greens or tans and browns are also appealing.

To discuss your color choices, call our Building Specialists at +1 (888) 234-0475.

Roof Styles Provide Versatility and Strength

Our professional Building Specialists will also work with you to ensure you make the ideal roof choice for your area. We can certify for heavy snow, wind, and other local weather conditions that will impact your choice. The style of the roof is also an individual preference. Garage Buildings has all the top options available for your area.

  • Regular Roof Style: The regular roof style has horizontal panels with rounded sides. It’s the base model and provides the most cost savings, but it may not be ideal for every location. After all, the weather also impacts roof choices. Our Design Consultants will work with you to determine if this style is the choice for you.
  • Horizontal Metal Roof: This is the most popular choice of roof style for steel garages. It’s an A-frame horizontal style that provides a traditional-looking metal design and is available in most areas. It also provides good aerodynamics in windy conditions and is good for heavy rain and snow, which slide off it relatively easily. This is also a good choice for those wanting to match an existing building on the property, as this option makes that easy and affordable.
  • Vertical Metal Roof: This style provides the best resistance to high winds and heavy snow and is available in all areas. This style is an A-frame roof design with a six-inch overhang on the ends. The vertical roof is the strongest roof style, and it guards against leakage with a load reduction system that ensures leaves, rain, and snow don’t collect on the roof. That’s because it has roof sheeting that runs up and down, which allows moisture to run off the roof. It also has bracing attached under the roof, adding extra strength.

Metal Garages Are Versatile and Useful

There are so many uses for a metal garage building that you’ll wonder what you ever did before you purchased one. They’re ideal for property owners who simply want to park a vehicle out of the elements, whatever the local climate. A steel garage provides protection from damaging sun in hot weather and from rain and snow in inclement weather.

In fact, metal garages are specialty buildings designed to store and protect vehicles and other items from the weather and potential theft. Steel garage buildings can be built to any size and shape according to the needs of the end-user and the number of vehicles they own or plan to own in the future.

On a farm, a prefab metal garage adds workshop space, room for smaller implements like lawn tractors, or for a spot for the family vehicle to be parked away from the farm vehicles. A metal garage is also useful for a commercial enterprise, such as a landscape business.

The uses are really as vast as the imagination of the property owner, and Garage Buildings can make space work for your specific needs.

Metal Garage Prices

There are variables when it comes to determining the price of a new metal garage building. That includes local building codes, local weather requirements, any type of customized design, and other considerations about the intended use of the building.

A good estimate for a standard two-car garage of about 500 square feet is about $7,000. This estimate includes materials and installation. Of course, you have the option of installing it yourself or hiring your own contractor, which can impact your end price.

Why You Need a Metal Garage

There are many benefits and advantages to choosing a metal garage building from Garage Buildings:

  • A prefab metal garage offers all the benefits of a traditional garage package at a more economical price.
  • Steel garages are attractive and versatile, as they are ideal for so many uses. Park your car, use it for storage, or build a workshop in it. Or do all three.
  • Once installed, steel garages have low maintenance needs. You may want to pressure wash the structure once in a while, but there isn’t any need for regular maintenance as there can be with wood structures.
  • Compared to other types of structures, a metal garage building is relatively inexpensive and, therefore, budget-friendly for every type of property owner.
  • Your garage will be exactly as you planned it. That’s because it’s designed in a shop, to your specifications, and then installed on your property just as it was designed. There’s no cutting corners or changing plans on the fly.
  • Metal garage buildings are economical to both heat and cool as needed, meaning energy savings down the road for the property owner.

Garage Buildings is Your Top Choice for a Metal Garage

If you’re ready to purchase a metal garage, Garage Buildings is ready to work with you to get the ideal structure for your needs.

Garage Buildings has an A-plus rating in customer service with the Better Business Bureau. Our on-time delivery and metal building expertise means you’ll get a top-quality structure when you want it. As a dealer of the highest quality steel buildings, we have qualified and trained Building Specialists who will work with you to pick the best metal garage for your property.

Contact Garage Buildings today on +1 (888) 234-0475 to get the best metal garage at a competitive price, backed by quality customer service and satisfaction.