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Top 10 Garage Design Ideas for a Contemporary Look
May 2018

Top 10 Garage Design Ideas for a Contemporary Look

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

How do you use your garage? Is its sole purpose to hold your car? While you may think of your garage as a place to store your extra junk, there is a myriad of design opportunities that work perfectly in your garage.

Your garage is relatively large and with endless design opportunities. Think about it — you’re limited to room-based designs, except garage design. So why not use your creativity in designing the best garage?

If you’re unsure about garage exterior design, look at these tips and feel inspired. Here are top 10 garage designs that will make your garage au couture.

1. Lots of Light

What’s worse than a dark garage? Good lighting is essential in a garage. You often store important items in your garage, and finding them is necessary. The first step in achieving better garage designs is adding more light.

Install bright overhead lights in your garage. This isn’t only practical, but the extra light will make your garage look lively and bright. You can also install lamps and other light sources in specific areas, such as near your workstation.

2. Add Color

The minimalist look in chic and stylish — in every other room. But in the garage?

Zero color looks like the garage in your parent’s house. To prevent a boring garage from the 80’s or 90’s, add a dash of color.

The easiest way to utilize color in garage designs is by painting the walls and doors.

Since you won’t decorate your garage with furniture, you’re limited to colorful decor. So get a bucket of paint, a paintbrush, and take an afternoon to spruce up the garage.

3. Install New Flooring

You may think you have limited flooring options in your garage. And this is true — your flooring should be strong enough to sustain your car and other heavy objects.

But a boring slab of cement shouldn’t compromise stylish garage designs.

Stain that slab of cement and give those floors a pop of color. You can even use epoxy paint for a stylish floor finish. For larger garages, use a rug in areas your car isn’t parked.

4. Spice Up Your Tool Chest

In a garage, the only interesting decorative item is your tool chest. This may not say a lot, but your tool chest doesn’t have to be a bore. Your tool chest can be a beacon of creativity.

Decorate your tool chest with stickers or draw pictures. Want something more interesting than the standard tool chest? Find some chic tool cabinets and dressers.

Even small changes, such as using mason jars to hold screws, are stylish and practical.

And who said tool art isn’t a thing? If you’re a crafty carpenter, find an intricate way to store all of your tools.

5. Install Shelves

Sometimes, the most practical design additions are also the most stylish. It doesn’t seem like a few extra shelves will make an impact, but what’s more stylish — wall shelving or clutter all over the floor?

Take a day and install some wall shelves. These don’t have to be stylish; just plain shelves will work. Or, you can get creative and use some paint and patterns.

Don’t forget about standing shelves and drawers — find sleek floor shelves for a contemporary look.

6. Turn Your Garage Outdoors

Yeah, this might be a huge renovation project. But you’ll like the idea of a garage/patio combination. If you’re not a handyman or woman, then why would you need an indoor garage?

For some inspiration, install a carport when parking your car.

With the extra space, put in some table and chairs. If you’re a chef, make sure there are a grill and refrigerator. And no patio is complete without a fire pit. Make your garage/patio even more beautiful with a garden.

7. Create a Man Cave

If you’re looking for a man cave, there’s no better place to “man out” than in the garage. Take all of those unused posters and hang them around your garage.

Transform your boring garage into the ultimate man cave. Your cars and bikes will be met with pictures of babes and your dream cars. All you need is a recliner and some beers, and you created the ultimate man cave.

8. Use Stone

If you want the ultimate luxury garage, use stone walls and flooring. Stone never goes out of style.

Its beauty is timeless and its use is versatile. Take out those boring cement walls and install beautiful stone. Can’t afford all of that stone? Stone wall accents also do the trick.

You can also use stone flooring in your garage. Just make sure it’s finished with epoxy or any kind of resurfacing.

9. Transform Your Garage Into an Art Center

Are you an artist or art collector? You can easily store extra portraits in your garage. The blank floors and extra wall space is the perfect medium for wall art.

If you’re an artist, a garage also makes a perfect art studio. The garage allows easy organization and you won’t get distracted by other household annoyances.

10. Turn Your Garage Into a Gym

Are you a brawny and buff person? Cancel your gym membership and store your gym equipment in your garage. The garage offers a perfect amount of space for your bench press, cardio machines, and all of your free weights and kettlebells.

Time to Utilize These Garage Designs

The garage shouldn’t only be the place where you park your car. The garage can be the source of design inspiration. With garage design, the opportunities are endless.

Whether your garage becomes an art studio or a man cave, you can transform your garage into anything.

Even if you only use your garage to park your car, you can experiment with different wall and floor designs. So let your imagination run wild and design a beautiful garage.

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