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Why Metal Workshops Are Great for Mechanics and Garage Owners
Jun 2022

Why Metal Workshops Are Great for Mechanics and Garage Owners

Stephan Michaels

The United States is home to millions of road users, and as such, it is a country that enjoys a booming automotive industry. There were over 17 million light vehicles sold in 2018, and this number continues to grow year on year, making the US the second biggest car purchasing nation in the world.

As more cars hit the roads, the need for quality automotive support continues to grow as well. More consumers are keen to keep their cars running for as long as possible, and mechanics are in high demand. This means that if you want to get into the automotive industry or open your own garage for mechanical repairs, you can be sure that you’ll have customers lining up to take up your services. However, before you can do that, you will need to install a building that can provide you with the workspace you require.

The good news is that metal workshops are an ideal solution, with options to suit all needs, sizes, and locations. They are also quick and simple to install, giving you the ability to get to work in next to no time at all!

Why Metal Shops Are the Best Choice for Mechanics

Creating an auto shop is essential when you want to have your own business space so that clients can feel confident about leaving their car with you. Choosing steel workshops for this purpose will help you get what you need, including:

  • Extra Large Space – if your goal is to repair multiple cars at any one time, then prefab metal buildings are ideal. They can be built to any size specification (including 40 x 60 shops and 30 x 40 shops), giving you a huge space to reach your goals.
  • Great Headroom – when you plan on lifting cars up on ramps, it is important that you have ample headroom to ensure enough light and safety features. Metal shops can be made to any height specification, so you can offer all the services you need.
  • Simple Setup – metal shops are not only quick and easy to install but they are quick to set up once installed, helping you to maximize your time and make money as quickly as possible.
  • Large Doors – with the option to install large garage doors, you can enjoy working on a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their size. Plus, you will be able to get great ventilation all day long when your doors are open, letting fresh air in.
  • Fire-Resistant Construction – another great part of metal workshops is that they are fire-resistant, providing you with the safest workplace possible. In the event of a fire, you can be certain that while there may be damage to your equipment, your auto shop will remain intact.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – steel workshops are a great asset when you are trying to support a green business. They use less energy and work hard to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. They are also sealed better, meaning that when you do heat or cool the environment artificially, they will need less power to achieve the best results.
  • Great Ventilation – prefab metal buildings are designed with excellent ventilation to enable you to work with car fumes and other chemicals without becoming unwell. When you design your metal shop with us, we will help you work out the perfect ventilation solution to fit your needs.
  • They Last the Test of Time – the one thing that you always need to think about as a business owner is your overheads. A metal building is not just cheaper to design, build and use, but it will also last longer than other types of buildings, providing you with the best return on your investment.

Six Ways to Create the Ideal Metal Workshop

When you are ready to invest in 40 x 60 shops, 30 x 40 shops, or a custom-sized metal workshop, then you will need to start thinking about how you will maximize the space available. We’ve got six great ideas to help you make the most of your new investment:

  • Partition the Space with Framing – if you want to break the open space down into individual work areas, then framing out the internal area is a great idea. You could install a main workshop, storage, break room, and customer zone, as well as an office space to keep tabs on how the business is running.
  • Install Fans or Extractors – when you need high levels of ventilation, it makes sense to work with your metal building designer to add all the ventilation to the plans. This includes thinking about large fans and extractors that will help keep the team healthy and happy at work.
  • Finish the Interior Space – when the floor plan and framing are sorted, you should think about finishing off all the interior walls to create a professional and welcoming look that will instill confidence in your clients and your employees.
  • Install a Car Lift – being able to access the underside of a car is never easier than with a car lift. Getting one installed before opening your doors will give you the edge over your competition from the get-go.
  • Think About Ventilation Areas – knowing you need ventilation is obvious, but make sure that you install it in key areas so that it can be as effective as possible. Create your ideal floor plan and then mark where the ventilation will best be placed before starting the installation process.
  • Include Additional Storage – When you get your building installed, you may realize that you have not allowed enough space for storage. If this is the case, then don’t despair, just invest in an add-on unit that can be used for all your storage needs.

Enjoy the Service from Garage Buildings

When you want to invest in a new metal building, you will want a team that has the skills, experience, and care to provide it, as well as a team that is welcoming and customer-focused. At Garage Buildings, we have decades of combined experience in metal buildings, and we make it our mission to offer you the best service you will ever receive.

If you want the best materials, the best designers, and fast and free delivery, then we are the supplier you need. Get in touch today at +1 (888) 234-0475 and let us help your business get started.

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