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Why Industrial Metal Buildings Are Perfect for West Virginia Mining Companies
Dec 2021

Why Industrial Metal Buildings Are Perfect for West Virginia Mining Companies

Stephan Michaels

It can be tough to find the right size building when you are responsible for a mining company, but when it comes to West Virginia metal buildings, you can be certain that Garage Buildings has the size you need and offers the ability to add space in the future as your business needs grow. Find out more about West Virginia metal buildings now!

West Virginia’s Rich Mining History

West Virginia is well-known for its coal production and has been since 1742, when it was first discovered. As the need for coal grew, so did the production capabilities, with the state ramping up the export of coal across the country by the early 1800s. Not only is the state known for its rich coal seams, but 53 of the 55 counties have coal deposits that have helped West Virginia maintain a stable economy.

Virginia comes in second place on the coal production scale, with Wyoming just beating it to the top spot. Interestingly, three-quarters of the mining income that the state enjoys comes from coal, with the other quarter being made up of petroleum, stone, gravel, and salt. With such a large need for coal mining businesses, it makes sense that many coal producers are now looking for industrial metal buildings to help them achieve their goals.

Why Industrial Metal Buildings Are Perfect for West Virginia Coal Mining Companies

When you need a building that will last, offers durability and versatility, and won’t need much maintenance even with the tough conditions that mining comes with, then you should choose our clear span metal buildings!

Each of the metal buildings from Garage Buildings comes ready to install and can be added to as your business needs change in the future. This means that they are not only tough and hard-wearing, but they can grow with your business too.

Some of the main reasons that the mining industry needs our steel buildings include:

  • Clear Span Design – having a large open space to process coal is vital, and our clear span structures are the perfect solution, giving you a wide-open space to utilize the way you need.
  • Remarkable Resilience – we know that the coal industry is tough, that’s why our steel buildings are made to be durable and offer the best level of resilience compared to all other building types.
  • Lots of Customization Potential – we understand that your building needs may change and grow, that’s why all of our commercial buildings can be added to and re-designed after installation – giving you the flexibility you need to achieve success.
  • Speedy Construction Process – commercial buildings are not just great because they are so versatile, they are also pre-fabricated before being delivered so that you can begin installing them on the day that they arrive. They take less time than traditional construction and are easier to build!
  • They Are Cost-Effective – being responsible for a business also means being responsible for cash flow. When you buy a metal building for your mining company, you can be sure that it will cost less and last longer than any other type of building you could buy!

The Most Popular Commercial Building Sizes for Mining Companies

Choosing the best metal building size for your business does not need to be a pain, especially when we can share the most popular sizes that other mining companies buy! Did you know that there are standard sizes that you can choose? These start at 12’ by 21’ and can expand to more than 100’! Take a look at the most common choices below:

  • 40×60 Metal Building – if you are keen to find a space for your team to work and need a building that is versatile enough to hold offices and storage, then the 40×60 metal building is a great choice!
  • 60×60 Metal Building – when it comes to having a decent, even-sized space, the 60×60 metal building will give you a solution that can be personalized to fit your every need. With enough space to install large roller doors and a clear span area, your business will be easier to manage than ever before.
  • 40×80 Metal Building – do you need somewhere to store your machinery at the end of a busy day? This 40×80 metal building is a perfect size and is easy to install. Plus, you can also use it as an office, processing space, or retail area too!
  • 24×70 Metal Building – if you need a space that is long and strong, this option is ideal and will help you achieve real business success. If you want something that can withstand tough weather, then there are a number of roofing and material options that can help you achieve the outcome you need.
  • 28×60 Metal Building – this is a great option if you want a long warehouse building that offers enough space for storage, processing, and more. You can choose the roof style and accessories you need to make it the right solution for your business.

The Best Metal Buildings in the World

Whether you want a large metal building for your mining company or small metal garages in West Virginia, you can be certain that Garage Buildings has the answer for you! We are the leading dealer of metal buildings in the US and offer fully customized buildings for a wide range of purposes so that you can get exactly what you need.

Each of our buildings is made in the US, from American steel. Our team is made up of metal building experts with many years of experience in the industry, and our design consultants are well trained and highly qualified so that you can be certain that you will get exactly what you need. If you want exceptional service, quick delivery, and a high-quality metal building, then we are here for you! Call our team today at +1 (888) 234-0475 to get your custom quote.

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