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Transform a Steel Shed into a Fantastic Private Home Office
May 2022

Transform a Steel Shed into a Fantastic Private Home Office

Stephan Michaels

While remote work has become something of the norm in recent years, performing a job from the comfort of your home isn’t always as great as your employer might want to think! For example, you might have the ability to dress down in casual clothes and cater your workspace to your needs, but it also means you’ll be responsible for maintaining structure and avoiding distractions. And with minimal separation between your work and home environment, that particular task can become challenging, even for those with self-control.

Let’s face it. Whether at the job site or at home, you need a quiet, separated space to be productive. And that’s precisely why a steel shed or metal building may be right for you! A customized home office shed can give you privacy and focus you need to get the job done!

Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Private Office

So, you’ve decided to design and build a home office. But how does one get started? If you’ve never purchased a metal shed or building, it might seem a bit overwhelming. But, have no fear because we will walk you through some crucial things to keep in mind when building office space.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Having a clear grasp on the square footage you’ll require is necessary if you hope to comfortably accommodate all your things. No one wants to go through all the effort of buying and erecting a metal building only to find out it’s not large enough!

Have You Selected a Building Site?

Another critical factor in constructing your metal shed will be your installation site. You’ll want to choose a level site free of debris or vegetation and ensure that it is easily accessible to install crews to avoid any difficulty.

Your Budget

Like any construction project, having a well-planned budget makes all the difference! You’ll need to know the type of structure you need and what you’ll be able to afford comfortably. Having a clear budget will not only keep the process straightforward, but it will also give you the ability to plan should any unforeseen costs arise.

Building Codes and Regulations

Most permanent structures over 200 square feet will require building permits from your local authorities. Securing these permits and passing the codes are an essential part of the process. Failing to obtain these permissions can result in significant fines, penalties, and even the removal of your structure entirely.

Additionally, ensuring that your building is appropriately permitted will pay off if you decide to sell your property. Approved, permanent structures are included in your appraisal value, effectively increasing the value of your property!


Are you wiring your structure for electricity? If you hope to see in the dark, you will! If you’re planning on installing utilities like plumbing and wiring, you’ll want to plan and contact professional crews to install these in your new structure.

Some locations won’t have utility poles nearby. In this case, you’ll proactively need to contact your energy company and discuss installing them before construction.

Design and Customization

How do you want to use your structure? Will it handle simple office tasks, or are you using it for a workshop? These are essential questions that can be answered as you customize your structure to your needs. Easily change the paneling, trim, roofing style, windows, and even the doors to make the structure work for you.

Working Better Remotely with Steel Sheds

There are several ways that having a steel shed or prefab metal building as an office space can improve your overall productivity. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of these versatile structures!

Separates Your Home and Work Environment

There’s a reason people need to separate their work and home lives. And there’s no better way of doing that than with a home office. This structure will allow you to disengage your work stress from your home life, improving both tremendously.

Reduce the Commute

Many of us spend hours a day cramped in a car traveling to and from work. But that’s a thing of the past when your office space is only a stone’s throw from your home!

You Pick the Size

If you were to lease or purchase a building for your office space, you might not always get a choice in its size. However, with a customized prefab steel building, it can be as large as it needs to be! The only limits are your budget and your imagination!

Increase Productivity with Natural Lighting

You may not realize it, but lacking natural light can have a devastating effect on our productivity. But by customizing a building with plenty of windows, doors, and even transparent roof panels, you can let in the light! Natural lighting does wonder for maintaining focus, reducing drowsiness, and improving overall productivity.

Potential Tax Deduction

Adding a home office can typically be turned in as a tax deduction. However, in recent years, these benefits are only now available to self-employed people.

If you can qualify for a home office tax break, you’ll need to prove that you use the space exclusively for business. It cannot be used for dual purposes.

Metal Storage Sheds Are Among the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Create Office Spaces

Whether you’re building a home office area or simply looking for an affordable way to store gardening and lawn equipment, Garage Buildings has you covered. We’re happy to provide premium, long-lasting structures that are designed to take care of all your storage needs. They’re durable, flexible, and fully customizable, from small equipment buildings to large metal sheds.

These buildings are also resistant to UV rays, heavy winds, rain, pests, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Good luck getting that kind of resiliency out of a wooden building! A quality metal shed will keep you, your business materials, and your work-life protected from the elements.

Garage Buildings is Your Steel Shed Superstore

No matter where you call home, Garage Buildings brings you premium metal sheds and steel buildings. These structures are highly durable, weather-resistant, and can be customized and adapted for any application or use. Are you storing lawn equipment? We’ve got metal shed kits for you. Are you opening a commercial auto repair shop? We’ve got a garage for that! No matter what you want to do, you can bet that there’s a metal building ready to take on the challenge.

We’re proud to bring you some of the best products and metal building prices. But Garage Buildings firmly believes everyone should be able to afford a metal building, regardless of budget!

So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a metal shed to build your new home office, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of building specialists will help you design, customize, and create a perfect structure for you. Give us a call at +1 (888) 234-0475 and start your new home office journey today!

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