You have the garage…now how do you fit your stuff?

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How to maximize your garage storage

5 sneaky ways to store more in your garage

The garage is the go-to storage spot in your home but if you’ve maxed out your shelves, racks and walls, there are still ways to fit a bit more in. You just have to get creative!

Get pegged!
For the ultimate in garage storage, don’t just install one pegboard panel, do a whole wall! It’s infinitely versatile because as your storage needs change, all you have to do is move the hooks in the board. Need a fixed shelf for heavier things? Screw brackets into timber studs behind your pegboard. A checked paint job will make it fun and bring a bright touch to your garage.

Phil Aynsley

Solutions for metal
In a metal garage or shed, you can’t hang hooks anywhere you like, as the metal cladding is quite thin. A way around this is to make the wall more solid. Screw timber blocks into the metal framing of your garage then screw a sheet of plywood into those. The timber gives you a much greater wall area so you can use hooks and racks to store more.

John Halfhide

Look up!
The space near your garage ceiling is the most underutilized storage space there is. To make the most of it, pick up a few plastic crates then use timber to make a few tracks that the edges of the crate can sit on. Screw these into a sheet of plywood, then screw the whole lot into the ceiling joists of your garage. Use them to store lightweight items you don’t need often, like your Christmas decorations.

John Halfhide

Hoist it high!
Take the hard work out of storing bulky lightweight items, like a kayak, with a system of ropes and pulleys. Simply sit the item on the ground, wrap the straps around it and haul it up out of the way.

Chris Jones

Fold it away
When space is really at a premium, you can actually store your garage furniture. A fold up workbench is the perfect solution for a single garage. Take out the car when there’s work to be done then, when your day is done, simply fold it up out of the way and you can drive straight back in.



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