Rent to Own Carports

Rent To Own Carports
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Rent to Own Metal Carports

Protecting your vehicle from the weathering elements such as sunshine, rains, snow and items brought up by heavy winds is important. Investing in a carport is the best thing for vehicle protection against these elements. Rent-to-own carports, which are available through an RTO (rent-to-own) program provided by Garage Buildings, allows you to bring home a carport and pay convenient monthly payments to make it yours.

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The Advantages of Having a Rent to Own Metal Carport

Having a metal carport will serve your property well. These carports can be useful for housing and protecting your vehicle, of course, but they also offer several other advantages, including:

  • Increasing the property value of your home
  • Offering a place to house tools and other items, such as your lawnmower and garden tools
  • Providing shelter to protect the paved driveway from the weathering elements

Choosing a carport that is most suitable for your home is important but knowing what determines the price of different units is also something any consumer must know. The prices for our rent-to-own units are determined by:

  • The size of the carport
  • The framing material used in construction
  • The type of roofing and siding you choose for your carport

Garage Buildings offers a range of top-quality carports that are available through our rent-to-own program. All our carports are built with quality and professionalism in mind.

The Benefits of Rent-to-own Carports

Enrolling in our rent-to-own program is possibly the easiest way to get the carport you need for your property. There are multiple benefits of a rent-to-own carport.

No Credit Checks

You can rent-to-own metal carports whether you have good or bad credit. We do not run a credit check when you apply to get a carport from us. We understand that your need for a carport is important, and we know that even good consumers can have flawed credit.

Easy Monthly Payments!

We don’t want you struggling to make a massive payment or having to try to pay for the carport outright. We will set the rent-to-own agreement up so you can make convenient monthly payments.

Super Low Monthly Payments!

We will work with you to establish a payment for your rent-to-own steel carport that will work out well with your budget and your monthly income. We do our best to keep your payments as low as possible, so you have no problems managing your finances.

Rent-to-own for Orders $2000 and Up

Steel carports can be a little more costly to obtain, and we completely understand a need to finance these units. We offer rent-to-own programs for Steel carports that are $2,000 and up.

Quick Process

Applying for our rent-to-own carport program takes only about 10 minutes. We keep the process as hassle-free as possible, so we can get you the carport you need as early as possible.

Easy Application Process

Our application process is super-simple. Just give us a few details, we will go over your information, and contact you about your carport order. Our friendly representatives are always available if you have questions about the application.

RTO Steel Carport

For many people who need a carport on their property, choosing an RTO program is the most logical way to go financially. You get the unit you need in a timely fashion and get to pay for that unit over time instead of all at once. Access to the RTO program means that you would even be able to afford a higher-end model than what you would be able to afford if you just bought a carport and paid for it in full. Reach out to us to talk about your options for obtaining a rent-to-own metal carport today.