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How to Save 5% With Garage Buildings
Feb 2017

How to Save 5% With Garage Buildings

Stephan Michaels
DIY Metal Buildings

5% Discount for DIY projects

Garage Buildings Provides Many Discounts daily to customers for different types of buildings, but the most popular savings discount is our 5% Discount offered to customers that DIY(Do It Yourself). The way the 5% discount works is simple.  If you place an order with Garage Buildings and you request a DIY install, we will take 5% off your building price instantly.  We will still deliver your building for free, but you save money on the install.  What is nice about this discount, is that it can be combined with other discounts offered by Garage Buildings, such as coupons found on our specials page.

Why Give a Discount on DIY Installs?

That is simple, it saves time for our installers for other customers that do need installs.  If you have the knowledge or expertise to build your own building this is the best route to save money.  By saving time for our install teams, other customers of ours can be installed quicker, which creates a positive chain reaction that benefits both Garage Buildings and other customers down the entire line.  So the 5% discount is our way of saying thank you to the individuals that plan on installing their own DIY Metal Building.

How Do I Get the 5% Discount?

Easy!  Just let your building designer know when you call that you are interested in building the building yourself and would like to take advantage of our 5% Discount for DIY projects.

Are They Easy To Install?

Yes, watch a video below on the process our installers do to put up a building.

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