30x30 Garage

We know what you’re thinking—a 30×30 garage doesn’t sound overtly exciting, right? But friends, that’s where you’re wrong. At Garage Buildings, we can’t help but get excited about the durability, quality, and infinite opportunities that go hand-in-hand with our 30×30 garage buildings! From standard two-car storage capabilities to fully customizable options that allow you to create the ideal 30×30 garage, there’s nothing these prefab garages can’t do. Ready to learn more? We thought you might be.

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30x30 Garage

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How Much Does a 30×30 Garage Actually Cost?

Before we even remotely dive into the benefits, customizations, and applications of our 30×30 steel garage buildings, we’re going to answer a question that we know is directly on your mind-just how much do these 30×30 garages cost?

Here’s the super interesting part-at Garage Buildings, our main priority is bringing quality, durable, and long-lasting products directly to you for a price that you can afford. That means our starting costs will always be reasonable, fair, and honest (we even will participate in price match guarantees!). We offer affordable base prices for our 30×30 kits that will increase or decrease based on the customization options you choose for your specific 30×30 garage building.

Of course, at Garage Buildings, we know that cash on hand isn’t always an option-that’s why we’ve created flexible, easy-to-use payment plans like financing and rent-to-own. With these options, you can set up your installation for your 30×30 garage as soon as possible, all while maintaining a reasonable payment schedule.

The Unique Roofing Styles of the 30×30 Garage

With Garage Buildings-30×30 steel garage options, we offer a variety of roofing styles. Your needs, location, and weather will likely determine which type of style will work best for you! We offer three specific types, including:

  • Regular roof-a regular roof 30×30 garage has curved corners and horizontal paneling. This is the most budget-friendly roof of all the three roofs we offer.
  • A-frame horizontal-an A-frame roof is also known as “Boxed Eave”. This roof option has horizontal paneling and is perfect for customers who want a more traditional look for their 30×30 steel garage.
  • Vertical roof-a vertical roof 30×30 garage features vertical paneling that runs from the top to the bottom. These roofs are ideal for locations that experience heavy rain or snowfall throughout the year.

Your 30×30 Customization Options

At the end of the day, we know there’s no such thing as a 30×30 garage that fits everyone’s needs. Every person and purpose is different, right? So, why would every 30×30 metal garage look and function the same? At Garage Buildings, we know that simply isn’t the way to build quality 30×30 prefab kits. That’s why we offer unique customization options every step of the way to allow you the flexibility and freedom to create the 30×30 prefab building that’s ideal for you!

You’re able to customize all sorts of options-from the roofing styles we mentioned earlier to specific gauging, colors, doors, windows, and size dimensions. At Garage Buildings, no type of customization is off the table because, for us, the priority is to build you exactly what will remedy your issues in a snap!

Use Your 30×30 Garage For More Than Just Car Cover!

The exceptional thing about these 30×30 garage covers is that they can be used for more than just a two-car garage. Yes, they’ll do an excellent job of protecting your valuable vehicles from the sun, rain, hail, snow, and other types of inclement weather, but these 30×30 can also be used for a number of different applications. We’ve included a few of our favorite options to provide a little bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing

  • A yoga studio-why not enjoy an open-air yoga studio for when the weather is wonderful?
  • A shelter for your grain, hay, feed-you can even store your animals underneath when the weather is nice!
  • An RV cover-smaller RVs can likely fit underneath these covers.
  • A boat cover-don’t let your boat be a victim of the elements!
  • A private picnic area-for when you want to enjoy the outdoors without letting the sun overheat you!

Remember, these are just our suggestions-there’s no limit for what you can use your 30×30 steel garage for!

At the end of the day, your customized 30×30 garage is so much more than just a two-car garage-it will absolutely exceed your expectations no matter what you end up using it for. If you’re ready to hear more about 30×30 garage options, discuss your specifications, ask questions, or even receive a quote, we’re here for you-reach out to us today on +1 (888) 234-0475, so we can help you get the ball rolling on your very own 30×30 garage building!

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