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Which Arizona Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Fire Resistance?
Jan 2022

Which Arizona Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Fire Resistance?

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

Arizona and the Risk of Wildfires

Wildfires are an especially prevalent risk in Arizona. In fact, wildfires have destroyed around 480,000 acres of land in the state. The NIFC reports that this number is more than wildfires have burned in California, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Alaska combined.

One especially significant recent wildfire in Arizona is the Telegraph Fire. By the time it was fully contained, it burned over 180,000 acres of the Tonto National Forest. That figure represents around 38% of the total amount of destroyed land that year.

2020 saw a shockingly high number of wildfires in Arizona – almost 980,000. It was the worst season for Arizona wildfires in almost a decade. However, 2011 was the year in which the state saw the most wildfires. Almost 2000 of them damaged over a million acres.

Several factors contribute to the prevalence of wildfires in the state. High temperatures combine with ongoing drought and a lack of rainfall to extend the wildfire season. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so much of the state experiences regular fire outbreaks.

Why is It So Important to Invest in Fire-Resistant Metal Buildings in Arizona?

If you’re investing in buildings as an asset in the long term, you want them to stand the test of time. Since fires are so common in Arizona, it makes sense to consider steel buildings. Steel structures resist fire effectively, so not only the building remains safe, but its occupants and any items inside.

Since steel buildings are not only fire-resistant but also strong, they won’t collapse in the event of a blaze. As structural collapse causes around a third of fatalities amongst firefighters, steel buildings are an even better choice.

Which Types of Building Will Best Protect You and Your Valuables?

If you’re investing in buildings for your Arizona property, it can be hard to choose an appropriate construction material. Here, we look at three different types of buildings you can choose. Which will protect you, your family, and your valuables most effectively?

  • Wooden buildings – wood structures look attractive, but they aren’t fire-resistant. In fact, wood will actually encourage fire. It also burns rapidly. That means you have very little time in which to vacate the property and rescue valuables from inside. No matter whether the blaze is due to a wildfire or a household accident, a wood building catches fire quickly. The blaze will also spread easily, rapidly destroying your building.
  • Light gauge steel buildings – a light gauge steel structure will be incombustible. This can protect you, your family, and your valuables from any fire hazards. In fact, a light gauge steel structure is capable of resisting fire for as long as 120 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to escape a blaze. Arizona metal buildings come in several steel gauges. A steel structure with a gauge of under 35 is a light gauge steel building. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. Light gauge steel is strong and durable, but also light and easy to maneuver. Thanks to its fire resistance, it’s a great choice for buildings in Arizona.
  • Red iron steel structures – buildings made of this kind of structural steel have an iron oxide coating. This creates an effective barrier to stop water from contacting the steel surface. Thanks to this coating, the steel stays structurally sound in the long term. Red iron steel also resists fire, although it isn’t graded commercially as fireproof. It is still capable of resisting fire more effectively than many other types of buildings.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Steel Buildings in Arizona?

Steel workshops and other similar structures offer many advantages over those made from other materials. This is especially the case when it comes to choosing structures that are fire-resistant. Since Arizona is so prone to wildfires, choosing a non-combustible construction material for buildings is key.

Unfortunately, this puts some construction material options out of the running. Here, we look at some of the benefits that steel buildings in Arizona offer over wood and red iron.

  • Steel structures resist fire far better than wood structures. Wood easily catches fire and burns rapidly. This makes wood a dangerous choice. Steel buildings can withstand fire for longer, giving you time to escape and save your possessions.
  • Steel structures are commercially graded as fireproof. This gives them the advantage over red iron-built structures which are not graded to be fireproof.
  • Steel buildings can also be certified against harsh weather conditions as well as fire. They keep your family and belongings safe from storms, wind, rain, and snow.
  • Steel buildings are built to last and will give you many years of excellent use thanks to their strong structure.

It costs more to buy a certified metal building than to buy buildings made from other kinds of steel. Nevertheless, you can still save a lot of money if you ask your local authority about local building codes. If you live in a part of Arizona with regular weather conditions, a standard prefabricated steel building will suffice. It will protect your valuables effectively from both normal weather conditions and theft.

Buy a Fire-Resistant Steel Building in Arizona Now from Garage Buildings

As you can see, steel buildings are the best choice in Arizona to protect your family and belongings from fire. As wildfires are so common in the state, it makes sense to choose a construction material that is fire-resistant. Steel is the perfect option.

Garage Buildings provides the best metal buildings to suit all your needs. You can choose from a range of customization options to meet your requirements. You can also benefit from excellent financing options to make paying for your structure a breeze.

Get in touch with our team today at +1 (888) 234-0475 to find out more about the fire-resistance advantages of steel buildings in Arizona. We’re looking forward to supplying you with a high-quality product and offering you our very best customer service.

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