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Metal Building Homes

Everyone deserves access to affordable and high-quality homes. That is the mission statement that guides Garage Buildings as they embark on a national project to provide affordable, high-quality metal homes to everyone in America. You can start the process of owning a fully customized metal building home right now.

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Metal Building Homes

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The Cost Savings of a Steel Frame Home

Steel homes are more affordable than traditional homes. You should understand most of the materials needed to construct a conventional home are scarce and very expensive. Traditional wooden houses are also susceptible to pest infestations, wood rots, mold and are also combustible. Another cost issue that adds to this is the high maintenance cost that traditional wooden structures attract. If you want to maintain your wooden structure’s beauty and structural integrity, you have to make sure to spend on regular maintenance.

So, what makes metal building homes unique? Metal building homes are a cost-effective solution to the high-priced traditional building sector. Investing in metal buildings assures you of a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) in the form of lesser maintenance costs and a long life span.

Compared to traditional homes, metal building homes are easy to build and take less time to install. It could all be done in weeks, especially if you take the option of buying metal home building kits from Garage Buildings. These metal home kits are affordable and contain all you need to get a high-quality steel home. Metal homes are also more durable, long-lasting, versatile, and functional than traditional wooden houses.

If you’re looking to cut costs while also owning an incredibly valuable home, then you need to call Garage Buildings at +1 (888) 234-0475 to order a metal building home.

Additional Benefits of Building a Home with Steel

What other benefits apart from lower construction costs can you derive from building your home with steel? Steel as a material offers many advantages, which are consequently transferred to steel building homes. Steel is an even better material for large utility buildings such as airplane hangars, warehouses, etc.

Also, you may also decide to go the DIY route — Garage Buildings offers you incredibly affordable metal home kits, that can be fully customized according to your needs and tastes.

Other benefits include: 

  1. Speed of construction and installation time
  2. Lesser maintenance cost
  3. Easy repair
  4. Reliable and durable structures
  5. Better insurance rates
  6. Flexible customization options

7 Most Popular Sizes of Metal Homes

Are you ready to order your metal building kit from Garage Buildings? One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is about the size of your building. Garage Buildings has samples of different metal building home sizes and is ready to give you options, but it is always preferable for you to choose your own.

You should determine your metal home size by the purpose or reason you need the building and the structure’s future alternative use. Your budget is a nonfactor here because the size of your building essentially determines its usefulness and functionality. Additionally, you must understand that having too much space is better and certainly preferable to having an undersized structure with very little maneuverability. To assist you in making a decision, Garage Buildings provides these popular metal homes sizes:

  • 20×35 Home

A 20×35 home is the perfect size for anyone looking for an efficient and customized space to call home. This building size is cost-effective, and you can save more by using a 20×35 metal home kit.

  • 30×30 Home

30×30 homes are built to be durable and reliable. They are reinforced with galvanized steel components to provide customers with a building that can withstand any pressure. You can also fully customize with the endless options offered by Garage Buildings.

  • 30×40 Home

The 30×40 metal houses are perfect if you need an affordable and versatile building. Professionals design this structure to be fully functional, and you also can add a one-car garage to it. The space also allows you the flexibility to add more components to the building.

  • 30×50 Home

A 30×50 metal building house offers clients a trendy design and spatial flexibility. It can take up to 2 bedrooms, an open and fully customized kitchen, and optional two-car garage addition.

  • 30×60 Home

If you need a metal building house that oozes potential and versatility, then you have to consider 30×60 steel homes. Garage Buildings also offers you the freedom to upgrade into a fully customized structure with the ability to add your choice of windows, doors, colors, roof, and much more.

  • 30×80 Home

The 30×80 steel building homes offer you full use of a large and functional home with utility quarters. This building is two parts 30×40 home. With its highly adaptive and versatile quality, there’s nothing more you can ask for.

  • 80×90 Home

This is a vast building. It is more suitable for large industrial and utility purposes. This building is designed to be strong and engineered for durability. The entire structure can be customized as per your needs.

Planning Considerations for Metal Building Homes

Before you order metal homes from any metal building supplier, there are some essential things that you must first consider. These considerations fall into two categories, namely: legal concerns and practical considerations.

Functional considerations involve things that manufacturers will like you to have figured out before ordering a steel home. They are practical or basic construction activities that you must do before metal home installation. The practical decisions you have to include are the building size, foundation, site clearance, purpose of your building, and many more. For example, figuring out the purpose or reason why you need your metal building will go a long way in helping you determine the best size, height, and even foundation. On the other hand, the legal considerations involve construction rules and paper works — building codes, building permit applications, engineering and drawing rules, installation rules, and so on. 

Building codes and permit requirements differ from state to state and city to city. Therefore, you must enquire about local laws concerning metal homes Installation. The codes might also include rules or specifications regarding building strength, roof paneling and gauge, regulation steel frame gauges, and so on. So how do you plan for the installation of your metal building home? Call friendly building specialists at +1 (888) 234-0475 for assistance. 

Before You Build

Prior to installation, you must adhere to several processes. As you’re planning your building’s size and dimensions, you should also be doing the necessary legwork that will allow for a speedy installation. It is also required to appoint experienced and dedicated teams to manage your site preparation and building permit application.

Building Codes & Permits

Do you need to have a building permit before you can install your metal home? Well, the answer to this is yes. Building permits are construction regulations that are put in place to ensure that your building is up to code and not built with substandard materials. That is major to prevent building collapse because the building’s structural strength is not up to par with standard building codes. Most building authorities set up codes to ensure that your facility is strong enough to withstand the weather conditions and seismic activities in your area. There are also regulations on high-capacity buildings such as churches and warehouses.

Applying for a building permit essentially involves filling out all necessary information in an application form. Essential information includes the size, use, and architectural design of the building. To apply for a permit, you need to provide:

  • Property deed along with the legal description of your property.
  • The size and what purpose the building is to serve.
  • Stamped and certified structural plans drawn by a local engineer.
  • Location of the building on your property. 

Site Preparation

Why is site preparation a critical aspect of metal building installation? Site preparation refers to everything you have to do to ensure that your metal home installation proceeds without barrier. One of the vital site preparation tips is to ensure that you level the ground. It would be best if you did this before you can do anything else on the site. It is crucial for your building’s structural integrity that you set it on even ground.

In addition to this, you should clear the site of all impediments and barriers. The installation team must have unfettered access to the site. You should also pick the proper foundation for the steel home installation. Experts regard the concrete foundation as the best type of foundation there is. But there could also be some other types that will fit your purpose. You should call a building specialist at +1 (888) 234-0475 to explore all your options.

Customization and Expansion of Steel Building Homes 

When it comes to delivering metal homes according to customer’s specifications and tastes, Garage Buildings has built the perfect template to ensure that. No other company in the industry offers as much flexibility in construction decisions as Garage Buildings. With customization options from Garage Buildings, you have the chance to build the home of your dreams, and with the amount of flexibility that is available to you, the sky’s the limit. The customization options offered by Garage Buildings include: size, roof styles, roof panel gauge, steel frame gauge, anchors, certifications, color scheme, and so on. Even after the installation of your metal home, you still have the option to expand the size of your building. All you need to do is call at +1 (888) 234-0475.

Metal Building Home Kits

Why should you go for a metal building home kit? First of all, getting a metal home kit presents a unique experience of its own. They allow you to show your DIY and save little money (installation and labor fees). The metal home kits from Garage Buildings are affordable and easy to assemble. They also come with your customization orders. Don’t worry; these metal home kits are high-quality metal building components and are the same materials that our professional installation team will use to set up your metal homes.

How Much Does a Metal Home Cost, Exactly?

That is one question that every potential customer asks before committing to the project. There’s no standard or fixed cost on a metal home building. The consensus is that the price of a metal home varies according to each customer’s customization specifications. A basic design does not cost as much as a fully customized metal home. When making the analysis, you should calculate the amount spent on-site preparation, foundation, building permit application, customization choices, location, and so on. Your building size is also an essential factor that affects the total cost of a metal home.

Insurance for Metal Homes

Metal building homes are prime insurance assets. That is because steel is non-combustible, thereby lowering the hazard risk of your building. An additional plus to securing a lower risk is that the metal buildings are exceptionally durable and tend not to collapse in the face of heavy weather or seismic activities such as rainstorms, lightning storms, hurricanes, and so on.

Another factor that gives insurance companies confidence in ensuring metal building homes is that most of them are built to code and protected by extraordinarily extended warranties. A typical metal building warranty can last for over five decades. To ensure that your house is adequately protected, you should find an insurance company that caters to metal building homes.

Why Choose Garage Buildings to Buy Metal Building Homes?

What makes Garage Buildings the best metal buildings dealer in the industry? From customer reviews and ratings, it is evident that the customer service and building specialists at Garage Buildings miss nothing when it comes to client satisfaction.

Garage Buildings also boasts a reduced lead time and consistent on-time delivery of products. When you patronize Garage Buildings, you don’t have to worry about products’ quality. You’ll always get the highest quality steel buildings manufactured by qualified and trained design consultants. Call Garage Buildings today at +1 (888) 234-0475 to get your own metal building home. Start building your dream steel home today, or consider DIY metal home kits.  

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