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Steel vs Wood – The Debate is OVER!

Posted on 07-11-2018 , by: Stephan M , in , , 0 Comments

Recently we were researching some replies to when people ask why not use wood. Seems like a no-brainer to us right? At Garage Buildings we think so. But not to everyone else does…just most. This is the top 5 reasons why to choose steel over wood.

1.) Steel is much stronger than wood because it’s a fact that steel has the greatest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any building material currently used today.

2.) Steel is more durable with the steel framing on our steel buildings, there’s no worries when it comes to termites or decay from rot and also they do no warp, twist, or split as wood framing can.

3.) Steel compared to wood is more economical because the install on our steel buildings is a lot less labor intensive as compared to putting together a wooden framed structure, the labor savings for steel is generally one-third less than wood construction.

4.) But the last and most important other than strength is that our buildings are fire resistant as wood is not and can contribute to the spreading of a fire as well.

5.) Steel is more eco-friendly than wood, your not only saving tree’s but also using a recyclable material.


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