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Preventing Rust On Your Steel Building
Apr 2019

Preventing Rust On Your Steel Building

Depending on regions and environments, metal garages, carports, sheds, workshops and even industrial sized steel buildings can constantly be exposed to large amounts of oxygen and moisture, both of which are causes of oxidation and rust. Salt that’s sprayed by the big trucks in the winter to melt snow can cause major damage and accelerate the corrosion process. Rust is unattractive and will severely compromise the integrity of a structure. However, there are protective measures that you can take to prevent rust from developing that could add many years of life to your metal building, such as getting an acrylic finish and paint.

The best place to start is to power wash or hose down the building to remove dirt and dust.

Scrub off the existing rust with vinegar; the acid in the vinegar will eat the rust away. Remember to use a steel brush.

Using a steel brush dipped in bleach will remove the mildew.

Once your building is dry, wipe with a cloth to make sure no chalky areas remain. Once it’s clean, apply the rust-inhabiting finish. An acrylic finish will protect against rust without changing the building’s color.

You can use a paint sprayer, brush, or roller to apply the finish to the entire building. You can tape off any parts you don’t want to come into contact with the acrylic. Allow 2 hours to dry.

Things You Will Need:

Note: You should not work in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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