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Steel Barn Building With Oldsmobile

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Carport / Roof Only

Home Carport
The Perfect choice for customers looking to provide cover for automobiles, pools, gazebos, and other types of structures.  Starting at $595, free delivery & install

Garage Building

Steel Frame Garage Building
The best in Garage Building Enclosures.  These are our residential detached garages and are the best option for security of your vehicles or indoor structures.  Get Your Garage Kit Today
Garage Buildings

Large Vehicle Carport

RV Carport Motorhome Cover
RV Covers are similar to our Carports.  They are perfect for large vehicles such as RV’s, Motorhomes, Vans, & Commercial Vehicles like school buses.
RV Carports

Combo Garage & Carports

Combo Garage and Carport
Combine both our Carports & Garage Buildings together to create very unique structures.  Our most popular models. Great for carports with storage attached as well
Combo Garage / Carport
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Barns & Farm Buildings

Large Barn Kits Steel Metal Building
Build a Fully Customized Barn Structure with Garage Buildings.  With over 20+ years of experience, you are contacting the experts in steel barns!
Barns & Farm Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings

Commercial office Building tan
Everything you need to build commercial style buildings.  Free Delivery & Install for tubular steel or Turnkey Solutions available with our red iron buildings.
Commercial Buildings

Pre Engineered Buildings

Construction On Metal Building
Pre Engineered Red Iron Steel Buildings for projects of any size.  Build just about any size building with our Pre Engineered Red Iron Metal Buildings.
Prefab Metal Buildings

Storage Sheds


Our Garage Building Storage Sheds are perfect for any home or commercial project.  They are built with the same quality of our garages, just on a smaller scale.  Easy DIY Project
Storage Sheds

Garage Building Quick Quote

F&Q Garage Buildings

How Long Is Delivery?

During the Spring and Summer Months; on average we can deliver our buildings within 2-4 weeks.  During the Winter months delivery can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks; depending on the weather.  In some instances we can expedite delivery for customers, but this is handled case by case and availability.  For more information call 1-888-234-0475

Are You American Based?

Yes, our entire company is right here in Virginia Beach VA.  Our buildings are also manufactured right here in the United States as well; utilizing factories in states across the United States.  We are proud to support the American Workforce Nationwide.

Do I have to pay the full amount?

We do not require full payment at the time you place your order with us.  We will only collect a deposit for the building.  So in many cases customers simply paid as low as $39 to get their building design & delivered.  The full amount will be owed at the time of delivery.  You can also make payments in between your deposit & delivery if you would like.; including rescheduling deliveries.  Just give us a call 1-888-234-0475

Why Is My Area More Expensive?

Most of our pricing is baseline, but in some areas where state and county laws require, we may have to certify your building or add extra supports(more steel). This increases the overall price of the building and is done to ensure the safety of the Carport in your area.  A good rule of thumb: if your carport will be located in a state or area that usually has heavy snow,rain, or strong winds, the expectation should be that pricing will be higher in your area.  If you find a company that is providing outrageously cheap pricing, be careful as the safety of your carport could become a concern, or your building may not be meeting the required certifications for your state.  This could result in much larger issues for you in the future.

Are the Garage Buildings DIY?

Absolutely!  All of our steel buildings are kits!  Do-It-Yourself buildings also receive an additional 5% instant discount if you opt out of our installers doing it for you.  You can even pick up the building yourself from one of the factories.  Contact our steel building experts for more information. 1-888-234-0475

What is the price of my Steel Garage Building?

Pricing is based on your geographic location and the factory that will deliver your metal garage building.  We have provided an easy to use tool on our website to determine the base cost of your building.  Once you have an expectation of cost for your steel building, you can contact our building designers to start adding accessories to your building

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The entire staff is focused on providing high quality, top of the line metal structures in a variety of different models, various designs and multitudes of applications. From one car carports for your car or truck, large RV storage, two car garage, workshops, man caves, horse barn, equipment storage or commercial applications, has established itself as a nationwide leader. Also, don’t forget we provide FREE Delivery and Installation with every building!

By ordering from you can be assured that not only do we guarantee the highest quality and most affordable steel buildings, you are doing business with a company that has an A+ BBB rating. We believe in continuously educating our staff to be the most educated and efficient in the industry. Whether you are purchasing the most basic of structures to a complex building is here to help you navigate the process.

About Garage Buildings

We are one of the largest Carport & Garage Building companies in the United States which has been in business over 20+ years. We are a proud member of the BBB and hold an A+ rating with them. We strive to provide our customers not only with excellent customer service, but also the product knowledge necessary to make an informed decision about which of our products will best meet your needs. The reason we have lasted so many years is due to the fact that we treat our customers well, we do what we say we are going to do, we manufacture an excellent product, and we genuinely care. Our goal is to give you a great experience and a superior product so you will then recommend us to your friends. Referrals are part of the reason for our longevity! We pride ourselves on our highly trained, dedicated staff who are always ready and willing to assist you with questions, recommendations, and quotes.

Garage Building Quick Quote

How We Stay Ahead Of Our Competition

The steel building market has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. The industry has become extremely competitive, confusing and exhausting when shopping for the right building that meets your budget and application needs. Numerous companies offer cancelled order specials and one time sale buildings. Are they really a great deal or just a sales gimmick to get you to buy right then. The owner’s at believe that providing the best price upfront removes the hassle of negotiating and instead proves the lowest competitive price from the very first phone call for an easy and honest transaction. Our team of expert building specialist will help design your building with a variety of options from the most economical to the top of the line upgrades.