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The Potential Dangers of Road Salt on Cars and How to Fix Them with a Metal Garage
Nov 2020

The Potential Dangers of Road Salt on Cars and How to Fix Them with a Metal Garage

Stephan Michaels
Metal Garage

It’s that time of the year again. Along with the cold and potential snow also comes the dread of road salt on your car. Have you ever seen salt and brine mixtures being used to treat icy roads? This is the cheapest solution used by transportation departments to bring down the freezing point of water and prevent the build-up of snow. One might call it a necessary evil because though it prevents ice formation on the road, it can have lasting detrimental effects on vehicles and the environment.

In climates where this is prevalent, preventing and treating road salt damage becomes a matter of immediate concern. Thankfully, there is hope for your vehicle this season! Continue reading to learn how Metal Garage Buildings can keep your car safe and help it recover, so it doesn’t start rusting and cracking like a neglected antique.

What Does Road Salt Do To Your Car?

Salt has never been good for cars, especially the body and other metal parts. Over time, and a short time at that, it becomes corrosive and can cause irreparable damage. If you’ve been in the northern parts of the country where snowfall is common, and thus a lot of salt is used to treat the roads, cars are generally covered with rust. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the ways road salt can ruin your vehicle.

  • Body damage and structural failure
  • Leaky brakes, fuel delivery, steering, and other vital components.
  • Corrosion of the exhaust system and mufflers
  • Damage to coil springs and suspension

All these things and more are the direct results of road salt, which decreases your vehicle’s resale value and even your property value through your garage! This is because salt deposits penetrate the concrete pores of the garage floor and compromise it.

How Bad Is Road Salt For Your Car?

Road salt can be annoying, not just by the danger it presents to vehicles but also by its appearance and how it impacts driving. As soon as it starts to accumulate, it attaches to the bottom of vehicles and leads to rusting. The most susceptible part of your car is the body. We all know how costly it can be to repair, and if rust gets to it, you’re going to have to write a large check to fix it.

If you see that your car’s finish is starting to come away, that means the frame is already compromised. Soon, the salt will erode other areas as well. However, this damage is not limited to your car alone. Whenever your car is parked in the garage, salt begins to infiltrate the floor of your garage and damage that too. Road salt is arguably one of the worst things that can happen to your car and garage.

While there is an understanding that roads are treated with salt to ensure that the economy isn’t hit due to the extreme weather conditions, people are also frustrated by the damage it causes to their cars and property. Over only a few seasons of driving on salt-treated roads can lead to irreparable damage to the fuel delivery system, chassis, steering, and braking that can cause accidents on slippery, snowy roads.

Metal Garages To The Rescue!

The salt used to treat roads is not pure salt; there are other chemicals added to it. Although they are harmless to us, they can seep into porous surfaces and damage them, such as concrete. You can help remove accumulation by sweeping often, but this is a temporary and stopgap measure. A more straightforward, less tedious way to protect your car and home is installing a metal garage.

Metal garages are one of the best ways to deal with road salt accumulation and its effects. Steel garages can also do the job and are easier to clean as well. Frequent cleaning helps keep salt from clinging to your car and garage and even helps improve the aesthetics of steel garage buildings.

Metal garage kits come with all the necessary equipment to keep your garage and car clean and in tip-top condition throughout the seasons.

Where Can I Get A Metal Garage Of My Own?

Road Salt may be a boon in the transportation authorities’ eyes, but for car owners, it is a nightmare. As soon as it starts snowing, the same old fears return, especially if you know your car and garage’s structure is slowly being compromised — which it is.

Thankfully with the simple change of installing a metal garage, you can rest easy knowing that the structure and your vehicle are less susceptible to salt and corrosion. Not only will this add years to your car and your garage, but it will also keep their resale value high.

The best place to buy metal garages is from Garage Buildings. Their expertise in metal buildings is unparalleled, as evidenced by the satisfaction of previous customers. As an A+ BBB rated company, Garage Buildings is a dealer of the highest quality steel buildings and is committed to providing unrivaled customer service and support. Their qualified and trained design consultants will customize the metal garage to your pre-existing garage’s structural dimensions and give the best fit for your home.

Those who want to get rid of the problem of road salt damaging their car and garage would benefit immensely from installing a metal garage by Garage Buildings. With the winter coming, there is no time to waste — buy metal garages from Garage Buildings today and fix the problem of road salt once and for all!

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