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Things to Know When Purchasing an RV Garage in Florida
Dec 2021

Things to Know When Purchasing an RV Garage in Florida

Stephan Michaels
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“The RV market was ready for everybody to latch onto it,” said Bobby Cornwell, president, and chief executive of the Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.

RV parks and campgrounds saw a 20% rise in visitors in Florida over the past year. The ongoing pandemic and its accompanying increase in remote work and virtual schooling have sparked interest in RVs and domestic travel. The industry was already on the rise, with a demographic moving toward younger customers, but is now enjoying robust growth as more and more young adults and families attempt to escape the boredom of pandemic life with a safe method of travel.

According to Cornwell, January through March is the most popular time of year for RVers, including many Canadian “snowbirds”. Although international travel has been hampered by Covid concerns, tourism has been more than made up for by domestic visitors.

Because Florida has no state income tax, it is one of the most popular places for full-time RVers to reside.

Things to Know When Purchasing an RV Garage in Florida

Your RV is a home away from home! It must be protected from UV rays, ice, hail, wind, debris, and other extreme weather. Your RV was very likely an expensive investment; a simple canvas cover won’t give it the protection it deserves. A tarp will damage your RV by trapping moisture against the paint and breeding mildew. In fact, improper storage can cause a host of problems!

You could rent a space to house your RV, but this is both inconvenient and not cost-effective. Your RV deserves a custom, steel RV garage designed by our building specialists to meet your exact specifications. Garage Buildings can provide the best quality RV cover at a fantastic price!

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your RV Garage

Size is the most important consideration. There are three dimensions to consider:

  • Width – Give your RV at least 18” on either side for easy drive-thru maneuvering. This will allow you to monitor and maintain your RV easily while it’s in storage!
  • Length – Are you planning an additional storage unit at the end of your building? A luxury motorhome may need to be up to forty feet long! Talk to one of our friendly experts to determine which dimensions are best for you.
  • Height – Class A motorhomes need at least fourteen feet of clearance. The experts at Garage Buildings can accommodate such height easily!

What roof system is best for your RV Garage

  • a) Regular Roof: Our budget-friendly option is recognized for its elegantly curved edges. Built from galvanized steel, it is certified to withstand the weather in mild climates.
  • b) A-Frame Horizontal Roofs: The A-frame roof is also known as “boxed-eave”. It resembles the shape of a traditional home roof, and is expertly rated to withstand high winds. It is recommended for areas with moderate weather.
  • c) Vertical Roofs: Our premier roof option, the vertical roof is certified to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. It is constructed with vertically aligned panels so that precipitation is directed toward the ground, and you’ll never have to worry about debris accumulation.


Premium paneling from Garage Buildings is non-corrosive, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and galvanized for long-term durability!


  • Rebar Anchors – Steel rebar anchors are used to reinforce buildings set on cement foundations. 1/2″ x 32″ rebar anchors from Garage Buildings will stabilize your RV garage; during installation, anchors are driven through holes in the base rail into the foundation. Our specialists recommend rebar anchors for locations with solid soil and low winds.
  • Mobile Home Anchors – Mobile home anchors, sometimes called “auger anchors”, are reliable anchors for soil or dirt foundations. While you may not opt for a poured foundation for your RV garage, you will need a level site. Should you choose a soil foundation, the mobile home anchor is best for securing your structure to the ground. These anchors are the only type certified for ground installations.
  • Concrete Anchors – These anchors are recommended for concrete foundations, not asphalt, so be sure to let your Garage Buildings representative know which foundation you choose for your RV garage. Our crew will place different lengths of concrete wedge anchors depending on the dimensions of your foundation.
  • Asphalt Anchors – Asphalt anchors are specially designed for the material and should not be used for any other foundation. As asphalt is a mixture of stones, gravel, and sand, the wrong anchors and pressure could cause it to fracture. Asphalt anchors are designed with threads on their shafts for a secure hold. A Garage Buildings expert is happy to talk to you about any of our anchor options and which is best for you!

Doors and Windows

From French doors to overhead entries, Garage Buildings gives you the power to design the building you want! Get the access you need and the natural light you want.

The Weather of Florida

Are you worried about your new RV garage in the Florida weather? Don’t be! Garage Buildings structures are all engineer-certified to withstand winds up to 140mph and precipitation loads of 35psf. Whatever hurricanes, ice, or floods come your way, your

new metal RV garage will be durable and resilient.

Popular Sizes of RV Garages

  • 10×25 RV Garage – This RV garage is constructed from galvanized steel, so your beloved RV is kept in an environment that is mold-resistant, fire-resistant, and pest-resistant. It’s the perfect size for a truck camper, light camper, or class B model. All Garage Buildings structures are certified to withstand extreme weather.
  • 24×48 RV Garage – Your RV investment needs fully enclosed panels to protect it from vandals, animals, and weather. Garage Buildings backs our incredibly durable structures with our confidence warranty! You can park your RV in a custom RV garage from us, and rest assured that it is safe.
  • 35×60 RV Garage – Park your Class A luxury motorhome in a garage that is customized to your style! This incredible structure can accommodate the largest of RVs while still providing space for storage. Remember that Garage Buildings offers a wide range of custom options, including gables, trim, and lean-to options that will create an aesthetically pleasing structure.
  • 40×40 RV Garage – Give your RV the space it needs in our 40×60 RV garage. When you’ve got to pull through or test your pull-out, this garage will give you the interior space you require. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your RV! When you need the best, buy from Garage Buildings!
  • 40×60 RV Garage – Our biggest RV garage offers 3000 sq. feet of clear-span space. Drive your motorhome into its welcoming interior with plenty of room to spare! Our certified buildings withstand winds up to 140mph, and snow loads up to 35psf! You can confidently face the future of extreme weather with a building from Garage Buildings.

Get Your Florida RV Garage Today

Your Florida RV deserves the best coverage and protection; Garage Buildings delivers the best! It’s time to protect your RV investment with high-quality, cold-formed steel! Call Garage Buildings now at +1 (888) 234-0475, and get the best price, the best lead time, and the best expert support in the industry.

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