Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings
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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Metal buildings have been gradually gaining prominence within the construction industry – and for a good reason. Not only do they deliver increased security, but they also allow easy maintenance and usage.

Even back in 2016, the construction industry was the single-biggest user of metal, with more than 40 million tons of metal being used each year. A number that has only increased since then.

Compared to conventional wooden structures, metal buildings provide enhanced durability and affordability, which has boosted the rise in demand for such metal structures.

Garage Buildings has been a leader in the metal building industry, providing high-quality services to various customers across the country. With vast experience and invaluable expertise, we continue to deliver exemplary services when it comes to metal buildings.


Metal Building Types

Metal buildings can be molded to suit different purposes, whether residential or commercial. This is why different types of metal buildings exist. Here’s a list of the most well-known sorts of metal structures:

Agricultural Metal Buildings

Farmers and ranchers need a durable construction material that can cater to their needs. From providing shelter to their livestock to safeguarding their crop harvest and more, our metal buildings provide additional durability against uncertain weather conditions that can adversely affect the farmers.
With ample ventilation and sufficient storage space, we ensure that our clients from the agricultural sector benefit from our industry expertise.

Commercial Metal Buildings

A commercial metal building is more than just a place to work; it reflects your corporate image to the outside world. With unparalleled design flexibility and structural feasibility, metal buildings are now commonly used in the commercial construction sector.
With higher efficiency and environmentally friendly construction, Garage Buildings provide a wide range of commercial metal buildings:

  • Office
  • Retail shops
  • Auto dealerships
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Aviation hangars


Clear Span Metal Buildings

As the name implies, clear span buildings are column-free structures that make for excellent warehouses. If you are looking for wide and open interior spaces, clear span buildings make a perfect choice.
Our highly qualified design consultants allow us to provide spacious, clear span buildings that feature high structural strength. Our clearspan buildings serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Workshops
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Large garages
  • RV carports
  • Truck and bus carports

Custom Metal Buildings

Every customer is unique, which is why at Garage Buildings, we understand the importance of custom buildings that are especially built to fulfill all your needs. Our A+ BBB rated customer service is proof that our custom metal buildings are made exactly as you want.

From finalizing your structure dimension to any design innovations, Garage Buildings accommodate all of your ideas to ensure your structure reflects what you had in mind.


Metal Sheds

Sheds are utilized for a wide variety of purposes. However, conventional wooden sheds are susceptible to wear-and-tear and deterioration.
This is where metal sheds come in. Metal sheds provide the strength and durability that ensures the safety of whatever you keep in the shed. Garage Buildings specialize in high-quality metal sheds that utilize a heavy gauge metal and deploy a durable protective coating.
Here are some applications of our metal sheds:

  • Equipment storage
  • She sheds and man caves
  • Commercial facilities
  • Gardening sheds
  • Greenhouses
  • Utility storage

Storage Buildings

metal makes for the perfect storage building material due to several reasons – it is easily re-locatable due to its light yet sturdy frame which holds up well. Secondly, galvanized metal offers natural protection against pests and moisture that can harm your stored goods.

Garage Buildings has garnered a reputation for providing high-quality metal framed storage buildings that are delivered right on time.

Metal Building Roof Styles

Just like different metal structures, there are different roof styles available to buyers. Each roof style comes with its own unique set of benefits. Here’s a rundown of the most popular roof styles:

Regular Roof Style Metal Buildings

One of the most common roofs, the regular roof style is a popular one as it is cost-effective and blends well with most structures. Additionally, it is also durable as it requires little to no maintenance for an extended period of time.

The front to back metal panel orientation may make it prone to some debris, which is why it is recommended for places that experience a fair climate all year round.

A-Frame Horizontal (Boxed Eave) Roof Style Metal Buildings

Also referred to as boxed eave roofs, A-frame roofs resemble a home roof. The only dissimilarity is that rather than the panels being installed vertically, they are installed horizontally.

Our boxed eave metal roof styles have no hat channel or ridge cap, and the ends feature a small L-trim design. Devoid of curves, the boxed eave design makes for an aesthetic choice. However, the detailed metal cutting involved may affect the final price.

Typically, A-Frame roofs work well in places with moderate weather.

Vertical Roof Style Metal Buildings

Vertical roof styles get their name from their panel orientation, which is placed from the ridge all the way down to the eave side.
The unique thing about vertical roof styles is the solid metal framing they feature. Additionally, they also feature a hat channel that extends the entire length of the underside. The hat channel is installed to add more rigidity by supporting the channels.

For extreme weather conditions that feature dense snowfall or torrid rains, vertical panels make for an excellent choice as their sturdy design can endure weight as well as high winds.

Size, Design and Color Customization

Garage Buildings is dedicated to allowing customers to build their dream metal structure – regardless of the size, design, and color specifications that you desire.

Metal Building Sizes

Our standard metal buildings feature a base structure that measures 12 feet (width) x 21 feet (length). However, when it comes to customizing your metal structure size, nothing is set in stone.

Garage Buildings offer customers the option of building a steel structure beyond the standard size.

Width –Typically, the width of a steel structure is around the 12 feet wide benchmark. Customers have the option of upgrading to an 18 feet wide structure. However, keep in mind that there is no limit, if you need an even wider structure, you have the option of adding to the width in standard 2 feet increments.

Length – The length can also be customized to meet your needs, with 4 to 5 feet increments. However, there is no standard increment size as it is dependent on the ‘centers’ of the structure, which differ with each project.

Height – At Garage Buildings, a few of the metal structures that we provide come with a 6 feet high design that is popular among the industry.
Having said that, we can easily add to the height of your structure; giving you complete control over the customization of your metal building.

Metal Building Designs

The purpose of your steel building will impact the design. Choose from different roof styles and framing options to finalize what design will best suit your metal structure.

Metal Building Colors

The color of your steel building gives it a unique identity, which is why Garage Buildings allow customers to choose among a plethora of color and styling options.

Our experts can add a unique design element to your structures by metal wainscoting your walls. In addition to amplifying the texture and appeal of your metal building, it also allows our designers to create beautiful accents that strike a chord.

Furthermore, metal wainscoting is much more economical than the conventional wooden one; offering a greater degree of energy efficiency and protection against moisture and insects.

Coupled with two-tone color options, Garage Buildings allow clients to customize their structure’s color scheme without compromising on style.

Metal Building Installation

Garage Buildings name is synonymous with excellent customer service – and this involves a quick and reliable installation procedure.
Driven by a team of industry veterans, our services include expert consultation to identify the prime location for the structure, as well as handle its installation.

Having assisted in the installation of hundreds of buildings across the country, Garage Buildings work with experienced crews who have perfected the art of safe and sound installation, which allows our customers to rest assured about the quality of our work.

Want to install it yourself? Don’t worry! Garage Buildings offer exclusive discount for DIY enthusiasts. Avail up to 5% discount if you want to install your metal building yourself!

Buy The Best Metal Building In America

We are fully committed to offering customers with a pleasant experience – and this means ensuring every aspect of the metal building process is held to the highest standard possible to ensure nothing but the highest quality.

From consulting on which type of metal building best suits your need to finalizing the color tone of your steel building – Garage Buildings will provide you with industry-leading expertise at every step of the way.

The ability to offer such a wide degree of customization and the guarantee of on-time delivery is what separates us from the rest.
Speak to our building specialist if you are ready to get started on your metal building today. Call us now on +1 (888) 234-0475.

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