Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings
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In today’s world with modern technology, steel buildings which used to be associated with commercial and industrial use can look great and perform a variety of functions at home, work, or on the farm. There are a number of metal building styles to serve the most basic of storage functions, provide elaborate office space, or allow for a functioning work or shop area.


Types of Metal Buildings

Although all metal buildings are versatile and can serve different functions, there are specific design styles which are best suited for particular uses whether because of traditional cosmetic appeal or certain included features.

Agricultural metal buildings are meant for small or industrial farms, as they can be used similar to a traditional barn for storage, shop space, or livestock.

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Agricultural metal buildings

Commercial steel buildings are designed for the rigors and with the space required to run a factory or warehouse along with providing the appropriate office space to maintain such a business.

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Commercial steel buildings

ClearSpan buildings are designed in a way which allows the walls themselves to maintain the structure without internal support which might break up the space in an undesirable way. Cosmetic walls can still be raised inside to split the space according to needs, but the spaces aren’t inherently designated beforehand.

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ClearSpan buildings

Metal Sheds can serve a variety of needs at home or work whether designed as an open carport type of structure or an enclosed utility building. Such buildings are often used to keep a boat, tractor, or tools safely out of the weather when not in use while allowing easy access to them when needed.

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Metal Sheds

Storage buildings can be similar to sheds, but perhaps with a garage door to allow ease of access when loading or unloading items that are to be stored throughout certain times of year as they are only used seasonally.

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Storage buildings

Metal Building Roof Styles

In addition to different types of steel building available, there are different roof styles which might work better in certain geographic areas with their associated weather patterns, might be more useful according to the size of the building, can be somewhat easier to install, or might offer different cosmetic appeal.

Vertical roofs allow for better water runoff when a lower pitched roof is in order as the structural indentations are aligned to provide vertical gutters which can’t block the flow of water during heavy rains or ice and snow melts.

Horizontal roofs can work better with smaller buildings, as the positioning of the grooves can provide additional structural triangulation for the building.

Regular roofs are also horizontal and work well in most situations. They are the most economical of roof options and serve the needs of typical metal building sizes that don’t have to endure extreme weather or other specific needs.

Lean-to roofs can potentially be vertical or horizontal, what differentiates them is they only have one pitch rather than a peak roof line with roofing angled down in opposite directions from it.

Different Sizes of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings can be sized according to proven standards, or they can be custom designed and built. According to client needs, the simplest solution might be to choose a style which typically comes in the needed size, but the dimensions of any style can be easily altered to suit individual needs according to a modular system or truly customized design.

Metal Building Colors

Metal building colors are available in nearly any standard hue expected for a structure. If an absolute color match to existing buildings on the property is required, there is a good chance it can be accomplished. Although it isn’t recommended for a new building, with the proper techniques and paints, a building can be painted to take on an uncommon color. White, off-white, tan, gray, green, red, and yellow are common choices but there are certainly other options available.

Installation of Metal Buildings

With Garage Buildings, steel building installation is included in the price and a team of professional technicians will deliver and properly install the building on your property. There is potential for a discount for people who are inclined to assemble their own kit or hire a locally known contractor to perform the work.

Why Choose Garage Buildings for Metal Building

Garage Buildings is a specialist company who understands the intricacies of metal building across the country and is experienced in what specific needs people have when choosing a building to suit them. Garage Buildings can discuss your needs and intended purpose, then help you choose the style, size, roof, and colors which have proven to work well with other customers who have similar needs to yours.