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What is the Difference in Metal Building Regulations for Florida?
Jul 2021

What is the Difference in Metal Building Regulations for Florida?

Stephan Michaels
Metal Buildings

How do metal building regulations differ in Florida from other Southern states? Metal buildings are a big deal for businesses in the Sunshine State. But what about their design and construction?

Find out why metal building regulations are different in Florida and how that affects your business.

Unique Weather in Florida

Florida is a great state. From the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico, it is full of oranges and sunshine. However, tornadoes or thunderstorms may accompany storms. The weather is part of what makes Florida unique and why metal buildings should be a priority.

Metal Building Regulations in Florida

The more hectic and less predictable weather conditions in Florida make their regulations different from other states.

To install metal buildings in Florida, companies must build them to meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard A653. This includes structural steel components that need to comply with ASTM International’s standards S100-14 or ANSI/AISC 360-11 standard specifications for cold-formed welded or bolted connections.

The building also needs a fire sprinkler system installed which has passed an independent test by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Metal structures are also required to have access doors on all sides and windows at least two feet from exterior walls outlets if it is not climate-controlled inside. These regulations alone set forth strict guidelines so that metal buildings will last longer than wood frames.

Companies must surround the building with a non-combustible, fire-resistant construction material of one hour or more excellent rating, such as stone masonry block or concrete.

Non-combustible materials that aren’t of one hour or greater may be used in conjunction with an approved metal roof decking system that meets ASTM A653 standards for structural steel components, including cold-formed welded or bolted connections.


What Makes Metal Building Regulations for Florida Different?

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation regulates Metal Building construction in Florida. This agency has rules, regulations, statutes, and guidelines for how a metal building is installed on a site. These rules and regulations are different when compared to other southern states.

The Sunshine State’s subtropical weather makes for some unusual metal building regulations that differ from surrounding states like Alabama and Georgia. For example, metal buildings must have air conditioning units on their roofs to still function effectively during heat waves.

In 2017 Florida faced several hurricanes, including Irma and Maria. Florida’s metal buildings withstood the high winds from these storms without damage because they were constructed to meet ASTM standards for welded or bolted connections.

Metal buildings also require hurricane shutters and storm panels under certain circumstances because these structures are vulnerable to wind gusts in this part of the country. However, unlike many other coastal areas where hurricanes form most often – such as the Gulf of Mexico – metal buildings are not required to be constructed with a higher wind-load factor.

Metal building regulations also differ from other states because Florida is surrounded by water on three sides and has many low-lying coastal areas like Miami, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville. This means there’s an increased risk for storm surges that could lead to flooding in these parts of the state during hurricanes or tropical storms.

Metal Buildings Are Great for Florida

Metal is a great way to stand up to the powerful hurricane winds and rain. Metal buildings are very safe in Florida, and it helps during the crazy weather that Florida is prone to have. This is when the buildings in Florida are still standing year after year.

Florida steel buildings are also non-harmful to nature and the environment due to metal buildings being made of natural resources and sustainable materials that can be recycled or repaired. This is very important in a state like Florida, where there is a lot of wildlife, some of it endangered!

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