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Get Smarter with Your Metal Building Security
Feb 2021

Get Smarter with Your Metal Building Security

With online aid from Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, the world is more connected today than anyone could have imagined! While sometimes it is easy to resist change, these smart devices, which range from home medical equipment to washing machines, can automate almost anything and free up a ton of time in your daily schedule. They can also provide safety and security by restricting access to your property, equipment, and belongings. While you might not often consider technology a significant component for your garage, shed, or workshop, it can be a substantial part of protecting them.

As technology has advanced and competition in the marketplace has increased, the price of smart security systems has dropped dramatically. There is currently an overwhelming number of smart security systems choices, some providing much better real-time security than others. Nowadays, there are some really great systems available that are reasonable in price and simple to install. In fact, you can even install some of these systems in your metal building from Garage Buildings! Today, let’s look at the best options available in smart security systems for your metal building.

SimpliSafe Home Security Systems
SimpliSafe Home Security Systems


MSRP: $229.00

  • Pros: SimpliSafe systems have affordable hardware and reasonable monthly monitoring fees. There is no contract required. Installation is easy enough for a DIY project, but they do also offer professional installation. It has cellular, Wi-Fi, and even landline connectivity, as well as upgraded security against hackers.
  • Cons: The system has been prone to hackers in the past, and you will have to manually set up the Wi-Fi connection (although it is relatively easy to do).
  • Bottom Line: Secure and monitor your steel building remotely without spending an arm and a leg or being locked into a long-term contract. The versatile and easy-to-use DIY SimpliSafe Home Security System is an excellent solution for you.
Wink Lookout Home Security Systems
Wink Lookout Home Security Systems

Wink Lookout

MSRP: $229.00

  • Pros: Super easy to install, Wink Lookout works with numerous third-party devices and supports multiple wireless protocols. It has an easy to use app that keeps you connected anywhere.
  • Cons: Wink Lookout does not have professional monitoring, a USB port, a backup battery, and you cannot trigger camera recordings. It is only used indoors.
  • Bottom Line: The Wink Lookout starter kit gives you everything you need to start monitoring your metal building from your smartphone right now.
Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack
Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack

Nest Secure

MSRP: $399.00

  • Pros: Nest secure is stylish and easy to install. It has multi-purpose sensors and works with Nest cameras and a few other third-party devices.
  • Cons: It is expensive and doesn’t support IFTTT or trigger other devices.
  • Bottom Line: The Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack is a stylish DIY smart home security solution that’s easy to install and configure but is very expensive and lacks the integration you get with some other systems. Nest Secure is also no longer a stand-alone system as the equipment will integrate into ADT, which Google now owns.
Ring Alarm Security Kit
Ring Alarm Security Kit

Ring Alarm Security Kit

MSRP: $199.00

  • Pros: The Ring Alarm Security Kit has an easy DIY install. It is affordable for professional monitoring and supports multiple wireless platforms. The siren is very loud to ward off intruders.
  • Cons: The system currently lacks integration with other devices, including Ring cameras and doorbells. Ring does not support IFTTT or voice commands and has bulky contact sensors.
  • Bottom Line: The Ring Alarm Security Kit is a DIY home security system that is easy to install and has economical monitoring, but you can’t yet incorporate it with other security components.
Abode Home Security Starter Kit
Abode Home Security Starter Kit

Abode Home Security Starter Kit

MSRP: $229.00

  • Pros: Abode Home Security Starter Kit is easy to install and can be done as a DIY project. There are no-contract monitoring plans available. It has Amazon Alexa voice control, supports ZigBee and Z-Wave, works with many third-party devices, and has both mobile and web access.
  • Cons: The sensors are bulky, and you can’t manage notifications from a mobile app. It also doesn’t come with a control panel.
  • Bottom Line: This is a great DIY security system that gives you the option of no-contract off-site monitoring and no-cost DIY monitoring. It starts with the basics, and has options to be highly expandable with support for plenty of third-party gadgets and services.

Beyond Smart Security Systems

Metal buildings are tough and durable. They can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. However, when it comes to metal building security, a knowledgeable criminal with the right tools can break in relatively easily if you don’t take some extra precautions. You will need to secure all of the possible entry points, guard against brute force entry through the roof, walls, or doors of your metal building!

Secure the Entry Points with Alarms

Install alarms at each door and window. Separation style alarms work great for this. Once the window or door is ajar, the separation triggers the alarm. The most important feature when choosing this type of alarm is how loud that it is. Basically, the louder, the better. You will also want to hardwire your alarms instead of having them dependent on batteries that will need to be replaced continually.

Protect Windows with Bars and Strong Locks

Catching a thief in the act can be dangerous, and having proof is no guarantee that the thief will be apprehended and prosecuted. The best solution for steel building security is preventing a break-in before it can happen. Using strong locks and bars on your windows is a fantastic way to do that. Also, consider any basic entry doors to metal buildings. Generally, they are hollow and can be rammed or kicked in. Replacing them with solid core or steel doors is a good option.

Reinforce Garage Door Security

Garage doors are relatively thin and usually set on rollers. They will need to be protected from both being pried open and also cut. You can keep your garage door from being cut by reinforcing the inside of the door with solid paneling and metal framing. You can also prevent it from being pried open by having manual locks on both sides of the door that are fully secured in the foundation of the garage.

Reinforce the Metal Building Interior

Suppose you are storing costly equipment or valuables or are particularly concerned with brute force entry through the roof or walls. In that case, you should reinforce the interior of prefab metal buildings. The interior can be reinforced with layers of plywood, concrete mesh, and other tough-to-cut materials slowing the cutting process too much for it to be effective.

Install Motion Activated Lights and Cameras Outdoors

Securing the perimeter of your metal building is the best way to prevent any trouble. If the area is well lit and the cameras are visible, it acts as a significant deterrent to any thieves or break-in artists. Don’t be tempted by wireless and solar-powered cameras that record in short loops. Use wired cameras that record hours of footage for the best protection.

Combine Methods to Keep Your Metal Building Secure

Try using several methods for the most effective steel building security, such as putting both bars and alarms on your building’s windows. It is also vital that you start with a solid structure in the first place.

Garage Buildings know that prefab building security matters to you. You want your metal buildings to protect your valuables not just from harsh weather, but from criminal dangers as well. That’s why they provide the highest quality steel buildings on the market today. Call Garage Buildings now at +1 (888) 234-0475, and a qualified and trained design consultant will help you design the steel building of your dreams!

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